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Welcome US News and World Report Readers

Thanks for taking a peek at my detailed journal of our personal path to early retirement. You can see exactly how far along I am with the chart on the top right (We are in our late 20s). Here I reveal my current net worth, and write daily about … [Read the rest]

BzzAgent – Get Your Own Free Stuff To Review

One of the perks of this blog is that publishers send me free books to review (which I then give away). While that may be nice, I still wish I was a successful gadget-blogger. They get free electronics to review! Anyways, the whole point of this … [Read the rest]

Don’t Forget To Take Advantage Of All Your Benefits

Many of us are so busy running around that we forget to take advantage of all the benefits that we are paying for. Or maybe it's just me. On my health plan, I am covered for an eye exam and a certain allowance for lenses or glasses once … [Read the rest]

Some More Reminders

My list of free budgeting software has more than doubled since I first posted it, and I've discovered a lot of quality software that I need to explore further. Who knew there were so many free alternatives for those looking to manage their … [Read the rest]

Thanksgiving Giveaway (Free Stuff!) Reminder

This is just a friendly reminder that my free Thanksgiving Giveaway is going to end on Tuesday, so if you haven't entered now is a good time. The response has been great, with over 400 entries so far! Since I underestimated the number of entrants, … [Read the rest]

Make A Financial Goal Today. (Plus An Experiment)

So here I am, 4am in the morning, and trying to think of something interesting/inspiring/useful to say about money. So here it is. If you haven't already, you should set yourself a 6-month financial goal. Maybe it's "I will pay off my credit card … [Read the rest]

E-Trade Bank Max Rate Savings Account Review: 3.30% APY

Another no-fees no-minimums online savings account has arrived. This time it's E-Trade Bank with the Max-Rate Savings Account. After looking around, here are what I see as the pros and cons of this account as compared to other online … [Read the rest]

First-Time Home buyers, IRA Withdrawals, and Penalties

The IRS allows first-time home buyers to take money out of IRAs before age 59½ without penalty. Although I don't like the idea of taking money out of retirement accounts in order to pay for a house, I still would like to know what my options … [Read the rest]

Big List of Free Budgeting Tools and Software

More than a month ago, I wrote a post about tracking your spending for a month. I tried to think of the best way to budget, but I don't think there is anything that works for everyone. Everyone knows about MS Money and Quicken, so instead I've … [Read the rest]

To My Patient Bloglines Readers

Another feedback from my readers using Bloglines is that entries keep popping up as unread. My apologies, that is definitely annoying. (I don't use Bloglines myself.) It is mostly due to my obsessive need to re-edit my posts for spelling or … [Read the rest]

A Decade Of Net Worth History Revealed

A voyeuristic blow-by-blow after the jump... … [Read the rest]

Potential $100 in Gas Rebates For Citi Credit Protector Trial

I've written about those $15 checks that credit card issuers send you to try out their overpriced credit "protection" programs, so when I ran across this offer from Citibank for $100 in free gas rebate coupons for enrolling in a free 30-day trial, I … [Read the rest]

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