Bank of America Free Museum Tickets 2017 Dates

Bank of America is running their Museums on Us program again for 2017, which offers cardholders free admissions to 150 museums, science centers, and botanical gardens nationwide on the first full weekend of every month (Saturday and Sunday). Simply … [Read the rest]

Ebates Brick & Mortar In-Store Cash Back Program

You probably know about online shopping portals that offer cash back or airline miles if you buy stuff through them. Some people even manage to earn miles by ordering things online and then picking it up in-person (to save any shipping charges). … [Read the rest]

Betterment Now Offers Human Advice + Flat Fee Structure

The robo-advisor evolution continues. Betterment just announced some significant changes that include the option to upgrade to a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) and a more simplified flat fee structure. Here are highlights from the new … [Read the rest]

Howark Marks Oaktree Memo: NFL Bettor’s Guide vs. Coin Flip

Howard Marks released another Oaktree memo earlier this month that somewhat coincides with this weekend's Super Bowl. Inside, he revisited the New York Post NFL Bettor's Guide, a panel of "experts" offering their opinion of winning picks for each … [Read the rest]

ClaimDog: Simplified Unclaimed Property Search Tool

Here's another website that searches public databases to collect your personal information... but instead of being scary it should work solely for your benefit! is a free service that simplifies the process of finding "unclaimed … [Read the rest]

Ally Bank 1-Day ACH Funds Transfer Review

Considering all of the things that can be done instantaneously nowadays, I'm rather disappointed that it still takes 3 business days to move money between most financial institutions. NACHA has been gradually working on same-day ACH transfers - … [Read the rest]

Generic Epipen Alternative from CVS for $110 Cash or $10 with Insurance

If you are like me and have to purchase multiple Epipens every year, you may like to know that CVS has a new generic Epipen alternative with a cash cost of $110 with a cost of $10 for many people with commercial health insurance. In most cases, the … [Read the rest]

Bought Milk? Fresh Milk Class Action Settlement

If you bought any dairy products between 2003 and the present, and live (or have lived) in any one of the following states: Arizona, California, the District of Columbia, Kansas, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, … [Read the rest]

Andrews Federal Credit Union 84-Month Certificate at 3.01% APY

Updated 1/23/17. It appears that Andrews FCU has quietly added back this 7-year 3% APY CD on their share certificate rates page. I don't know how long this will last. Thanks to FI35 for the tip. Please see my Andrews Federal Credit Union … [Read the rest]

New Year’s Resolutions: Nudge Yourself Towards Success

It's now late January. According to "the internet", over 30% of people have already failed at their New Year's Resolution. Well, I say let’s have a do-over since I haven’t even got around to making mine yet. Jonathan Clements has an excellent … [Read the rest]

TurboTax Discounts with State Farm Bank Account (Discontinued for 2016)

Update. In case you were waiting, there will be no special TurboTax discount for State Farm bank and mutual fund customers for tax year 2016. Taken from the TurboTax FAQ. It was nice while it lasted. Thanks to Eric and Michael for the heads … [Read the rest]

The Jack Bogle Appreciation Curve

Jack Bogle is rightfully respected and there are probably over a hundred mentions of his name on this site. His message of common sense, simple, low-cost investing continues to spread since he first opened the Vanguard 500 Index fund to the public … [Read the rest]