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Capital One 360 now at 0.75% APY

Capital One 360 is now showing 0.75% APY on their site. Hmm... a rather weak reply to Emigrant Direct's jump to 4.0% APY if you ask me. Still, the beauty of these accounts is that you can transfer money between them as you'd like. Although I'm sure … [Read the rest]

How To Convert Your Paper Savings Bonds to Electronic Format

I've got some U.S. Savings Bonds from back when you could buy them with no fees with a credit card and earn cash-back rewards. Unfortunately that ended in 2003. But I still have these paper bonds worth over $5,000, just asking to be misplaced or … [Read the rest]

ex24.com Now Charges Sell Commission

If you got in on the free iPod shuffle offer or the $24 ex24.com referral bonus offer, be aware that as of 9/30 ex24.com has changed their commission schedule so that it actually costs money to sell your share of stock. Before it was free. I … [Read the rest]

Fill Up Your Gas Tank Now

Not to be insensitive (I'm a native Texan), but if you've got a car with a big gas tank I'd fill it up now in case Hurricane Rita also makes a direct hit. $3 gas may sound like a good deal shortly. Various reports even mention the possiblity of $5 … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 to Emigrant Direct One-Step Transfer Confirmed

After linking Capital One 360 and Emigrant Direct directly, I just checked and my $5 test transfer from ING -> Emigrant over the weekend just posted to Emigrant today, so it is officially possible to move your money from 3.30% to 4.00% with just a … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct now at 4.0% APY

Sweet. Emigrant Direct's American Dream Savings Account is now paying 4% APY [Info Page, Bank Review], up from 3.50% and leapfrogging basically everyone in the liquid online savings arena, including Presidential Bank's Premier Savings Account. And I … [Read the rest]

PayDays Loans Revisited: Who Is Really Using Them?

I'll admit I don't know much about PayDay loans, I just avoid them like the plague. So when a commenter posted a very interesting 4-part series from the Motley Fool about the merits of payday loans in my previous post, it made me think: who is … [Read the rest]

Net Worth Blogs Mentioned in New York Times

Jim of Blueprint For Financial Prosperity and Nev of Neville's Financial Blog were interviewed recently in a huge article in the New York Times today in an article called 'Psst: Want to Know My Net Worth?' (annoying registration may be required). … [Read the rest]

Online Payday Loans: Get Fleeced Without Leaving Your House!

Most people know Payday Loans are a bad idea. Except for, of course, the people that use them. This weekend I saw one of these places having a free BBQ outside their store, with a decent turnout. I can already imagine the banner: "Pay 600% APR … [Read the rest]

Book Review: Freakonomics

I grew weary of my real estate textbook, so I picked up Freakonomics at the obligatory overpriced airport bookstore. You may have heard of this book as the one that suggests that the legalization of abortion is the main cause of recent decreases in … [Read the rest]

Success Linking Capital One 360 Directly to Emigrant Direct

Yes, I used 'Direct' three times in the title. Many people have wanted to link their new Emigrant Direct account with their existing Capital One 360 accounts. However up until recently, unless you used your Capital One 360 account as your initial … [Read the rest]

How To Predict I-Bond Savings Bond Rates

I-Bonds pay a rate based on two parts, a fixed component good for the life of the bond and a variable component based on inflation that changes every November and May 1st. It turns out you can actually predict the variable component of the rate … [Read the rest]