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Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes

Wow, I am really impressed with the great quality and variety of submissions for this Reverse Carnival of Money Mistakes. Everything from everyday expenses to complete lifestyle overhauls is covered, and I'm sure everyone reading it can relate to at … [Read the rest]

New Pinecone Survey Sign-up Link

There appears to be a new sign-up link for Pinecone Research $5 surveys the mentioned previously, via commenter Grant: [link is dead] If you are looking for some paid surveys that are looking for new members, check out MySurvey (see my … [Read the rest]

HSBC Checking + OnlineSavings = Great Combo

I recently opened an HSBC Checking Account to get the $50 bonus, but also to work with my existing HSBC Direct/OnlineSavings account paying 4.80% APY. Now that I have both, I would definitely recommend it! With my SmartPackage Interest Checking … [Read the rest]

Prosper.com : Person-to-Person Lending

Banks have a great gig. Most pay you puny interest, and then turn around and lend it to credit card holders at 15-30% APR. A new start-up, Prosper.com, aims to shrink this gap by allowing individuals to lend directly to each other. As a lender, you … [Read the rest]

SEP-IRA Basics for the Self-Employed

Simplified Employee Pensions, or SEP-IRAs, are a retirement account available to both small business employers and employees under certain requirements. Although I'm sure they are covered more thoroughly elsewhere, I wanted to jot some notes down … [Read the rest]

Self-Employed Retirement Account Options

Before I finish my taxes, I'll have to decide how I want to put some of my self-employment income away for retirement. I didn't know there were so many options! In addition to the usual Traditional and Roth IRAs, I could also do use any of the … [Read the rest]

Tax Time Begins: Papers Everywhere

I think I'm done waiting for all my W-2s and 1099s to come in (a lot of 1099s!), so here are my fun tasks for today: 1) Make sure I'm not missing anything, as everything should've been sent out by January 31st. One sure way to ask for an audit is … [Read the rest]

Ev’Reward – Max Out Online CashBack Rebates

I get a lot of 'check this site out' e-mails, but this one actually looks useful. As I've mentioned before, many sites like Fatwallet, Upromise, and eBates offer cashback on online purchases if you purchase through their portal. Usually I have to … [Read the rest]

Free Home Inventory Software For Insurance

If you have renter's or homeowner's insurance and have to file a claim, it will be infinitely easier if you have documentation of all the stuff you own. But who really bothers to do this? I know I should, but I haven't. So when I read in this … [Read the rest]

More Cheap Tax Return Software

Here are more free and cheap tax filing options, in addition to my previous list of free tax-filing options (check those out first!). Note the following are online and Mac-friendly. Links courtesy of Fatwallet. H&R Block TaxCut Premium … [Read the rest]

So What’s In My Wallet?

Ok, I give in to the peer pressure. Cap started it, and now everyone's sharing what's in their wallet, so here I go... To start, my wallet is a Coach black leather bi-fold, a nice gift from someone with better taste than me. I have my trifecta of … [Read the rest]

Zillow.com – What’s Your House Worth?

The real estate world is abuzz about Zillow.com, which provides free, instant valuations of any house just by giving it an address. No e-mail required, no Realtor bugging you. It uses data from tax records and historical prices of homes selling in … [Read the rest]

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