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Emigrant Direct Raises Rate to 4.25% APY

The rate wars continue! EmigrantDirect announced today that they raised their interest rates to 4.25% APY, matching HSBC Direct. For those with accounts, check out my Rate Chaser Calculator if you are at a lower rate right now and are thinking of … [Read the rest]

Dream Dinners – Make Your Own Take-Out?

I was surfing Food Network last night and caught a show spotlighting a place called Dream Dinners. They provide you a kitchen, recipes, and pre-measured and chopped ingredients to prepare your own meals, which you then pack up, take home, and put in … [Read the rest]

Where To Invest My Free Money? Suggestions Please

So, I have my Free Money Account all set up and ready to go. Now I just have to figure out what to invest in. At $1 a trade, I can dollar-cost-average into a new ETF every month for the price of a Wendy's Frosty. Now, I want to be aggressive but … [Read the rest]

Free Money Brokerage Account Opened With $2,000

I recently opened a MB Trading brokerage account. While it took almost 3 weeks since I had to mail in the paperwork and check for deposit, their customer service seemed pretty good and kept me updated. I wasn't in a hurry, so no big deal. They do … [Read the rest]

Money Blogger Podcast With Yours Truly

Reader Scott has given me the honor of being a part of his new interview series - Money Blogger Podcast. It looks very promising. I'll be perfectly honest - I haven't yet figured out how to listen to the podcast (iPod is now charging). I'm creeped … [Read the rest]

Carnavales Del Dinero

Carnival of Debt Reduction - Canadian Capitalist Carnival of Personal Finance - Be Capitalism Carnival of the Capitalists - Patent Baristas Carnival of Investing - Blueprint for Financial Prosperity Festival of Frugality - Canadian Capitalist … [Read the rest]

Rate Chaser Calculator – Just Plug It In!

Update: I made a new and improved version of this calculator. Using the rate-chasing breakeven time formula posted previously, here is the easy-to-use JavaScript Calculator version to help you decide whether you should move your money and chase … [Read the rest]

Rate Chasers – Should You Move Your Money?

With the proliferation of new high-yield savings accounts and them leapfrogging each other's rates, we come to the all-important question - Should I move my money to the higher rate? Well, with the data from my transfer-time experiment, I can better … [Read the rest]

Online Bank Lost Interest Experiment Results – Surprising!

Here are the results of my bank transfer timing experiment to help estimate the lost interest when transfering money from one online bank to another. I scheduled transfers very late on Monday (~9pm Pacific) to and from various online banks and … [Read the rest]

Online Savings Accounts: Where’s The Fine Print?

Every time there is an issue with a bank, I have to go digging to find their fine print again. No more! I have tracked down the direct links to the Terms & Disclosures for each of the banks on my high-yield savings account comparison page - … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct Announces Mediocre Credit Card

What do I think? Pretty much what Caitlin of Clutter2Cash thinks. Pass. … [Read the rest]

Book Review: Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People

Smart and Simple Financial Strategies for Busy People. Whew, what a long title. I was putting off reading this book because it seems like 'just another personal finance book' by another so-called Money Guru. (I'd never heard of Ms. Quinn before … [Read the rest]