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How Much Car Insurance Coverage Do I Need? (Part 1)

Thanks for everyone's comments about insurers, I'm going to whittle it down to 3-4 major auto insurers, I don't want to deal with the small fries. My policy expires in mid-July, so I have a bit of time. Now I need to examine my policy coverage … [Read the rest]

Need a summer job? If only I could make it this easily…

Apparently someone I know knows someone who knows somebody to who knows this woman selling ad space on her body. (Got that?) $11,300!!! Talk about an easy summer college "job"! I've worked full-time entire summers for a lot less. Have a great … [Read the rest]

Request for Auto Insurance Recommendations

I may be purchasing my company car after it goes off-lease. This, of course, means I have to insure it myself along with our current car, and I've been meaning to shop around for car insurance again anyways. I'm tempted to get quotes from … [Read the rest]

Google Maps + GasBuddy = Improved Gas Price Website

As a follow-up to my post on gas expenses as part of budgeting, Flexo introduced me to Cheap Gas, which lets you locate visually where the cheapest gas around you is (if you live in a major metropolitan area). I found a decent-priced station … [Read the rest]

I am one of the chosen ones. Yay.

I have been chosen as a juror for an estimated 3-4 week trial. Balancing this and work is gonna s-u-c-k. I'm intrigued by the whole process though, and I'm not unhappy I suppose. I'm going to bring my laptop and see if I can get some work in during … [Read the rest]

Inadequate Jury Duty Compensation

So I'm now finished with Day 2 of jury duty and still going, and as of right now I have a 40% chance of getting picked on a jury for a four week trial! My company does pay me while serving on jury duty, which makes me happy after hearing all the … [Read the rest]

Budgeting, Part 2: Variable Expenses: Gas

Ok, I've gotten off track from my close examination of my family budget. In Part 1, I went over monthly fixed expenses. I'm glad to say I cut $6/month in fixed expenses already. Now I'd like to move on to variable expenses. First, gas. Although … [Read the rest]

Pop Quiz: Test Your Investment Knowledge

I know, it's too early for a quiz. But it'll be fun! =) Vanguard has a quiz on investment knowledge with 20 questions. The questions are pretty good overall, some good questions that probe common misconceptions. I scored 95%. I know, I'm hot … [Read the rest]

Net Worth vs. Time: My Total Portfolio Historical Performance

One thing I really like about personal finance software is the ability to see performance over time. So I decided to plot my net worth over the time I have been tracking it. I only started this blog in December 2004, but I also remembered that I … [Read the rest]

Links Links Links!

Ok, so my project this Saturday morning was supposed to go through my mmb e-mails (I have been have problems with my spam filter), and also to update my links list. I totally get that everyone wants others to link to their site (I do too), because, … [Read the rest]

Green with Envy: Bimmer Lust

So I just saw a new purchase of a co-worker: a Metallic Black 2005 BMW 330Ci with Performance Package (basically the M3 minus the 333HP motor). We're talking a $45,000 MSRP car here. And this is no GM $3k-below-invoice vehicle, this car commands … [Read the rest]

Online Personal Finance Software: GBI Home Finance Manager

I've taken a break from playing with Money and Quicken for awhile, to see if I can get away with just downloading files once a month, versus inputting every transaction every day (latte, $3... latte, $3...). In the meantime, I've been trying out GBI … [Read the rest]