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My Taste Buds Are Exhausted!

Thanks for all the SF restaurant tips, here's where I ended up eating: Cheeseboard, Home, Swan Oyster Depot, A16, Brothers, Saigon (East Bay), Slanted Door, Dottie's True Blue Cafe (Tenderloin), In-N-Out, Blue Fin Sushi (Marina), L&L Hawaiian … [Read the rest]

Presidential Premier Savings Drops Monthly Maintenance Fee

Looking at their account comparison chart, it looks like Presidential Bank has quietly dropped the monthly maintenance fee on their Premier Savings Account, currently paying 4.87% APY (for balances up to $35k). Previously, if you went below $5,000 … [Read the rest]

Eating My Way Through The Bay Area

I'm fine with being called cheap, but I personally think of it as hating to waste money on things I don't want. I am perfectly willing to pay for things I value. Top on the list are food and travel. On this trip I'm eating my way through the Bay … [Read the rest]

Citibank, HSBC, Presidential All Raise Rates

Presidential Premier Savings (Presidential Bank review) is now at 4.87% APY, with its Checking at 4.50% APY. These guys are my primary bank. Citibank e-Savings Account (previously discussed) is now at 4.75% APY. HSBC Direct (HSBC Direct … [Read the rest]

Looking Back: A Year of Owning a Dog

It's been a year now since we've gotten our kid... err, dog. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel to be exact. I know this because we just had our annual vet appointment for more shots and a general exam. This got me to thinking how much we've spent on … [Read the rest]

Wife Got A Raise!

~8%, not bad. At least it's greater than inflation. I don't think it takes effect until July, but it's nice to know it's coming. To celebrate, we just ordered a new Nissan Xterra SE 4x4 - just kidding! I don't think we're going to do anything … [Read the rest]

SkypeOut Now Free in US and Canada

I finally installed Skype about a month ago, joining the techie elite. Actually the great thing about Skype is it's really easy to use. If my parents actually had internet at home I bet I could teach them to use it. All you need is a headset and … [Read the rest]

What Gas Saving Tips Really Work?

Although I'm still not worked up about gas prices personally, I still hear all kinds of tips to save gas left and right. But do they really work? Edmunds.com tests them out and gives us some hard(ish) numbers. Briefly: What worked Driving less … [Read the rest]

Thanks Mom

Given that money matters are hardly taught at school at all, much of people's financial knowledge comes from their parents. Given that I grew up in an apartment smaller than the one I live in now with just my wife, I learned quickly the value of … [Read the rest]

Free Equifax Credit Alerts via PayPal

Equifax and PayPal have teamed up to provide a basic credit monitoring service that is free to anyone. I say it's free to anyone because after you click on the sign-up link, there is no verification that you actually use PayPal when signing up. In … [Read the rest]

Swap Gift Cards For Free at CardAvenue

Got a bunch of gift cards you haven't used yet? Sell or trade them the new site CardAvenue.com. For example, you could swap an unwanted $100 Pottery Barn gift card you just got for a $100 Home Depot gift card that you could really use. I've already … [Read the rest]

Play Money Stock Portfolio Snapshot…

A while ago I set aside $5,000 to buy and trade stocks. I call it my 'play money', as the rest of my portfolio is painstakinly allocated into index funds. But I really don't do much 'playing' anymore. I just check the stock prices every few days, … [Read the rest]

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