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Keeping An Eye On Dormant Accounts

I still track all of my accounts in Yodlee, which is somewhat controversial because if someone found my password for Yodlee, they would have access to all my accounts. The flip side is that I can see almost immediately if something funky is up with … [Read the rest]

Free Gulliver Book Giveaway – And More To Come!

Some of you may have noticed that several blogs are reviewing the same books at the same time. No, we have not joined some Oprah book club. We are getting these books for free from the publisher's PR firms. Does this mean you'll get biased … [Read the rest]

Be Wary Of Tricky Credit Card Offers

Even though I participate in a lot of bonus offers, I always read the fine print, as credit card companies can be very tricky in their wordings. Here's a pop quiz - What's wrong with this offer? … [Read the rest]

January 2006 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

New Rating System For Book Reviews

I've got several book reviews I plan to post up soon, so I've been feeling the need to come up with some sort of book rating system. I tried to think of something creative, but I stuck to a boring but simple 4-star system. - Disappointing, … [Read the rest]

Online Bank Comparison: Capital One 360, VirtualBank, Emigrant Direct, and HSBC Direct

Update: This post is no longer updated. Please see my new online bank comparison, which includes current high-yield savings accounts from a variety of FDIC-insured banks. I have redone my old Online Bank Comparison to drop Presidential Premier … [Read the rest]

Stuff I Found Useful

I don't always get a chance to talk about all the posts I find especially helpful during the week, so I think I'll start doing that. JLP of AllThingsFinancial put in some hard work and posted his guide to 2006 resolutions. Savvy Saver informed … [Read the rest]

Pentagon Federal Offers CDs at 5.5% to 6.0% APY

I've blogged about Pentagon Federal Money Market Cerificates (CDs) before, including how to join, previously. PenFed has just announced new rates, and several of them are very competitive - 3 Year CD - 5.5% APY 5 Year CD - 5.75% APY 7 Year CD - … [Read the rest]

Newbie Freelancing Thoughts

Everyone who has does any freelancing or independent consulting will say DUH, but here are my thoughts on freelancing so far: » Need to get better at estimating the time required to finish a job, including any hiccups that are bound to … [Read the rest]

Cashing Out My 529 Plan

As noted in my net worth updates, I have 529 account as part of my Fidelity 2% Cash Back card. The 2% is nice, but the only way to get your contributions and earnings out of the 529 tax-free is to have real college expenses. Now that I'm in … [Read the rest]

MBTrading.com – Researching A New Stock Broker

I am warming up to my idea of making a separate brokerage account for all of the free money I've gotten from banks, brokerages, and credit card companies. After some preliminary research, I'm leaning very heavily towards one broker - MB Trading, as … [Read the rest]


Although we should be giving back throughout the year, I know I tend to give at the end of year. Thanks for all who responded to my charity suggestion post - my wife and I have decided where to give this year. We are giving at least $100 to each of … [Read the rest]

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