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Getting Ready to Buy I-Bonds

I've been talking a lot about I-Bonds, mostly because, for me, it's the equivalent of a 14-month Bank CD returning 5.83% APY. You won't see an interest rate that high anywhere else. I'll need this money in a year and a half, so a 14-month time frame … [Read the rest]

Millionaire Next Door / Get-Rich-Quick Seminar Update

Here's an update from a reader who actually went to one of those Get-Rich-Quick seminars with Stanley Danko, The Millionaire Next Door co-author: Hey I just went to this in Portland, OR. It is worse than you think. There are 4 speakers selling … [Read the rest]

I-Bonds: Buying in October vs. November (Part 2)

[Continued from Part 1.] Previously I went over the return that I could expect from buying I-type Savings Bonds at the end of October. While the numbers for buying in October are pretty much set, predicting the rates for buying in November will … [Read the rest]

Carnival of Personal Finance #18

Welcome to the 18th edition of the Carnival of Personal Finance. For those unfamiliar with the Carnival, it's a sampling of some of the best articles as submitted from various personal finance bloggers over the past week. For those unfamiliar with … [Read the rest]

Some Updates

Here are some updates on previous posts - Bank of America's Keep the Change program - Signed up at my branch successfully, haven't used it yet though, keep forgetting. How To Convert Your Paper Savings Bonds to Electronic Format - Mailed in my … [Read the rest]

I-Bonds: Buying in October vs. November (Part 1)

Well, there goes another Saturday devoted to watching college football. Now back to the issue at hand - Should I buy I-Bonds now or later? I'm definitely buying some, since the higher rate, low risk, and 1-year minimum hold time matches my Mid-Term … [Read the rest]

I Bonds Basics / Primer

For those that are unfamiliar with I-Bonds or just need a refresher, please check out my old post U.S. Savings Bonds: I-Bonds and EE-Bonds - Good investment?. Keep in mind that it was written 6 months ago, so "current" and "today" means March. … [Read the rest]

Predicting The Upcoming New I-Bond Rates – Almost 7%!!

As promised last month in my How To Predict I-Bond Savings Bond Rates post, the CPI-U inflation data for September is out, and we can get busy predicting the new I-Bond rates that will be officially announced on November 1st, so we can make educated … [Read the rest]

Free PDF Printer Driver – Always Save Offer Details!

If you apply to as many offers as I do, you can't afford the ink to print all those Terms and Conditions out. But it is really critical to save the details of everything you apply for, in case you need to fight for your money later. Companies … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Changes Terms of $25 Bonus Promotion

In another brilliant move to lose potential customers, Capital One 360 has changed the terms of their $25 Opening Bonus to a minimum opening amount of $250. It's a bit sneaky, because they will let you to open with only $1, but you won't get the … [Read the rest]

Starting an Online Business: Choosing a Storefront / Host

Lots of good ideas on my last post, thanks! Tonight I explored my options for hosting an online shop. Not exhaustive, but here are 3 main options. 1. Host it myself. I recently upgraded my Dreamhost account to their 'Code Monster' package, which … [Read the rest]

Starting an Online Business: Brainstorming, Part 1 of ?

As I've become more adept at website stuff, I've often thought of a lot of little online home-based businesses to start. I think that it would be fun and educational to go through the hoops of getting the business licenses, organizing things, doing … [Read the rest]

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