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Our Online Business: Product Prototypes

Almost a month ago I was brainstorming ideas for an online business that my wife and I could start together. Well, since then we've both been otherwise distracted and haven't made much progress. It seems we just don't have the time to do it all … [Read the rest]

November 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Carnival of Debt Reduction #8

Welcome to the 8th edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction, which is a weekly smorgasborg of the best debt reduction articles as submitted from bloggers. While I don't talk about debt reduction very much, I would suggest that they key is first to … [Read the rest]

Why I Don’t Trust PayPal

Back when I was a new eBay Powerseller, I loved PayPal. People paid me instantly, and I didn't have to run to the bank to deposit checks and wait until they cleared. Of course some people had problems, but I figured they were probably doing some … [Read the rest]

Don’t Forget Your Local Credit Union

I know a lot of people who use local credit unions not only because they have reasonable prices, but they like the personalized customer service and small bank feel. Me, I've been pretty happy with my local Bank of America branch, it fulfills all my … [Read the rest]

$50 Opening Bonus, E*Trade Money Market, 4.10% APY For 3 Months

(Oops, gotta read that fine print. Their regular 3.25% APY is only good for balances over $100k. Bummer, I might have kept it open after the bonus period, but 0.3% stinks.) Just got this offer in the mail. Go here for the offer details. You get … [Read the rest]

Where the !%^@ Is My Money??

First of all, thanks to the participants in my $10 Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus for not sending me any e-mails like the title of this post. It has been about 45 days since I started it, and I know some of you have finished opening your account … [Read the rest]

HSBC Online Savings Account Now at 4.00% APY

Just got note that HSBC's Online Savings Account is now at 4.0%, matching Emmigrant Direct. (thanks Allan) Too bad I can't find any sign-up offers right now, I missed the last one for $35. Let's hear it for some rate wars! … [Read the rest]

Buying I-Bonds in November: Worst Case Scenario

So what's the worst case scenario with I-Bonds if you cash out in a year? Well, that would mean deflation. Contrary to what some believe, the fixed rate is not the minimum you get. The minimum return is zero (see #5 of FAQ), meaning at least you … [Read the rest]

What’s My Marginal Tax Rate?

If you don't know what your federal marginal tax rate is off the top of your head, here ya go. This way you know how much of those bank bonuses you'll actually get to keep. (I won't be sending 1099s for my Emigrant Direct bonuses though, don't … [Read the rest]

Submissions for Carnival of Debt Reduction

I'm hosting the Carnival of Debt Reduction next week. To learn more please see the guidelines and schedule at MightyBargainHunter. I've only got one entry so far, so let get those debt-reduction posts coming in! (Just e-mail them to me). I need … [Read the rest]

OneSuite 2.5 cents/minute Long Distance + 10-15% Bonus Promotion

Before I switched to VoIP and cell phones, I used exclusively for long distance calls. The charge a meager 2.5 cents/minutes for calls to the lower 48 if you live an urban area, 2.9 cents otherwise. Great international rates too. To top … [Read the rest]