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My eBay Selling Template (in Microsoft Excel)

I'm still in the midst of listing everything I need to sell on eBay... man it's a lot of stuff I've been hoarding. I've decided to share my eBay selling template - it's nothing spectacular, just something I whipped up in Microsoft Excel to help … [Read the rest]

Debtor Beware: Two-cycle Billing Credit Card Trick

I thought I was pretty knowledgeable about credit cards and all, but in doing my due diligence for my Discover 0% For Life credit card offer, I learned something new to look out for - two-cycle billing. (Coincidentally, I wake up to the a comment … [Read the rest]

July 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Use Capital One 360? Save 16% off your Sprint PCS bill every month!

I just got this in my Capital One 360 BrightSpots monthly e-mail newsletter: "Sprint is offering a 16% discount on select PCS Services to all Capital One 360 Customers. Go to ingdirect.com/sprint to learn more. And if you're already a Sprint … [Read the rest]

Unemployed Week-long To Do List

Ok, now that I am unemployed, to help me focus here are the money-related things I want to do this week, with due dates. Tomorrow - Post Monthly Financial Status Monday - List everything I need to put on eBay to sell Tuesday - Post my eBay … [Read the rest]

Book Review: The Automatic Millionaire

I've been putting off reading Automatic Millionaire by David Bach, mainly because I wouldn't have gotten it unless it was free since it struck me as a pretty simplified investment book. I wasn't wrong. It's pretty fluffy. That isn't to say it's not … [Read the rest]

Crap. Again. Landlord IS selling our place.

So apparently it wasn't a false alarm, the appraisal our landlord got was to help them sell the place. But "maybe not until next summer"... uh-huh... Remodellers and real estate brokers coming by this week... Should we try to make an offer? … [Read the rest]

Saving Money By Grilling All Weekend Long

Hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend - my sister came into town to visit, and usually this is a time when spending increases - eating out, visiting touristy spots, buying souvenirs, etc. But instead, we bought our first little grill and are … [Read the rest]

Monthly Goal Due 7/31: Thorough Budget Analysis

Sorry for the lack of updates, I'm behind on e-mails, internet reading, and deleting all this darn trackback spam. It's like when you put in your two weeks notice, they want to cram as much work in as possible in that time, finishing up current … [Read the rest]

Modest Millionaire

Saw this article on Fatwallet - Modest Millionaire, thought it'd be good to share. See more discussion here. I won't judge the guy (who's now deceased), but it's an interesting story of how another person handled their money. This reminds of … [Read the rest]


Sorry...didn't mean to be so melodramatic. =) I just wanted to note it on the right date for posterity. Yeah, I've somewhat unhappy with my job for a while, although I didn't want to bring it to this blog. In the end, I couldn't handle the … [Read the rest]

I quit.

my job. today. Have a great weekend everyone! … [Read the rest]