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Free Gillette Razor With Picture Upload

Here's a throwback to when free razor samples were everywhere - Gillette is running a Welcome Back promotion where if you share your story about how you tried Harry's, Dollar Share Club, or another razor brand and want to come back to Gillette, … [Read the rest]

Amazon App: Free $5 Credit + $5 off $10 Code for New Users

Here are two quick offers for those who haven't used the Amazon smartphone/tablet app before - available on iOS and Android/Fire OS devices. There's one for installing the app, and another for making your first purchase through the app. The first … [Read the rest]

Andrews Federal Credit Union Application and Account Opening Review

I keep a portion of my cash reserves in certificates of deposit. As I had some Ally Bank CDs maturing this month, I decided to open a share certificate from Andrews Federal Credit Union during their 2016 Holiday Promotion. Please see my separate … [Read the rest]

Netflix: Download Movies and Shows for Offline Viewing

I just saw that Netflix now allows an offline download option for many of their shows and videos (and not just Netflix-only shows). You will need iOS 8.0 or later, Android 4.4.2 or later, and the latest version of the Netflix iOS or Netflix Android … [Read the rest]

Credit Karma Tax: Free Federal and State Tax Software, What’s The Catch?

Credit Karma is expanding beyond free credit scores and free credit monitoring. Beginning in January 2017, they will offer completely free Federal and State tax preparation software with free e-File and no income restrictions. You must first join … [Read the rest]

Amazon Store Card Review: 5% Back on Amazon Purchases with Prime

A few readers have asked my opinions of the Amazon Store Card, a retail card issued by Synchrony Bank. You can only use it to buy things at Amazon.com - note the lack of a logo from Visa, Mastercard, Discover, or American Express. This is a … [Read the rest]

ThanksAgain: 200 Bonus Points Promo Link, Keep Multiple Miles Accounts From Expiring

Updated with another 100 point link. ThanksAgain is a smartphone app for frequent travelers that gives you points for buying things inside of airports. You link up your credit card number and then automatically earn miles at participating … [Read the rest]

How To Stop Mailed Paper Catalogs and Other Junk Mail

As a follow-up to how to stop balance transfer checks, here's all I know about stopping unwanted paper catalogs. Direct mail catalogs are like weeds. You unsubscribe from a bunch of them, but then later you buy someone a cast iron skillet and then … [Read the rest]

How To Stop Balance Transfer Checks from Chase, Citibank, Capital One, Etc.

'Tis the season for a mailbox full of catalogs and credit card balance transfer checks. (Hint: There is a connection between the two.) If you want these "access" checks to stop, you just have to ask. You simply call them up (see back of credit … [Read the rest]

DirecTV Now Review + Free Apple TV or Fire TV Stick Promotions

Attention cord-cutters! DirecTV has gone live with their new streaming TV service called DirecTV Now. This join existing competitors Sling TV and Playstation VUE. Here'a an image that breaks down the $35/$50/$60/$70 per month tiers (click to … [Read the rest]

When “Saving Money” Doesn’t Actually Grow Your Savings Account…

This time of year, we are surrounded by discounts. 40% off here. 80% off there. I always wonder to myself, does it really make any difference? If you save $35 on a $50 sweater, you feel good that you got a bargain. But where does that … [Read the rest]

Starbucks App: Load $10 with Visa Checkout, Get $10 Bonus

Promotion back again starting 11/29. A recent study found that free pizza was a better motivator than cash. How about some free coffee? Starbucks is again offering a free $10 bonus Starbucks eGift card if you use the Starbucks smartphone app … [Read the rest]


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