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Taking Advantage of the Lifetime Learning Credit

I forgot to mention that, although tuition is going to be a big expense this year, I will be eligible for the Lifetime Learning Credit. In essence, it is a 20% rebate back on your college-level expenses up to $10,000, with some restrictions. Since … [Read the rest]

October 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct Referral Bonus Update

(Update: This is old news, I now have plenty of referrals. Please follow the new directions for the Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus Promotion.) First, I'd like to say thanks everyone for reading and making my $10 Emigrant Direct Opening Bonus … [Read the rest]

Health Insurance – School Insurance an Affordable Option

We just entered the Open Enrollment period for my wife's work, so we have to choose what health insurance options we want for 2006. This is actually pretty good timing since I am now also eligible for health insurance for as a student at my … [Read the rest]

Life as a Student, Again

I've been somewhat vague about what I'm doing right now, but after jumping through some hoops, I am enrolled full-time as student again in a new field that I enjoy, working towards a graduate degree. I am still doing some part-time consulting work, … [Read the rest]

Bet Your Net Worth On Black… or Red… or Black…

This is old news, but I just ran across it. Apparently Ashley Revell, a 32 year old from England, bet his entire net worth on a roulette spin... and won. And by net worth, I'm not just talking selling his stocks. He (supposedly) sold everything he … [Read the rest]

VirtualBank eMoney Market Account now at 3.55% APY Interest

VirtualBank is the forgotten middle-child of the online banking world. It doesn't have the great 4.0% APY rate of Emigrant, and it doesn't have the advertising budget of Capital One 360. It offers a relatively competitive 0.75% APY now, with no fees … [Read the rest]

Free Credit Report and Score For MBNA Cardholders

MBNA is currently offering a free credit report and score from Equifax for cardholders at the following site. I read the whole long terms and conditions, and there is no 'free trial' or anything to worry about. You must input a valid MBNA credit … [Read the rest]

Presidential Bank Checking and Savings now at 4.0% and 4.12% APY

I knew Presidential Bank would step it up. I have the majority of my cash at there, and kept it there even in the wake of Emigrant Direct's recent 4.0% APY interest rate. Presidential Bank's Internet Checking Plus Account [review] now pays 4.0% APY … [Read the rest]

Get 5% back on Dining Out, Bookstore, Utilities, and More

While I'm still happy with the three main credit cards that I use for rewards, I just noticed that Citibank has come out with two new cards with good rewards: Citi mtvU Platinum Visa Card - 5 ThankYou Points per $1 spent on restaurants, … [Read the rest]

Carnival Time

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance and the new(ish?) Carnival of Debt Reduction are up. Lot of stuff to digest, check 'em out over the week like I do. … [Read the rest]

Millionaire Next Door Author Part of Get-Rich-Quick Seminar

I just got an invitation in the mail to a "special VIP guest" at something called the American Training Conference, where I get the chance to be trained by 5 of the wealthiest self-made multi-millionaires in the country and learn their secrets. And … [Read the rest]