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2006 Financial Goals Final Recap – How Did I Do?

A year ago I set myself some specific financial goals to reach in 2006. Let's see what I managed to accomplish: Separate business and personal financial worlds. Done, I have separate business checking accounts and credit cards, and I run all of … [Read the rest]

Pentagon Federal Offering 3-Year CDs at 6.25% APY

Pentagon Federal Credit Union is now offering a generous 6.25% APY rate on it's 3, 4, 5, and 7-year CDs (they call it a Money Market Certificate). These rates probably won't last, so if this looks good to you you may want to jump in now. These … [Read the rest]

Guest Post on Preventing Lifestyle Inflation

J.D. of GetRichSlowly was looking for some guest authors during his break, so I submitted a short piece on How To Prevent Lifestyle Inflation, or the vicious cycle of Earn More, Spend More. We are successfully living on one income right now, but … [Read the rest]

Myths About Marginal Tax Rates Explained

Taxes are always confusing, and marginal tax rates are no exception. Although I am no accountant, here are some clarifications on how to use the 2006 tax bracket table I just posted. First, it should be noted that it is for taxable income, not … [Read the rest]

What’s My Marginal Tax Rate Bracket For 2006?

I keep having to look these up, so here are the tax brackets for 2006. Marginal Tax Rate [Taxable Income] Single Married Filing Jointly 10% $0-$7,550 $0-$15,100 … [Read the rest]

Deadline for Traditional to Roth IRA Conversions is December 31st

If you've been considering converting your Traditional IRA into a Roth IRA in 2006, you'll want to pretty much do it now, as the money has to leave your Traditional IRA by December 31st. Given that Friday is that last business day available, you … [Read the rest]

MySurvey – Another Survey Site That Pays

Another survey company that I've gotten paid out for and that I have heard other positive experiences about is Like other programs, they offer you rewards points for taking surveys. They let you redeem the points for cash, which is … [Read the rest]

Difference Between Mortgage Loan Rate and APR?

I'm starting to pay attention to mortgage loan advertisements now. Most of them include both a Rate and and APR. But what's the difference? The mortgage rate is the amount of actual interest charged. It's usually a round number like 5.75% or … [Read the rest]

How To Get Bumped Off Your Flight On Purpose

Well, Friday was a interesting day. An accident on the freeway almost keeps us from making it to the airport on time, and then when we do get there we are almost bumped off our flight for $600. Did you know that airlines regularly overbook their … [Read the rest]

Free 1 Year Membership to Entertainment Book Online

SBC is currently offering free access to the Entertainment Book online. If you don't know, this is basically a big coupon book that people usually buy for $20-$40. I'm not a big Entertainment Book fan, as I rarely frequent the restaurants on their … [Read the rest]

Plenty of Holiday Weekend Reading

Here are some of the posts that I've enjoyed reading through recently: TiredButHappy is getting flack for her used car. Why must we judge? I secretly like the fact that our cars aren't worth very much, if only to see if people care. Is that … [Read the rest]

2006 In Review: A Year of

Out of the 637 posts that I scribbled this year, here are the ones that represent the good, the bad, and the fun of our 2006 financial adventure: The Good First, I started it off right by making financial goals (which give you something to focus … [Read the rest]

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