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2008 Financial Jump-Start Checklist: 5 Actions That Can Take 5 Minutes Or Less!

Even if you don't do resolutions per se, I think most of us still have areas of improvement that we want to work on for 2008. The problem is that is it so easy to keep putting off taking action to reach our goals. Given that I think little steps … [Read the rest]

Investment Portfolio: 2007 Year-End Holdings And Performance Update

  Retirement Portfolio Fund $ % FSTMX - Total Stock Market (~Large) $24,006 23% DISFX - S&P 500 Index Fund (Large) $7,437 7% VIVAX - Vanguard Value Index (Lg Value) $13,782 13% DODGX - Dodge & Cox … [Read the rest]

Cast Iron Skillet: The Ultimate Smart and Frugal Cookware?

When we got married, we received some very nice cookware as wedding presents. Calphalon, non-stick, anodized, big bucks. But after years of abuse due to my poor cooking skills, my $50 frying pans are anything but non-stick anymore. So, yesterday … [Read the rest]

Do I Need To Make Any Last Minute Year-End Tax Moves?

Yikes, I'm cutting things close this year. Time to see if there are any last-minute things I need to do with the last two business days before 2008. Selling Losing Stocks or Mutual Funds If you have some investments that are currently in the … [Read the rest]

Have Your Baby Before New Year’s Day, Save Thousands

The baby wings of hospitals are getting really busy now, more than any other time of the year. And it's all Uncle Sam's fault, because having a baby any time before 11:59pm on December 31st can mean over a thousand dollars in child tax breaks. In … [Read the rest]

Merry Christmas Sweetie! I Got You… Nothing.

Well, it's official. My wife and I didn't get each other anything for Christmas. For one, we were too busy buying gifts for others and trying to get our handmade holiday cards out on time. (Okay, she was too busy with all that. I was just a … [Read the rest]

I Don’t Understand Why Gift Cards Are So Bad

Shh... I've already opened up some of my Christmas gifts. Wait, what is this? A gift card? Nooo!!! Evil! It's trendy to bag on gift cards right now. Liz Pulliam Weston says gift cards are not gifts and complains that "holidays have rapidly … [Read the rest]

What If You Had To Live Solely Off Of Social Security?

A lot of us younger folks are so disillusioned by our government that we don't expect Social Security to even be around when we turn 65 (or likely 75 by that time...). But the fact is that today millions of people rely on Social Security as their … [Read the rest]

Reduce Your Trading Costs with Capital One 360 ShareBuilder

In my review of Sharebuilder a few days ago, I overlooked an important feature that commenter a schmuck pointed out. I had complained that $4 a trade is pretty high unless your monthly contributions were at least around $400. For example if you paid … [Read the rest]

U-Haul vs. Penske Moving Truck Rentals: Share Your Story

I'm helping a relative move this weekend, and I am trying to convince her not to go with the cheap choice (U-Haul), but pay $40 more for a Penske rental for her local move. This is mainly based on overwhelming anecdotal evidence (from me, my friends, … [Read the rest]

Subscribe To Updates or Send Me Suggestions

If you find this blog useful, I just wanted to point out that you can also subscribe to my content feed and get new entries sent directly to your e-mail address or RSS reader. Click here for all the subscription options or just enter your e-mail … [Read the rest]

Review of Suze Orman Show CNBC Special: Your Money Your Life

CNBC had a special Suze Orman Show last week, and I finally got a chance to watch it on TiVo. Recently, I've kind of lightened up on my view of Suze. Like all gurus, she makes blanket statements that may not apply to everyone, but at least she's … [Read the rest]

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