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Free PDF Printer Driver – Always Save Offer Details!

If you apply to as many offers as I do, you can't afford the ink to print all those Terms and Conditions out. But it is really critical to save the details of everything you apply for, in case you need to fight for your money later. Companies … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Changes Terms of $25 Bonus Promotion

In another brilliant move to lose potential customers, Capital One 360 has changed the terms of their $25 Opening Bonus to a minimum opening amount of $250. It's a bit sneaky, because they will let you to open with only $1, but you won't get the … [Read the rest]

Starting an Online Business: Choosing a Storefront / Host

Lots of good ideas on my last post, thanks! Tonight I explored my options for hosting an online shop. Not exhaustive, but here are 3 main options. 1. Host it myself. I recently upgraded my Dreamhost account to their 'Code Monster' package, which … [Read the rest]

Starting an Online Business: Brainstorming, Part 1 of ?

As I've become more adept at website stuff, I've often thought of a lot of little online home-based businesses to start. I think that it would be fun and educational to go through the hoops of getting the business licenses, organizing things, doing … [Read the rest]

Easy Bank Bonuses: Virtually Double Your Money With No Risk

Sounds like an informercial, huh? I feel that I've gotten a lot of new readers who found out about my Emigrant Direct bonus, but don't forget there are many others for those that are new to the game: Capital One 360 Bonus: $1 now $250 to open, $50 … [Read the rest]

Submissions for Carnival of Personal Finance

I'm hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance next week. To submit an article, please either use this submission form, or just e-mail me. Entries are due by 5pm ET on Sunday 10/16. Please follow the submission guidelines posted here. Look forward to … [Read the rest]

Health Savings Account Search – Pros and Cons

Still on the search for the best health insurance plan that will let me contribute to a Health Savings Account (HSA). I need to my State Farm agent for one more quote, and then I can start crunching some numbers. First, I wanted to write down … [Read the rest]

Budget Results for September

Here are our budget results for September via Quicken: We did fine overall in most areas including Gas, Dining Out, and Groceries. I try to drive as little as possible these days, and use public transportation for school. Our entertainment bill … [Read the rest]

Carnival Time

This week's Carnival of Personal Finance and Carnival of Debt Reduction are up. Check 'em out! I've decided that every week I will also post a Carnival-related food link, because that's what I think of when I read Carnivals. This week - Cotton … [Read the rest]

Never Pay Full Price at Bed, Bath, and Beyond

Catching up on housekeeping this weekend, I ran across my stash of Bed, Bath, and Beyond coupons. For those that shop at BBB, if you sign up for their mailing list in-store, you regularly get coupons for '20% off any single item', with some brand … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct Referral Bonus Update #2

(11/5/05: This is old news, I now have plenty of referrals. Please follow the new directions for the Emigrant Direct Sign-Up Bonus.) Ok, I'm all caught up on e-mails now. Every who wrote me their 1st & 2nd email on or before Friday 10/7 … [Read the rest]

$35 Opening Bonus for 3.75% APY HBSC Online Savings Account

HSBC Banks's Online Savings Account (features mentioned previously), an ING/Emigrant Direct no-minimum no-fees clone, is currently offering a $35 Opening Bonus for new customers. The bonus code, which is already part of the URL, is 'ccs20' in case … [Read the rest]

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