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Magazine Selling – Maybe not now.

After 24 hours of getting very nice magazine inquiries (thank you all), and also doing more calculations of time vs. profit, I've decided not to pursue selling magazines for now. In the end, there is just too much competition in the arena. Want … [Read the rest]

Gah! Carnival of Personal Finance #6 is up.

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance is up at Free Money Finance. Check it out. Sigh. Again, I have forgotten to submit a post. Every week I mean to, but every week I forget. There are so many pf bloggers now, and as much as I like reading … [Read the rest]

More Free Money Rolling In…

Last month I got $241 in free money over a weekend. This week I got $198 more! First, I finally received my $150 Visa gift card for applying to an MBNA Charles Schwab card: This is going straight to buying new tires for my car. Don't … [Read the rest]

I will never buy a BMW*

Now, this may not seem significant, but it was a very hard decision for me. I love cars. I especially have been eyeing the BMW 3-series since I was about, oh... 8. Maybe earlier, I remember when it was the 2002. Most of my friends either also … [Read the rest]

Online Banks Raising Rates Across the Board

Something's up, my last post disappeared. Anyways, I'll check on it later. Quickly, some banks raised rates recently on their accounts (others too, but I only have accounts at these three): Capital One 360: now at 0.75% APY Emigrant Direct: now … [Read the rest]

0% APR For Life from Discover – What’s the Catch?

I get a lot of credit card offers in the mail. I usually just junk them since they aren't better than my current list of best no fee 0% APR offers, but this one caught my eye. The outside envelope mentioned "0% APR FOR LIFE" (emphasis their's). I … [Read the rest]

(More) About Me

I was cleaning out my Inbox and ran across somebody who was wondering if my money was from my parents or other gift/inheritance. So I wanted to expand upon my initial About Me post and share some more about my financial past. Let's start with … [Read the rest]

Massive Loan Adjustments Up Ahead?

It seems like every tenth house we see in our neighborhood is going up for sale these days, with the "Sale Pending" sign up within a week afterwards. But in reading this month's issue of Kiplinger's Personal Finance, I read an opinion that closely … [Read the rest]

Presidential Bank Raises Checking and Savings Rates to 3.5% and 3.75% APY

As I mentioned in my latest Net Worth update, my savings and free money borrowed at 0% interest are earning 3.75% APY now, thanks to a recent uptick in the Presidential Bank Premier Savings Account (mentioned previously). In addition, the money in … [Read the rest]

Budget Analysis and New Budget Limits

Ok, so we've been carefully tracking and categorizing our spending transactions in Microsoft Money 2005 for the last 3 months, and I've collated the information into this chart: … [Read the rest]

Buy vs. Rent? Screw it, we’re Renting.

I'm not doing the buy vs. rent analysis because my wife and I simply aren't going to buy a house and try to sell it again in two years. We already know the analysis mainly hinges on expected real estate appreciation, and we ain't psychic, so we are … [Read the rest]

3 Simple eBay Selling Tips

Ok, a day late per my weekly to-do list, not too bad. Now, I know there are a billion eBay tips out there, but here are the ones I always tell my friends when they ask me about eBay. (In a previous life, I was a eBay Powerseller.) 1) Don't … [Read the rest]