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Hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance

I'm hosting the Carnival of Personal Finance next week. Go submit! I plan on taking a more active role in highlighting my favorite posts this time. … [Read the rest]

Presidential Bank Raises Rates to 4.37% and 4.62% APY

Presidential Bank has raised the rate on their Internet Checking Plus account (review) to 4.37% APY and their Premier Savings (review) to 4.62% APY. I still consider this my main checking account, but recently I've been considering a switch to HSBC … [Read the rest]

Final Draft Portfolio: Both ETFs and Mutual Funds

Ok, so here's my final draft for my new retirement portfolio. I've decided to go with a portfolio based closely on my Keep It Simple Portfolio. The twist is that I've decided to keep all my taxable funds in exchange-traded funds (ETFs), while … [Read the rest]

April 2006 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Taxes Are Done + Some Useful Links

What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday! Ugh. At least now I've figured out that I can contribute $2,500 to my 2005 SEP-IRA. I plan to open one up at Vanguard by the April 17th deadline and then merge it with the rest of my Traditional IRA funds. … [Read the rest]

How To Underwithhold Taxes Without Penalty

Q: How do you know when you've been at this too long? A: When you you are halfway done on a post about how to underwitholding taxes without paying a penalty, only to find out you've already done it! Check out my post on April 23rd of last year - … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Raises Rate to 4.00% APY

This is on the eve of the end of their Winter Save Up Sale. Chart updated. … [Read the rest]

Still Haven’t Done My Taxes Yet

April is almost here, and I haven't finished doing my taxes yet. Tsk, tsk. I'm actually about 90% done with my return, but I am still trying to track down every single receipt possible in order to reduce my tax liability. They are legit business … [Read the rest]

Citibank’s Capital One 360 Clone – 4.50% APY

This is interesting - Citibank finally fully rolled out its e-Savings Account, which has no minimum balance requirement and currently pays 4.50% APY. Why not just call it CitiDirect? It's not the highest rate for a no-minimums online saving … [Read the rest]

What Are Your Luxuries?

Well, it is quite apparent that saving money is a personal issue, as was shown when I explored buying generic brands or shared about my free haircuts. I certainly didn't expect so much reaction from that! On the flip side, I'm sure even the most … [Read the rest]

Banks That Do And Don’t Pull Credit Reports

Obviously, whenever you apply for a credit card you expect them to perform a credit check, which will ding your credit score a bit temporarily. But sometimes even opening a savings account can cause a hard inquiry. I figured I'd share based on my 3 … [Read the rest]

Deconstructing My 3 Free Credit Reports

For some reason, I felt like I should check all of my credit reports today. I think it was because I knew my new landlord had run our credit, and I also haven't checked them in a while. Remember, the government mandates that everyone gets 1 free … [Read the rest]

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