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Advice From A Successful Real Estate Investor

Over Thanksgiving holidays we met up with a family friend who is a very successful real estate investor. She has millions of dollars of property both here in the U.S. and internationally. We started talking about investing and here are some of … [Read the rest]

You Have Some Money. Where Do You Put It?

I went over understanding your spending and also free budgeting tools. Once you start managing your money better, you should be spending less than you earn. Or maybe you have come across a lump sum of money somehow. Now what do you do with the … [Read the rest]

My Money Guide: A New Project

A few publishers used to ask me for book proposals on my views on money management, but have stopped bothering since it is quite apparent that I just don't have the time or discipline to do such a feat. Instead, a new ongoing project for this blog … [Read the rest]

qara.info Thanksgiving Giveaway Winners!

First all, thanks for everyone who participated in my Thanksgiving Giveaway. I think it was a huge success, and I was overwhelmed by the response. As for my weekend, my family was in town and despite all my anti-consumerism ramblings we did a fair … [Read the rest]

Discover’s Holiday Promotion Has A $100 Loophole

As part of the Discover Mall Holiday promotion, they are offering $20 for each $200 spent. However, there was no mention of what would happen if you returned the items after you "spent" the money. Since credit card companies are usually masters of … [Read the rest]

Is Costco Executive Membership Worth It?

We are currently Costco Gold members, the standard level. We joined because you know you're getting a fair price (if not necessarily the best) on great variety of products, the customer service is great, and you gotta love their food court. So after … [Read the rest]

True Cost of Holiday Shopping Calculator

Can you hear that sound? Sleigh bells a-jingling? Carol singers? No, it's credit cards a-swiping as part of what is now officially BUY BUY BUY season. Here's a psychological trick that I use to temper my "self-gifting" urges. It's based on the … [Read the rest]

Sunrocket VoIP – 2 Years for $199, No Code Required

Today (11/21) only, SunRocket is offering 2 years for $199. This "special" seems to come around every other month or so. I've been using SunRocket instead of a landline for over a year now now and I remain very satisfied for the price - check out my … [Read the rest]

For Those Not Sleeping Through Black Friday

The Consumerist has a great before-you-go checklist for everyone who's all hyped up for Black Friday shopping. Have fun and try not to get shot while in line. I'll be rooting for you while under the covers. My family is in town, so it looks like … [Read the rest]

Index Mutual Funds or Index ETFs: Which Is Better?

Ever since exchange-traded funds became popular, many index fund investors have taken notice. Should we try to take advantage of the often-lower expense ratios? Can we overcome the commissions from trading? For example, both of these track the … [Read the rest]

Marriage and Money: My Wife And I

Sprinkled throughout my ramblings are various mentions of my wife, mostly in passing. Because of these, I may have given a skewed perception of her as some stereotypical one-dimensional woman that doesn't like math or shops all day. That's my fault. … [Read the rest]

$100 and 5,000 Bonus Points Received From American Express

Update: The below promotion is now expired. The New Business Gold Rewards Card® from American Express OPEN now offers 3X points on airfare, 2X points on advertising, gas, and shipping and 1X point on everything else. The annual fee for this card is … [Read the rest]

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