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New PineCone Paid Survey Application Link

Paid surveys can be a reasonable source of additional income for certain folks. On a strictly per-hour basis, they end up at around $5-9 an hour and can get tedious. But hey, you can do them during downtime on the job or late at night while watching … [Read the rest]

Subprime Mortgage Bailout Concept Extended To SUV Owners?

Are you sick of hearing about the subprime mortgage crisis? I sure am. But here's a satirical news story from Patrick.net that even I found amusing - SUV Bailout To Keep America Humming. Lawmakers in Washington are near final agreement on a … [Read the rest]

Credit Card Foreign Transaction Fee Refund: $25+

Back in February, I received a mailing about a class-action lawsuit claiming that Visa, MasterCard, their member banks, and Diners Club conspired to set and conceal markups and fees, typically of 1-3%, on foreign transactions. It appears that the … [Read the rest]

What Are We Saving For, Anyways? Our Life Goals and Retirement Plans

I've talked about this in bit and pieces under the Goals category, but I thought I should organize our life goals into one post. Hopefully, this will outline our priorities and shed some light on why we choose to do the things we do. First, I'd … [Read the rest]

Equity Asset Allocation: Comparison of 8 Model Portfolios

I'm still planning on reshaping my investments and continuing my choosing an asset allocation series, but Thanksgiving and work has thrown me off a bit. To skip ahead a bit, here are several sample asset allocations from various sources for the … [Read the rest]

Take Pride In Being Financially Different!

Recently, I ran across an article called the 5 Steps to Early Retirement. Written by a couple who retired at 38, here are they are: Track your spending. Save a lot. Invest wisely. Put peer pressure into perspective. Keep your eye on … [Read the rest]

Lending Club Review: Free $25 To Start, P2P Borrowing

Next up in the person-to-person lending showcase is Lending Club. I recently joined up because they were offering the carrot of $25 sign-on bonus, and I was curious to see how they differentiate themselves from Prosper Lending (review, $25 bonus). As … [Read the rest]

Zopa US Initial Review: A Credit Union Disguised As Person-to-Person Lending

Zopa US joined the person-to-person lending arena recently. From a potential lender's perspective, I was excited to see what they had to offer since Zopa has been operating in the U.K. for a while, and with several features that made them different … [Read the rest]

Considerations For Going Cell Phone Only

I mentioned that our family has been living with only a cell-phone for about half a year now. Here are some of the concerns that we had, and how we got over them. Our Current Setup We have two individual Sprint SERO plans that give us each 500 … [Read the rest]

December 2007 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

About My Credit Card Debt If you're a newer reader, you may have some concerns about my high levels of credit card debt. I'm actually taking money from 0% APR balance transfer offers and instead of spending it on junk, I am placing it in high yield … [Read the rest]

A Glimpse Into Our Arguments About House Buying

Here's a condensed update to our home-buying story. Our discussions about the subject have been going like this: Should we buy or rent? - We should just buy if we intend to live in it for a decade. Do you want a condo or a house? - A house. 3 … [Read the rest]

Free Domain Name, Free 1GB SD card, $25 Billpay Bonus

Here are some quick freebies and bonuses. Enjoy! Register.com is offering a free domain name (1 year) for small businesses. I couldn't think of a good name just now, but I went pretty far and didn't find any catches. Buy.com is offering a … [Read the rest]

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