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Model Portfolio #2: The Boglehead’s Guide To Investing

(This is the second in my series of Model Portfolio Comparisons.) This next portfolio comes from The Boglehead's Guide To Investing by Larimore, Lindauer, and LeBoeuf. Taylor Larimore and Mel Lindauer are frequent and respected contributors at … [Read the rest]

Calculate Your Exact 2006/2007 Portfolio Rate Of Return

I sensed that people weren't quite satisfied with my Rate of Return Estimation Calculator. After wasting lots of time trying to program the internal-rate-of-return (IRR) function myself, I realized I could simply embed an online spreadsheet. Ain't … [Read the rest]

Model Portfolio #1: Couch Potato Portfolio

(This is the first in my series of Model Portfolio Comparisons.) The Couch Potato Portfolio is the invention of Scott Burns, a personal finance columnist at the Dallas Morning News. Originally, the portfolio consisted of just two funds - the … [Read the rest]

Model Retirement/Investment Portfolios: A Comparison

In my rough guide to investing, I suggested some all-in-one mutual funds for beginners. But what if you want to go a step further and design your own portfolio? Or you have a 401k with only limited choices? Of course, the best answer is always … [Read the rest]

Subscribe To qara.info

If you find this blog useful, I cordially invite you to subscribe to my content feed and get new entries sent directly to your e-mail address or RSS reader. Click here for all the subscription options. It's easy and takes just a few seconds. (It … [Read the rest]

Links: Tax Liens, Budgeting, Diamonds, Time, and Carnivals

Here are some posts from other bloggers that caught my eye: Guzzo the Contrarian writes about Arizona tax lien certificates. I remember these being vaguely mentioned as superior to bank CDs in the Rich Dad, Poor Dad book series. I'm sure these … [Read the rest]

Bikini Girls + Waterfalls + 90s Real Estate Guru = Tom Vu

Thanks to reader Heather, I have a new favorite real estate guru: Tom Vu. I guess I was too young to know about this guy when he was in his prime. His bluntness and blatant disrespect for our intelligence is so refreshing. You simply must watch. … [Read the rest]

Tax Tip: Don’t Forget Your $30+ IRS Telephone Tax Refund

Since the IRS starts accepting electronic returns this week, let's start off with the tax tips. First, an easy one: the IRS Telephone Tax Refund. Summary: Courts decide old phone tax not legit, should be refunded. You and I get money … [Read the rest]

Why You Should Ignore Stock Market Predictions

The Motley Fool used to be a great resource for investing, espousing index funds and low-cost investing, but it is gradually becoming just a factory that churns out stock tip newsletters. Last January, they made some Stock Predictions for 2006. … [Read the rest]

Free International Phone Calls By Calling Iowa

AllFreeCalls.net is offering free international calls to select countries. All you have to do is call this Iowa phone number: (712) 858-8094, and then enter the usual 011 + Country Code + Phone Number. How do they make money? Via … [Read the rest]

Nothing Down For the 2000s: Real Estate Book Review

I'm naturally skeptical of most real estate gurus, with all that feel-good "You too can be rich!" talk and very little substance. Still, I was curious to see what was inside Robert Allen's best-selling book Nothing Down for the 2000s: Dynamic New … [Read the rest]

A Quick Lesson In Wall Street Lingo

It can be tough watching CNBC and reading stock market articles without knowing the proper terms. Here are some helpful pointers: Profit-taking: All-purpose explanation for why the market went down. Correction: A major market crash made to sound … [Read the rest]