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Mortgages: 15 Year Fixed vs. 30 Year Fixed + Prepayment?

I should preface this with the fact that I'm still very new to mortgage loans in general. I've been considering getting a 15-year loan instead of a 30-year fixed loan. The general consensus seems like if you can afford a 15-year fixed mortgage, you … [Read the rest]

T-Bills Still Good Bank Alternative at 5.29%+ APY

For those subject to state income taxes, Treasury Bills continue to be a good alternative to online banks since their interest is exempt from state and local income taxes. For example, at their current rates my personal tax-equivalent yield is over … [Read the rest]

Get Access to DFA Funds For Only $50 A Month

While searching for cheap access to Dimensional Fund Advisors (DFA) funds, I ran across the fact that you can get access to them via West Virginia's SMART529 Select Plan. If you are a WV resident, the contributions are even tax-deductible! … [Read the rest]

Estimating Future Investment Returns: 30-Year Forecast

It's very hard to estimate exactly how much we'll have to save for retirement, as that would require knowing how much our investments will grow in the future. Even if we try to do long-term trends, this can be difficult. But Richard Ferri, author … [Read the rest]

Opening A Business Brokerage Account at Fidelity

Ever since starting my own small business, I've been on the look out for ways of holding cash in a business account but still earning a competitive interest rates. Now, if you are a sole proprietor, you can just use consumer savings accounts at … [Read the rest]

Get A CLUE! … Report … For Free.

If you would like to know what the insurance companies are saying about you behind your back, you definitely want to get a free copy of your CLUE report. Short for Comprehensive Loss Underwriting Exchange, it's basically the insurance version of … [Read the rest]

How To Add A High-Yield Savings Account At Washington Mutual Bank

Washington Mutual quietly rolled out a new high-yield savings account bundled together with the WaMu Free Checking account. When you click on 'Start Now' you'll get both applications at once. You should then see this: It may not be the very … [Read the rest]

0% Balance Transfers Questions & Answers: 3rd Half

Here is the 3rd half of questions submitted to me. Yes, 3rd half. I thought I could finish last time, but some of the comments had 6 questions within one comment ;) Not a problem, just took another post. This should just about finish my series on … [Read the rest]

Carnival of Investing

This week's Carnival of Investing is up at Blueprint For Financial Prosperity. For everyone that has volunteered to host future carnivals, I apologize for not getting back to you all. I'm trying to make some alterations to the Carnival requirements … [Read the rest]

Angie’s List – Free Local Reviews, Discounted Movie Tickets

Angie's List is a site that contains reviews of local housing contractors, as well as other services like auto mechanics and accountants. Looks like most larger metro areas are covered. It's usually $6 a month to get access, but right now it you can … [Read the rest]

0% Balance Transfers Questions & Answers: 2nd Half

Here is the 2nd half of questions submitted to me. 1st half is here. All are part of my series on How To Make Money From 0% APR Balance Transfers (index of all posts). And off we go: … [Read the rest]

FundAdvice.com and Portfolio Tweaking

Spent some time this weekend reading many of the articles at FundAdvice.com. The website is the educational arm of Merriman Capital Management, an investment management firm that is heavily into DFA funds. They promote no-load, asset-specific, … [Read the rest]

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