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What’s Our Income?

Commenter Rummy on my last net worth update asks a good question - What's our income? After all, I sure spill a lot of financial beans on this blog. You guys know how much debt I have, how much savings, even where my money is invested. Why not … [Read the rest]

July 2006 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Fidelity 529 CashBack Deposit

The end of the 2nd quarter of 2006 brings me a nice $135 deposit from my MBNA Fidelity 529 Card into my 529 account. Paying for everything humanly possible with credit cards has its rewards!* … [Read the rest]

Stocking Up During 4th of July Sales

My local grocery stores (mainly Safeway) are having some great prices on BBQ staples competing for your July the 4th money. Check if yours is too, and stock up! Ground beef - 5 lbs for $5 ($1/lb.) Salmon fillets - $4/lb. Chicken breasts - … [Read the rest]

Retire to Mexico?

I found out that a friend of mine's parents have been retired in Mexico for years now as US expats. Supposedly the housing and living expenses are affordable, taxes are low, and the healthcare is reasonably good. I have no idea if any of these … [Read the rest]

Possibly My Next Car: 2007 Honda Fit

While our current cars are running fine (even though one is 11 years old), I find myself very intrigued by the new 2007 Honda Fit. One of many perky new compact cares, many people may assume that it's just a response to recent gas prices, but the … [Read the rest]

One Guy’s Thoughts on Housing Prices

I realized just now that there is only about one year left in my wife's training program, after which she will be geographically mobile again and we plan on moving back close to family. This also means that we have only one year left before we plan … [Read the rest]

June 2006 Retirement Portfolio / Cash Snapshot

In addition to my monthly net worth updates, I've decided to also take snapshot of my investing portfolio and my overall asset allocation. I want to also track any fund or ETF purchases so that I can better calculate my actual returns over time. I … [Read the rest]

Behavioral Finance – I’m Irrational. Are You?

The efficient market hypothesis contends that it is not possible to consistent beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis, as overall people are rational and all of the information available is already priced in the investment values. On the flip … [Read the rest]


qara.info is excited be included in a few carnivals this week: Carnival of Personal Finance #54 at Mighty Bargain Hunter. Carnival of Investing #28 at My Personal Finance Blog. Carnival of the Capitalists at Financial Methods The next … [Read the rest]

Citibank E-Savings Up To 5.0% APY, Feature Review

Citibank's e-Savings Account just bumped up to a nice, round 5.00% APY. This needs to be used alongside a Citibank Checking account. To avoid monthly fees, you need to one of the following: Direct Deposit, Make two monthly bill payments, or … [Read the rest]

Why College Is CHEAP!

Ok, I fully realize that everyone complains, and it is just how most people deal with stress. Nothing wrong with that. But I'm sick and tired of the media frenzy about college costs like it's worse than HIV or something. Books, magazine articles, … [Read the rest]

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