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GMAC Bank paying 4.30% APY

As mentioned by readers. GMAC Bank MM Savings at 4.30% - FDIC Insured, $500 minimum to open and maintain to avoid fees, ATM Card, limited check writing. I don't have an account with them currently, let's hope others move to match. … [Read the rest]

Budget Results for November

As expected, since we hosted my family for Thanksgiving, we blew through the Dining and Groceries budget guidelines this month. It takes a bunch of food to keep 6 people fed for 6 days. We finally finished our ham and turkey leftovers though! … [Read the rest]

Sunrocket VoIP Phone Service Review

I replaced my landline telephone service and switched to SunRocket VoIP service back in February. I got a whole year of unlimited local and long distance, with tons of features, for $199 a year or $16.58 a month. Now that I've had it for 10 months, … [Read the rest]

Fun with Dick and Jane – Consumerism Comedy

Just saw a trailer for Fun with Dick and Jane, a new Jim Carrey movie hitting on how we are too obsessed with owning Stuff and "Keeping up with the Jones'". In this case the Jones' have a new voice-activated Benz, while Dick looks sadly at his mere … [Read the rest]


I guess I've been leaving newer readers behind with all this talk about taking advantage of credit cards with 0% balance transfer offers. Sorry about that. Check out this old post: How to make money off of 0% APR balance transfers … [Read the rest]

Redistributing or Moving Credit Limits Between Credit Cards

Please also see my updated guide on How To Make Money From 0% APR Balance Transfers When you do one of these 0% balance transfer deals, you want the biggest limit you can get for a couple of reasons. 1) More free money. More borrowed money = … [Read the rest]

Recent Citi / Discover Credit Card Application Updates

Recently I gave into temptation and applied for two new credit cards with nice perks and no-fee balance transfers: the Citi Professional Card and the Discover Miles Card. I got approved for the Citi card right away and got a $9,000 credit limit. … [Read the rest]

Don’t Buy Checks From Your Bank

Bummer, I'm finally out of checks. I try to write as little checks as humanly possible and pay for everything with credit cards to get cash back, but still, things like rent, graduation gifts, giving to charity, gradually deplete my checkbook. Last … [Read the rest]

December 2005 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk: Bored Money recently released a beta program called Mechanical Turk for using human intelligence to solve problems that are very difficult for computers to do. For example, you figure out the name of a band from the album cover, and you get paid 2 … [Read the rest]

Maximizing Your Citi / Chase 5% Cash Back Cards

For those of you that have the Citi Dividend Platinum Card that gives you 5% cash back for supermarkets, drugstores, and gas stations - be sure to use them to their fullest. 1) Gift Cards - Don't buy at the retail store, try to buy them at the … [Read the rest]

My Dream Future

Thinking about goals and the future some more, I have this picture in my head of our dream future in 5-10 years: - I work at a job I enjoy for only 20 hours a week - My wife also works at a job she enjoys for only 20 hours a week - We both share … [Read the rest]

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