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Just because I have been ignoring my budget (my last budget update was back in early December), doesn't mean you should! Someone just sent me a link about, a free online budgeting software system that works on the 'envelope … [Read the rest]

nBank – High Interest Business Checking?

I have been searching high and wide for a business checking account that offered both a physical presence nearby and decent interest rates. That is looking increasingly unlikely, but I did find nBank, a bank online which offers a Business Money … [Read the rest]

Value Averaging vs. Dollar Cost Averaging

Most people who have done some reading on investing have heard of the concept of Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA), which involves spending the same amount of money regularly buying their chosen investment, regardless of how the investment fluctuates. For … [Read the rest]

Glitch, Some Recent Comments Lost

Please let this work... Added: Ok, I'm still not sure what happened but this site broke sometime last night. I have restored the database from a backup, and manually restored about 50 comments from yesterday, but there are still some that were lost. … [Read the rest]

Citibank Must Hate Me.

I noticed that I was over $100 in rebates for my Citi Dividend Platinum Card, so I just requested a nice fat check for $112.47. More free money! I honestly think that, second to deadbeats, I may be the most unprofitable customer that Citibank … [Read the rest]

Don’t Let Commissions Eat Up Your Returns

An alternative to using mutual funds to split up my asset allocations is using ETFs. One of the perks of ETFs is that they often have lower expense ratios than similar mutual funds. An example is the Vanguard Total Stock Market Index Fund (VTSMX) … [Read the rest]

If You Ain’t No Punk, Holla We Want Prenup!

Oh, the wise words of Kanye West. Just kidding ;) All this marriage and money talk brings up the obvious - what about pre-nuptial agreements? My wife and I discussed it only briefly, and we don't have one. This may surprise people, but I think … [Read the rest]

Marriage and Money: Joint Or Split Accounts?

An e-mailer asked a question that opened up a very interesting discussion for my wife and me. It was "I know you are married, but is the Net Worth for you only or for both?" My initial internal response was "Duh, of course it was for both of us. We … [Read the rest]

Current Portfolio Snapshot and Thoughts

Well if you're going to try and change your portfolio, you might as well take a 'Before' snapshot for comparison later. I entered our retirement account holdings as of today into Morningstar's X-Ray tool and got the following asset … [Read the rest]

Portfolio Rebuilding Reading List

Of course, as soon as I say how simple my investing is I go and try to complicate it. I spent this weekend reading my new copy of The Intelligent Asset Allocator as part of my upcoming portfolio recontruction. Man, it is some dense stuff. Let's just … [Read the rest]

A Bit of Clarification, Just In Case

Although I blog about everything money, I want to make perfectly clear that the amount of entries I devote to a particular topic does not directly correlate with its importance. For example, out of 20 posts I may talk about easy ways to make $100 or … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct Signup Bonus Update – January Payouts

Everyone who sent me their Form #2 in January as part of my Emigrant Direct Bonus should have gotten paid last week. If not, please e-mail me. Thanks to all who participated, I paid out over $100 this month. … [Read the rest]

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