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Book Review: Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably!

After reading their investing book Yes, You Can Time The Market! and liking their writing style and slightly different view on things, I decided to read Ben Stein and Phil DeMuth's book on retirement - Yes, You Can Still Retire Comfortably! Even … [Read the rest]

0% Balance Transfers Questions & Answers: 1st Half

Ok, I've been thinking of ways to handle all the questions on this topic I still haven't answered in my 4-Part series on How To Make Money From 0% APR Balance Transfers. I decided simply to answer them all, Cramer-Lightning-Round-style. Questions … [Read the rest]

Dental Self-Insuring Update: Why Flossing Is Profitable

A recent post at Miserly Bastard reminded to post about this - Like him, I don't have dental insurance because I don't think it's worth it. It fits into my philosophy to only insure against large losses, especially as most plans have a cap on … [Read the rest]

Bought 499 Shares of Advanced Nutraceuticals (ANII.OB)

As part of my free trial of Contributor's Corner, last week I bought 499 shares of Advanced Nutraceuticals (ANII.OB). ANII makes vitamins and supplements, and recently filed for a 500-to-1 reverse stock split. It's doing this order to get under 300 … [Read the rest]

Fat Pitch Financials Contributor’s Corner Free For A Day

In honor of its 2-year anniversary, Fat Pitch Financials is having a Open House for its pay section, Contributor's Corner. This means if you hurry, you can get access to it for free (usually $10/month) all today 8/12. What does it offer? … [Read the rest]

Presidential Bank to Offer External Funds Transfer

In my most recent Presidential Bank statement, it proclaimed: Comings Soon! FUNDS TRANSFER SERVICES Use PC Banking to transfer funds to/from your Presidential accounts to/from accounts at other financial institutions. No specific dates or info … [Read the rest]

Setup And Management of 0% APR Balance Transfers

[This is Part 4 of an ongoing series about how to make money from 0% APR balance transfers.] So now you have the money and are ready to earn some interest. How do I set this up so I don't spent all day on it? Overall, It's Easy Seriously, when … [Read the rest]

Wonkiest New Security Feature Yet

I logged into my TreasuryDirect account today, and what do I see? … [Read the rest]

Scottrade Says To Stop Sending Them Customers

I got a call today from Scottrade that they want me to stop referring customers to them via this blog, as part of their Scottrade referral program. I didn't have time to ask them exactly why since I was busy, but after hanging up I got to thinking - … [Read the rest]

EverBank FreeNet Checking: Intro 1.10% APY + $50 To Leave

Multiple people have now ed me about how the Everbank FreeNet Checking Account offers a good high-interest checking account with a lot of great features. I admit that I didn't know much about them because their regular interest rates … [Read the rest]

Application Tips and Getting Cash From 0% Balance Transfers

[This is Part 3 of an ongoing series about how to make money from 0% APR balance transfers.] Before I start, someone said that it's too easy with Citibank, and can I do an example with another issuer. Sure. Let's run through it with the Discover … [Read the rest]

Would You Move To The Boonies For More Money?

Interesting opportunity just came up today. If you were offered the chance to work somewhere undesireable (at least to you), but were offered a significant raise to move there, would you? As for details, this would be a rural area in the Midwest, … [Read the rest]

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