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This Week’s Carnivals

Carnival of Investing at Journey to Financial Freedom Carnival of Personal Finance at My Open Wallet Festival of Frugality at Mighty Bargain Hunter Carnival of Debt Reduction at Kirby on Finance … [Read the rest]

Off To Asia

I'm off to Asia tomorrow for a family trip. I still have to pack and do a million other things beforehand, but it should be awesome! Although I love to travel, I never buy souvenirs (except as gifts). I try to follow the "take only pictures, … [Read the rest]

Only Have $50 a Month? So What, Start Investing!

This post is for those who aren't investing regularly for their retirement yet. Not just saving, investing. In order to retire right, you're gonna have to beat inflation. That means no savings accounts! I wrote previously about IRA Options For Those … [Read the rest]

What’s a Hard Credit Check, And Why They’re Valuable

I talk a lot about "hard" and "soft" credit pulls. I don't think I've ever actually seen these terms used by FICO officials, so it may be kind of confusing. Money geek slang, who knew? A credit check, also known as credit pull or credit inquiry, is … [Read the rest]

Summer Internship or Summer Entreprenuership?

What should I do with extra time this summer? 1) Get an internship that will look better on my resume and help get a real 9-5 job. Make decent money. 2) Continue working to grow my freelance business, and perhaps try some new ideas out as … [Read the rest]

Researching Bridgeway Funds and BRSIX

After reading about how micro-cap stocks are a great way to improve your risk-adjusted return, I decided to read up more on BRSIX - Bridgeway Ultra-Small Company Market Fund. I thought Bridgeway was just another boutique mutual fund company, with … [Read the rest]

Carnival of Investing Page Is Up

The new Carnival of Investing page is up. I'm excited to be the new home of the Carnival, as I really think investing is the next frontier that I need to learn about since I don't have any debt anymore and am increasing our net worth regularly each … [Read the rest]

Only Buy Insurance For The Big Stuff

These days you can buy insurance for anything. Your new digital camera. Your cell phone. Your rental car. Your newborn baby. This Slate article titled 'Risky Business: Should you ever buy rental car insurance?' sums up my thoughts on insurance … [Read the rest]

Emigrant Direct up to 4.65% APY

Emigrant Direct has raised their rates again. If you're opening an account, don't miss out on your up to $20 bonus through signing up with Emigrant Direct here! … [Read the rest]

401ks: How Does Your Employer Match Up?

My last post got me to thinking - How many companies match 401ks, and how much? My old employer matched 100% up to 6%, with full vesting in 5 years. Here is some 2006 data via a press release from a company called Aon Consulting: This study also … [Read the rest]

Good News: Wife Is Getting A 401k!

Several of you mentioned that I should increase my wife's 401k contributions after her recent raise. Great advice, but alas, she had no 401k. We were a 401k-less family. I say were because it looks like soon her employer is giving her one! … [Read the rest]

Credit Score Myths – Don’t Cancel Old Accounts

Credit scores remain all the rage, but there are a lot of misconceptions out there. Four common ones are outlined in this MSN Money article titled '4 Credit-Scoring Myths'. What's the first myth? That closing credit cards will help your … [Read the rest]