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ETA Executive Travel App: 1,000 United or American Miles After Each $300+ Booking

ETA (Executive Travel App) is an app that scans your calendar to automatically suggest travel options (hotels, flights, Uber) based on your calendar and personal travel preferences. They still have a new user offer of 3,000 United or American … [Read the rest]

Movies Anywhere: Sync 2 Accounts, Get 3 Free Movies

Movies Anywhere is running an anniversary promotion where you can get three free streaming movies for syncing two more accounts. The Martian, Happy Feet, and Fast and Furious 8. You can even get these free titles if you already have a 5 (add 1 … [Read the rest]

Reader Question: Thoughts on Recent Stock Market Drop?

I don't really enjoy talking about stock market movements, but given that it has been the most common reader question recently and I wanted to start answering more reader questions, here we are. My overall take is the same: In the short term, … [Read the rest]

Happy Holidays from qara.info!

I just wanted to take a moment and thank you for reading qara.info. I am grateful for your time and attention and hope that I provided something of value in exchange. I hope that your year has been bountiful and that you have enjoyed both … [Read the rest]

Webull App: Free Stock Trades + Free Share of Stock Referral Bonus

Update: This offer is now set to expire on 1/16/19. Webull is a new brokerage app that has unlimited free stock trades with no platform fees, free real-time quotes, and no minimum balance requirement. (Similar to Robinhood.) Webull also has a … [Read the rest]

Solo 401k: Best Self-Employed Retirement Plan For Aggressive Savers ($50k/$100k Income Example)

Each December, I run the numbers to see how much more I can contribute to my Self-Employed 401k plan, aka Solo 401k or Individual 401k. Fidelity, Vanguard, and Dinkytown (used below) have calculators to figure out contribution limits to various … [Read the rest]

Amazon: Buy $25 Starbucks Gift Card, Get $5 Amazon Credit

Here's another quick Starbucks deal. Buy a $25 Starbucks Digital Gift Card (email delivery) and get a free $5 Amazon credit with the promo code SBUX. You should see the code accepted at checkout. Promo Credit is valid through and expires on … [Read the rest]

Hyundai $50 Test Drive Offer: Yes, It’s Both Legit AND Profitable For Hyundai

I was flipping through my Car and Driver magazine when I came across Why Getting Paid $50 to Test Drive a New Car Is Easier Than It Looks. Car manufacturers have offered gift cards for test drives off and on for years. I once test drove a … [Read the rest]

Starbucks Gift Card Promo: Buy $10, Get $5 Free $5 with Mastercard

Back again through 12/20. Here's another Starbucks caffeine promo. Buy a $10+ Starbucks eGift Card with Masterpass, get a free $5 Starbuck eGift card. Masterpass is the online checkout system for Mastercard (like Visa and Visa Checkout). … [Read the rest]

The Permanent Gift Guide 2018 – Buy Stuff That Lasts Forever

I'm reading through all these gift guides and so much of it seems just trendy and disposable. Do any of the authors actually own all the stuff they list? How many of these gifts will end up forgotten by this time next year? I decided to create … [Read the rest]

Robinhood (Not a) Checking Account 3% APY: SIPC Insurance Mean?

I don't know who does PR for Robinhood, but they are good. I don't ever recall this many media articles in a single day for a pseudo-checking account. Techcrunch, Barron's, Business Insider, Bloomberg, USA Today, CNBC, Marketwatch... All … [Read the rest]

EBSB Direct High Yield Savings Account 2.50% APY ($5,000 minimum)

Update 1/10/19: Gone again! I wish they would just tell you they aren't taking applications instead of pulling all the information down completely. Update 12/13/18: Looks like they brought this account back and are accepting new applications … [Read the rest]

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