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How Much Of Your Salary Should You Save For Retirement?

This is a difficult question to ask, but this paper I ran across entitled 'Savings Rates and "Economic Security" in Retirement' tries to take a stab at it. Here is the abstract: Some simple number crunching using historical market return data for … [Read the rest]

Introduction and Warnings About 0% Balance Transfer Offers

[This is Part 1 of an ongoing series. I am going to break it up into several smaller segments due to time constraints, and keep track of them in this index of posts.] Most likely you have seen these offers shower your mailboxes, credit card … [Read the rest]

0% APR Balance Transfers Index Page

I apologize for not following up with a nice big page on the 0% balance transfer game after asking for requests. I've gotten almost 100 questions and just haven't had time to organize my thoughts while trying to upgrade this site. It is definitely … [Read the rest]

Save Towards House Down Payment or Retirement?

If you know you need a big house downpayment in a year for a $500,000 house, do you: A) Totally minimize your retirement contributions (just get your 401k match if any), and save everything else towards that downpayment, knowing at best you'll get … [Read the rest]

Converting From Movable Type 3.1x to WordPress 2.0

I am in the process of migrating this blog from Movable Type to Wordpress. If you see any errors or missing pages, please leave a comment. Thanks! The rest of this entry is not money related. … [Read the rest]

August 2006 Retirement Portfolio / Cash Snapshot

Here is another snapshot of my retirement portfolio as of market close 8/3. I haven't bought or sold any funds since my last update. I hope to use this data later to better track my overall investment returns. … [Read the rest]

Free Home Valuation and How To Do Your Own Comps

The house search continues as we try to see how much our parents' house is really worth and if we can afford to live near them. Besides, I also like the home valuation tool from HomeGain, where you can get a real estimate from a local real … [Read the rest]

Why I Use Yodlee Account Aggregation

As I've mentioned before, I use Yodlee, an account aggregation service, to track all my numerous accounts on a daily basis. You give them all the logins and passwords of your individual financial accounts, and it logs into all the sites for you. In … [Read the rest]

Subscribe To MyMoneyBlog!

If you find yourself coming back to this blog, but haven't gotten around to subscribing to my RSS Feed, I'd like to invite you to do so now! If listed, just click on the appropriate button for your feedreader: Not listed? Click … [Read the rest]

August 2006 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

[Read the rest]

Carnival of Investing

This week's Carnival of Investing is up at 1stmillionat33. For more information on participating and the hosting schedule, please check out the main Carnival of Investing page. I'm going to line up more hosts this week, so please let me know if … [Read the rest]

Creating A Virtual Office For Cheap or Even Free

If you're starting a side business, you probably don't have the budget for a secretary, commercial office space, or all the usual business amenities. But you can still project a professional image by using these cheap and even free services to … [Read the rest]