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Links About Saving, Debt, and Lending

NCN shares a list of things he actually does to save money. Maybe you can pick up a few ideas. If you are looking for more about online lending at Prosper, Lazy Man is starting his Prosper Week. He started by addressing some parts of my Prosper … [Read the rest]

$25 or $75 Bonus For Opening HSBC Checking Account

HSBC Bank is offering a $25 or $75 bonus for opening one of two types of checking accounts with them. This may be a good complement to their 6% HSBC Direct account (my opening review). Your two options: Interest Checking ($75 bonus) - To avoid … [Read the rest]

Are We Saving Too Much For Retirement?

One contrarian article deserves another. This one, courtesy of the New York Times is titled "Save Less and Still Retire With Enough". The main premise is that contrary to popular opinion, most of us are actually doing just fine money-wise. All … [Read the rest]

My 401k to IRA Rollover Decision Process

A couple of people have asked me about rolling over their 401(k) plans into an IRA. I actually went through the decision process myself back in the middle of 2005, but that was 500 posts ago so nobody can find it anymore! Here they are: Part 1 … [Read the rest]

Washington Mutual Adds Some Fees… And Freebies Too

As of May 1, 2007, WaMu is rearranging their fee schedule slightly. American Express Traveler's Checks, ATM Mini-Statements, Money Orders, and Notary signatures will be free. However, it appears that using a non-WaMu ATM will now incur a $2 fee on … [Read the rest]

Are Homes Actually A Horrible Investment?

Here's an article specifically designed to push people's buttons: Why Your Home Is Not the Investment You Think It Is from the Wall Street Journal. It questions the plan of many people to use their home as part of their retirement strategy, and … [Read the rest]

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If you find this blog useful, I cordially invite you to subscribe to my content feed and get new entries sent directly to your e-mail address or RSS reader. Click here for all the subscription options or just enter your e-mail below. It's easy … [Read the rest]

Pet Food Recall Involving Many Popular Brands

If you're a pet owner and buy canned or "wet" food, you should read about the Menu Foods recall after reports of kidney failure and deaths. According to this CNN/AP article, Menu Foods makes pet foods for all these companies from just two … [Read the rest]

Poll: What’s The Most You’ve Ever Spent On An Impulsive Purchase?

See, this is why I don't go to the mall. Even though we don't like pet stores and the associated puppy mills, we came perilously close to buying another puppy today. It looked very similar to this little dude (We already have a … [Read the rest]

Interest Rate Checkup – Online, Brick and Mortar, and Treasury Bills

Here is brief roundup of the top rates for short-term cash accounts with moderate balances. Online Savings Accounts, No Minimum Balance HSBC Direct continues it's 6.0% APY rate on new money until April 30th, and you can open with $1. The … [Read the rest]

Free Subscriptions To Select Magazines

It appears that you can sign up for up to 4 free years of one of these magazines via this Mags4Less link. Add the magazine your cart, select up to 4 years in length, scroll down and enter code "1free", and checkout without registering. You … [Read the rest]

Tax Equivalent Yield Calculator For Savings Bonds, Treasury Bills, and Tax-Exempt Money Market Funds

There are many investments out there that are exempt from certain taxes. For example, U.S. Savings Bonds and Treasury Bonds are exempt from state and local income taxes. In addition, there are money market funds available that are exempt from … [Read the rest]

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