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Behavioral Finance – I’m Irrational. Are You?

The efficient market hypothesis contends that it is not possible to consistent beat the market on a risk-adjusted basis, as overall people are rational and all of the information available is already priced in the investment values. On the flip … [Read the rest]


qara.info is excited be included in a few carnivals this week: Carnival of Personal Finance #54 at Mighty Bargain Hunter. Carnival of Investing #28 at My Personal Finance Blog. Carnival of the Capitalists at Financial Methods The next … [Read the rest]

Citibank E-Savings Up To 5.0% APY, Feature Review

Citibank's e-Savings Account just bumped up to a nice, round 5.00% APY. This needs to be used alongside a Citibank Checking account. To avoid monthly fees, you need to one of the following: Direct Deposit, Make two monthly bill payments, or … [Read the rest]

Why College Is CHEAP!

Ok, I fully realize that everyone complains, and it is just how most people deal with stress. Nothing wrong with that. But I'm sick and tired of the media frenzy about college costs like it's worse than HIV or something. Books, magazine articles, … [Read the rest]

More Consumer Outrage via Jiffy Lube

Q: When is an oil/filter change not an oil/filter change? A: When you go to the Jiffy Lube featured in this video. They leave the original filter in the car! (They mark the old filter with a smiley face.) … [Read the rest]

And You Thought You Had A Hard Time Cancelling!

If you've already hard about the guy who had the worst time ever cancelling his AOL account... and recorded the entire conversation, then skip the rest of this post. Otherwise, turn down the volume in your office cubicle and watch this: … [Read the rest]

Rates Keep Rising…

Trying to keep up with all these online banks and their rate activity could be a full-time job! So here are just a few more snippets. Emigrant Direct is now at 4.80% APY. [$10-$20 Bonus] BankUnited offers a savings account paying 5.25% APY with … [Read the rest]

Be Careful of 0% Financing At Retail Stores Like Lowes

Most homeowners may already know this, but since I've never had to purchase a bunch of large appliances, I only noticed this recently while fawning over fancy appliances (Man, I'm getting old). When stores like Home Depot, Lowes, or Best Buy offer … [Read the rest]

Circular Money

Ah, June is in the air. That means sunshine and a whole lot of gift shopping. People are getting married or graduating from high school or college left and right. A good number of birthdays in the summer too it seems. When you have a large family, … [Read the rest]

HSBC Direct, GMAC Bank at 4.80% APY

HBSC Direct is now back up to 4.80% APY, joining GMAC Bank. … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund: A Closer Look

When I started my first 401k about three years ago, I was boggled by the fund choices given to me. I ended up picking the Fidelity Freedom 2040 Fund (FFFFX), probably for the reason most people do - it looked simple and had tons of funds with great … [Read the rest]

Investing Carnivals

The 26th and 27th editions of the Carnival of Investing are up! Next week it's being held at My Personal Finance Blog. Thanks for everyone who has volunteered to host future editions, I will line those up this week. … [Read the rest]



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