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Which Broker for my Roth IRA?

I have decided upon Vanguard for my Roth IRA Brokerage. My decision was based upon the following: 1) I want to invest solely in mutual funds, specifically index mutual funds. 2) I want a large selection of no-transaction fee, no-load mutual funds … [Read the rest]

Where to park my money for the next couple of years…

As you may have noticed, my portfolio is defintely cash-heavy. There are two mains reasons for this: 1) I am currently renting and am saving up for a downpayment for a house in the next 2-3 years, and would like to keep the money somewhat … [Read the rest]

Site tinkering, courtesy of Elise

Just a quick shout out to the Learning Movable Type Blog, which is just awesome. It's a simple, well-organized, guide to messing with Movable Type a snippet at a time. I've changed various link placements and the background and font colors to … [Read the rest]

December 2004 Financial Status

Ok, my planned "grand opening" for this site is January 1, 2005, since 1/1/05 looked like a nice number, and I just don't have time to make things nice-lookin' right now. But I did want to make a quick snapshot of my current status for historical … [Read the rest]

Yodlee – Keeping track your net worth (and passwords)

Now that I have a rough goal to achieve of $1,500,000, I need a way to chart my progress. My favorite tool for this is Yodlee OnCenter. It is a site that aggregates all of your logins and passwords for different accounts, such as bank accounts, … [Read the rest]

What is financial freedom?

Ok, so my plan for this blog is to keep track of my steps towards financial freedom. I am still working on what constitutes "financial freedom". Right now I'm looking at a sum of money, such that I can live off of the earnings without touching the … [Read the rest]

Hello World!

Whew! I finally installed Movable Type. Now to get some sleep... (My first post! December 6th, 2004.) … [Read the rest]

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