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Delta and Northwest Airlines File For Bankruptcy

Well, it happened. Delta Air and Northwest Air both filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Check out the 1-Year charts for Delta [DAL] and Northwest [NWAC]. This is going to be bad for current and future pensioners. United already broke its promise to … [Read the rest]

Emergency Funds Brainstorming Options

I apologize if my post topics are a week late, I am a bit late processing this stuff. Several bloggers have touched upon this subject, all making good points. In light of current events, you can see how emergency funds are important. What if your … [Read the rest]

Cash In That Spare Change Without Fees

I hate carrying around spare change, I don't know why. I put all mine into a jar by the front door the second I get home. I try to use credit cards exclusively, but somehow the spare change has filled two spaghetti sauce jars already. Coinstar … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog Flashback: Third Quarter

Continued from 1st and 2nd Quarter... June » Finally made up my dang mind about car insurance. » My current favorite savings account, Presidential Bank's Premier Savings Account, was born with a great interest. » Talked about … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog Flashback: Second 3 Months

Continued from December to February, here is the next installment: March » Started my 5 minutes of fame, with mentions in BusinessWeek and the Wall Street Journal online. » Continued my 5-minutes with a blurb on television's CBS … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog Flashback: First 3 Months

Wow, today is the 9-month anniversary of this blog's first real post. I'm sure most of you weren't around then, so I've decided to make a bit of a flashback post collating what I think were interesting highlights of MyMoneyBlog. Here are the first … [Read the rest]


A family situation has come up, and I will be out of town for the next several days. Please redirect any good wishes towards New Orleans. I'm glad that I have the means to buy a last-minute ticket across the country if that is what I need to do. … [Read the rest]

Budget Results for August

Here are our budget results for August: Gas - We ended up not spending that much on gas this month, I think it just balanced out with going over on gas in July. The high prices haven't really affected us since we don't drive all that … [Read the rest]

On Being Poor.

Being Poor. Lots of buzz around it, hundreds of comments too. One line that struck me was: Being poor is knowing your kid goes to friends' houses but never has friends over to yours. I don't feel I've ever been poor at all, but I used to not … [Read the rest]

Carnivals Are In Town Again

I wish the real carnival came to town this often too... but the next best thing, this week's Carnival of Personal Finance and Carnival of the Capitalists are up. Is it just me or does every time I read "carnival" I think "funnel cake"? Maybe it's … [Read the rest]

September 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

No Monthly Goal Re-cap for August

I just realized I didn't set myself a monthly goal for August. My last monthly goal was for July for setting up a budget, which I did. Looking over August, I guess an appropriate goal was to decide on how to handle my 401k rollover, and execute it, … [Read the rest]

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