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American Express Version of Citi Dividend Card

(This entry used to be about the Citi Dividend Card, but it has been discontinued. I'm going to wait for the dust to settle and put up some good alternatives.) Another option is the one I took, which is to get the Citi Driver's Edge Card. … [Read the rest]

Do You Have A Fun Money Account?

I tend to swing constantly between being really interested in trading individual stocks and then not looking at a quote for weeks. To make things worse, I live in the Pacific time zone and the markets close at 1pm here. I am not a morning person, … [Read the rest]

Avoiding ATM Fees Using the Grocery Store Trick

When I can't find an ATM without fees, I just go into the nearest grocery store, and buy something small and pay for with the ATM card and ask for cashback. In urban areas I look for a drugstore like Walgreens. I've never had a surcharge, and it's … [Read the rest]

Charlie Rose Show: Warren Buffett Interview

If you're a Warren Buffett fan, you'll enjoy this 3-part series by the Charlie Rose show on PBS, free for now via Google Video: July 10, Monday - Warren Buffett: The Man July 11, Tuesday - Warren Buffett: The Business July 12, Wednesday - … [Read the rest]

SogoInvest Feature Review – New Discount Brokerage, $3 Trades

There is a new discount brokerage on the block - SogoInvest.com. Mentioned yesterday in the Wall Street Journal, this broker is interesting on a couple of levels. Automatic Investing Broker King? It's obvious that this broker has buy-and-hold … [Read the rest]

FruCall – Comparison Shopping On Your Cellphone

Most people know about online price comparison websites like Froogle or PriceGrabber, but what if you're actually in a physical store and you need to find out if a price is good or not? Enter FruCall, which lets you find out the prices online, … [Read the rest]

Carnivals of Investing and More

This week's Carnival of Investing is up at Experiments in Finance. Next week's edition will be hosted at Free Money Finance. For more information on participating and hosting schedule, please check out the Carnival of Investing Information … [Read the rest]

Sticking To Paper Bills…

You'd think that with all the accounts that I have, I would love getting my bills electronically. Nope. I recently tried to go 100% e-bill. Nearly ended very badly with multiple late payments. I get so many e-mails a day, it's just too easy for … [Read the rest]

Getting A Credit Card to Give Me A Free Set of Tires

I just applied for the Citi Driver's Edge Platinum MasterCard that I wrote more about previously. I'm driving a lot more this summer and therefore also spending a lot more on gas, so the 6% cash back on gas and groceries will come in handy. I'm … [Read the rest]

New Pinecone Survey Sign-up Link

There appears to be a new sign-up link for the online survey panel at Pinecone Research. If that one doesn't work, the last sign-up link I mentioned is also working again. For some background, check out my brief Pinecone review here. Keep in mind … [Read the rest]

Forming An S-Corporation To Reduce Self-Employment Taxes

Now that I've mentioned tax avoidance, one potential advantage of incorporating your business into an S-Corporation is the ability to reduce the Social Security and Medicare taxes that you pay. I'm going to stick to using examples of one-person … [Read the rest]

Tax Avoidance vs. Tax Evasion: Don’t Be Afraid of the IRS

I was browsing the library a few months ago, looking for some accounting books, when I came across a book entitled Keep Your Hard-Earned Money: Tax-Saving Solutions For The Self-Employed. It was clearly a bit dated, as it boasted about 'including … [Read the rest]