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Emergency Cash In 6-Month T-Bill Ladder

Where's my cash? Back in December, I started forming a ladder of 6-month Treasury Bills by buying $1,000 of T-Bills at the beginning of each month. Soon, I will start reinvesting the first matured T-Bill into another 6-month T-Bill, thus having … [Read the rest]

20/20 Real Estate Hindsight

Our old house officially sold a few days ago. We toyed with the idea of buying it ourselves, but once I found out how much the owners were asking my jaw dropped. When I found out they got an offer for full price my jaw hit the floor. Craziness... … [Read the rest]

I Want A Beater Truck.

We moved a bunch of our stuff over to the new house today, after borrowing our friend's truck. It was a great little early-90s Toyota Pickup (that's really what the model was called - "Pickup") with 150k miles, manual transmission, and not much … [Read the rest]

Quickie: How To Buy A Treasury Bill

There seems to be some interest, so here's a very quick example of what happens when you buy a 4-week $1,000 T-Bill. 1) Open an account at TreasuryDirect, link up checking/savings account. 2) Login, and select your amount and maturity date … [Read the rest]

Don’t Forget About Treasury Bills To Keep Cash

People who are looking for the next best place for their cash now that ING's Winter Sale 4.75% APY sale is over, and HSBC Direct's 4.80% APY promotion is soon ending, should not forget to consider Treasury Bills. You sacrifice some liquidity, but … [Read the rest]

Confession: I’m Trying To Time The Market

I am usually very skeptical when people try to time the market. But I must confess, I have been trying to do it this week. As part of my new portfolio, I need to buy $11,000 of IVV (an S&P 500 ETF). That's a big order for me. On Monday I saw … [Read the rest]

Everyone’s Complaining About Gas Prices…

...but I'm not. Funny how small talk with people has shifted from the weather to complaining about gas prices these days. From the grocery store to neighbors to well, the guy pumping my gas! The reason I don't really stress about it is that … [Read the rest]

Predicting the New I-Bond Rates: Yawn.

Just like last October, using the information in my How To Predict I-Bond Savings Bond Rates post, we can now try to predict the upcoming I-Bond rate announcement on May 1st. For more information on savings bonds, check out my Savings Bond category, … [Read the rest]

Audits: Another Reason to Form a Corporation or LLC

I forgot about another reason to form an LLC or corporation: Tax Audits. Here are some stats from 2004: IRS Audit Rates Sole Proprietors with income < $25k: 3.15% Sole Proprietors with income $25-100k: 1.47% S-Corporations (all): … [Read the rest]

Reasons to Incorporate or Form an LLC

I've been reading LLC or Corporation?: How to Choose the Right Form For Your Business by Nolo Press, which writes a lot of do-it-yourself legal books aimed for the public. Some of the little details just make my head spin, but here are the main … [Read the rest]

Taking Advantage Of Comcast New Customer Deals

I hate moving. But one perk is that I get to become a 'new' customer again for Comcast. You may recall that I bargained myself down to $19.99/mo for six months for Comcast High-Speed Internet last year (saving $138). Now that those six months are … [Read the rest]

Always Put Everything In Writing!

I'll explain later if I can, but always. put. everything. in. writing. Handshake or verbal agreements that involve money or services promised are stupid. Even if it's between 'friends'. Me stupid. … [Read the rest]