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December 2007 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

About My Credit Card Debt If you're a newer reader, you may have some concerns about my high levels of credit card debt. I'm actually taking money from 0% APR balance transfer offers and instead of spending it on junk, I am placing it in high yield … [Read the rest]

A Glimpse Into Our Arguments About House Buying

Here's a condensed update to our home-buying story. Our discussions about the subject have been going like this: Should we buy or rent? - We should just buy if we intend to live in it for a decade. Do you want a condo or a house? - A house. 3 … [Read the rest]

Free Domain Name, Free 1GB SD card, $25 Billpay Bonus

Here are some quick freebies and bonuses. Enjoy! is offering a free domain name (1 year) for small businesses. I couldn't think of a good name just now, but I went pretty far and didn't find any catches. is offering a … [Read the rest]

Check Your Used Cell Phone Minutes For AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint

Since the Sunrocket demise in July, we have been living with just a cell phone - no landline or VoIP - and it's actually worked out pretty well. I like the simplicity. We haven't had any overage problems, but I did tend to check a lot in the … [Read the rest]

Google Checkout Promotion: Free Frequent Flier Miles

Google Checkout is running a few holiday promotions for their purchase system. The first two tabs are for Savings and Free Shipping, with various coupons and free shipping on purchases over $50 at the stores listed. In addition, you can earn 2 … [Read the rest]

Help Your Family Buy A House – And Make It An Investment

Over Thanksgiving my parents and I discussed the possibility that one day my parents might retire and move near us. Of course, my parents live in a "normal" part of the country where a 2-bedroom condo doesn't cost $600,000. So the idea of us … [Read the rest]

Will Retiring Early Help You Live Longer?

There are lots of reasons to retire early, but will it help you live longer as well? One study seems to suggest so, and is often cited in websites discussing early retirement. Dr. Sing Lin wrote a paper in 2002 called Optimum Strategies for … [Read the rest]

eBates CyberMonday Promotion: Get Extra Online Shopping CashBack Today

Shopping cashback website eBates is offering up to double their usual cashback percentages today since it's CyberMonday. Only 10 hours left as of this writing! For example, get 8% back at (4% normally), 4% back at (2% … [Read the rest]

Investment Gift Idea For Children: A Roth IRA?

A few very forward-thinking readers have asked me about ways to help their kids or other young folks by giving them a Roth IRA. This seems like an awesome idea to grab them some tax-sheltered action. I've thought about this in passing, but never … [Read the rest]

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving rocks. I couldn't care less about the arguments about the true origins of this holiday, I just like how we celebrate it now. You actually try to use your kitchen and are suddenly okay with inviting strangers (okay, friends of friends … [Read the rest]

UPromise Holiday Promotion: $25 Bonus With Purchase

UPromise is mainly a cash-back online shopping mall like eBates that deposits money into a 529 college savings fund. If you haven't opened an account already, now may be a good time to do so if you were planning to do some shopping at the stores … [Read the rest]

Multiple Jobs? Don’t Overpay Social Security Tax

Remember when you got your first paycheck and wondered why it was so small? All 16-year-olds hate FICA. :) Even though it's not included when we talk about marginal tax rates, all employees have to pay 6.2% of their gross income to Social … [Read the rest]

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