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Popular Direct Exclusive Savings Account Review

(Update 5/18/18: Looks like the available rate to new applicants is now down to 1.85% APY. This is why I don't like switching savings accounts nearly as much as locking in a good CD rate.) The Popular Direct Exclusive Savings account, offered … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – April 2018

This WSJ article had a chart that illustrates why I run this update every month. Deposit rates at the big banks will stay low for as long as enough people don't move their funds elsewhere. The rising Fed rate changes nothing by itself. However, if … [Read the rest]

Tip: Buying Amazon Gift Certificates with an American Express Prepaid Rewards Card

Many promotions will offer a "$50 cash card" sent to you in the mail. I recently received such a $50 American Express Prepaid Rewards card that looks exactly like the image shown in the top-right corner. I am horrible with gift cards and coupons … [Read the rest]

Spending More Money Is Easy. Finding “Enough” Is Hard

Starwood Hotels sent me an e-mail with the subject "Family Traditions at St. Regis with Nacho Figueras". I had no idea who Mr. Figueras was, but you mention "family traditions" and I'm going to click on that like a sucker. It turned out to be a … [Read the rest]

Dinnertime: Which Meals Offers The Most Nutrition Per Dollar?

Here's another interesting Priceonomics study, this time analyzing the cost and nutritional content of common American meals. For each meal, we then derived a health score based on domain experts and the the nutrient-rich foods index (NRF9.3), … [Read the rest]

Readwise: Turn Your Kindle Highlights Into a Personalized Email Newsletter

I love physical books, but my favorite thing about Kindle books is the highlight feature. It's really hard to remember everything that you read. This is why I try to condense my handwritten notes in my book reviews. I'll let The Atlantic … [Read the rest]

Equifax Lock & Alert: Block Access to Equifax Credit Report for Free

In case you missed it (as I did), Equifax extended their credit freeze fee waivers through June 30th, 2018. A credit freeze is regulated by your state, and generally prevents access to your credit reports to open new credit accounts. To unfreeze, … [Read the rest]

Keep Your Hilton Honors Points From Expiring with a $1 Amazon Gift Code

My relative lack of travel these days means that I am constantly keeping miles and points from expiring. Here's the official policy of Hilton Honors point expiration: Hilton Honors Points do not expire as long as Members remain active in the … [Read the rest]

Amazon Prime + American Express Promotion: Fire Tablets from $20

Updated. Here's a targeted deal for Amazon Prime members that also have American Express Membership Rewards points. First, all Amazon Prime members can get the following prices today (20% off all Alexa-enabled devices): All-New 8GB Fire 7 … [Read the rest]

PSA: Check Your Facebook Privacy Settings and Third-Party Apps

If you use Facebook regularly, you should read this Buzzfeed article about how to check your third-party app settings. It's completely separate from your privacy settings. Even though I use Facebook very sparingly, I was surprised to find that I … [Read the rest]

Updated “About Me” and “My Money” Pages

We're in the midst of an extended Spring Break vacation, so posting will be light for the next two weeks. I have some pre-written content scheduled, but the comment moderation may be delayed. I also updated the "About Me" and "My Money" pages, … [Read the rest]

Audible Promo: 12 Audiobooks + Echo Dot for $99.50

Do you enjoy audiobooks? Check out this Audible promotion. Membership usually costs $14.95 per month (1 audiobook per month), or $149.50 if you buy an annual membership upfront (12 audiobook credits). New members can get a 1-month free trial. … [Read the rest]

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