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Do You Worry About Your Parents’ Readiness For Retirement?

Up until recently, I never really thought about my parents' financial situation. While growing up, they did a really good job of shielding us from their financial worries and setbacks. Looking back, I'm sure there were some tough times. As my … [Read the rest]

MagicJack VoIP Review: Equipment + 1 Year of Phone Service For Only $40?

Since my SunRocket service went bankrupt, I've been living with just a cell phone. It's actually been fine so far, but I'm just not ready to give up on traditional phones just yet. I like having multiple headsets around the house and not having to … [Read the rest]

More Roth vs. Traditional 401k/IRA Data: Historical Marginal Tax Rates vs. Median Income

In my Roth or Traditional 401k decision process, I chose the Roth for the rest of this year. This essentially means that I'd rather pay up to 28% of tax right now on my contribution rather than pay whatever the going rate will be 30+ years from now. … [Read the rest]

Signup Bonuses: $25/$75 from E-Trade, $200 For Chase Bank

$25 bonus for opening E-Trade savings account with just $1, no minimums and no fees. I still dislike E-Trade from my own bad customer service experiences, but I don't mind people grabbing some bonuses from them. ;) Thanks S.E. for the tip. … [Read the rest]

Financial Festivals and Carnivals

Here are some blog festivals and carnivals I participated in recently: The Carnival of Personal Finance included my profit calculation tool for making money from credit cards. My pick from this Carnival was Top 10 Wealth Building Ways Of … [Read the rest]

Choosing Between the Roth or Traditional 403b / 401k : Our Decision Process

My wife now has the new option of contributing to Roth 403b plan with her new position, and we had to make a decision on whether or not to go with it. Here is our thinking process, which should also apply to Roth 401ks. I found a few good … [Read the rest]

Video Post: Basics of Comparing Investing in a Roth 401k vs. a Traditional 401k

I just made my first video blog post which covers part of choosing between a Traditional and a Roth-type of retirement account, be it IRA, 401(k), or 403(b). I've covered this topic before, but I wanted to start out with something that I get asked … [Read the rest]

What’s My Marginal Tax Rate Bracket For 2007?

For future reference, here are the tax brackets for 2007. Marginal Tax Rate [Taxable Income] Single Married Filing Jointly 10% $0-$7,825 $0-$15,650 … [Read the rest]

Bogle On Credit Troubles, Market Timing, And More

Via the Diehards forum, Businessweek recently posted an interview with John Bogle which covers many of the questions that people are asking about investing right now. As usual, he provides a balanced and big-picture perspective on things. I … [Read the rest]

Money Magazine Can’t Time The Market, But Doesn’t Give Up

Like many people, I like reading personal finance magazines and subscribe to many of them. But you have to remember that in order to sell magazines, they also have to give people what they want, even if it isn't sound advice. A great example of … [Read the rest]

Stock Markets Got You Stressed? Here’s A Calming Chart For You

I don't do market predictions, but I wanted to keep some things in perspective. In the most recent edition of A Random Walk Down Wall Street, there is an updated version of a chart which I have used before to show how important time horizon is to … [Read the rest]

Are The Markets Especially Volatile This Year?

Although it may feel like the markets are just bouncing around like crazy this year, Vanguard shares some data that shows that the markets are actually performing in line with history. A common definition of volatile day is one where the market … [Read the rest]

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