Free FICO Score from American Express Credit Cards

This post provides updated information and instructions regarding the free FICO score that is available to American Express credit card holders. Background. In late 2014, American Express started piloting free FICO scores to select cardholders. … [Read the rest]

The Many Flavors of FICO Credit Scores

Every week it seems there is a new way to get a free FICO score. Over the last 10 years, I'm pretty sure I've only paid for a FICO score once when I was paranoid about my first mortgage application. Why aren't they charging us $15 a pop anymore? … [Read the rest]

Elizabeth Gilbert On Taking Back 30 Minutes A Day For Yourself

Right this second, there are probably 37 different things vying for your time and attention. Are you letting the right things get through? Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for her bestselling memoir Eat, Pray, Love. In a recent Facebook post, … [Read the rest]

Expedia+ Voyager Card from Citi Review

This offer is expired. … [Read the rest]

Expedia+ Credit Card from Citi Review

This offer is expired. has revamped their in-house loyalty rewards program. Citi and Expedia have partnered on a new set of co-branded credit cards. … [Read the rest]

CoPatient: Helping You Answer “Is This a Reasonable Medical Bill?”

High-deductible health plans are still growing in popularity. While these can be a great way to save on your monthly premiums, it also means that when you do have to visit the emergency room, you get to tackle nearly the entire bill instead of a … [Read the rest]

Data Breach Counter Tool: Exactly What Personal Information Has Been Exposed?

The New York Times has come out with another neat interactive tool that provides a sobering count of both how many and what types of your personal information has been exposed to hackers. I like that they break things down as exposing your e-mail … [Read the rest]

Playing “Fill-In-The-Blank” Mad Libs with Financial Buzzwords

After you spend enough time consuming financial media week after week, you start seeing patterns in the noise. I understand why of course, as creating content to feed the beast can get quite exhausting. But hopefully, by pointing out these out, … [Read the rest]

History of 0% APR Interest Rates + Who’s Carrying a Monthly Balance?

From 2005 to 2007, a peek at my credit report might have revealed that I had over $30,000 in credit card debt. The good news is that I borrowed it at 0% APR and then immediately stashed it in an FDIC-insured bank account earning 6% interest at … [Read the rest]

Acorns App Review: Auto-Invest Your Spare Change, Now Free For Students

Updated review. New Android and web versions. Added details about "students invest for free" feature (anyone 24 and under). When I wrote about WiseBanyan, I remarked that now people could start investing a portfolio of ETFs with as little as 100 … [Read the rest]

Motif Investing Review – Be Your Own Fund Portfolio Manager, Even Get Paid By Others

Updated. Ever wanted to manage your own mutual or ETF? A new brokerage company called Motif Investing will let you do just that. One of their pitches is that you can invest in a group of up to 30 individual stocks that fit into a motif or theme … [Read the rest]

Weight Management vs. Money Management Advice Similarities, Revisited

I've written previously about the importance of permanent habit change in both managing your finances and your body weight. After finishing Smart People Don't Diet by Charlotte Markey and then reviewing my Kindle highlights, please allow me to … [Read the rest]