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DIY Installation of Floating Engineered Hardwood Flooring

I'm happy to say that our hardwood floors are fully installed! The bulk of the credit has to go to my father-in-law, who while he has never installed any hardwood flooring before, provided the peripheral knowledge and common sense that is need in … [Read the rest]

Are We Headed For Financial Armageddon?

Like scary stories? I usually stay away from the horror movies section, but I was intrigued by the idea behind of Financial Armageddon: Protecting Your Future From Economic Collapse by Michael Panzer. This is a book about why our economic system … [Read the rest]

Peeking Inside The World of Financial Advisors

Have you ever considered becoming a professional financial advisor? You can read about one man's story in this article Evolution of an Investor from Conde Nast Portfolio. Blaine Lourd started out as a stockbroker, and found out he was really … [Read the rest]

Weekend Links: College, Jobs, and Junk

ISPF of GradMoneyMatters ponders whether parents should influence their children's college applications. It's a tough question, even if the parents refuse to pay, it's not easy for a kid to simply "pay for it themselves" because the current … [Read the rest]

Weekend Activity Idea: Estate Sale Treasure Hunting

There's always the weekly garage sales to dig through, but if you are after some higher quality furniture, antiques, or collectibles, this Money magazine article about estate sales suggests another option. Estate sales are similar to garage sales, … [Read the rest]

I Suppose I Should Buy Life Insurance Now…

Up until now, there are two reasons I don't have any privately-bought life insurance. For one, as I've mentioned nobody is actually dependent on my income. Wife is doing fine, don't have any kids yet. We also have 1x annual salary's worth of … [Read the rest]

Useful Information From Your Social Security Statement

I recently received a nice greenish pamphlet from the government, my Social Security Statement! I thought it would tell me how much to expect from them in retirement... instead it just says is that I haven't accumulated enough work credits to get … [Read the rest]

Ask The Readers: Wedding Gifts – How Do You Decide How Much To Give?

It's wedding season again, and we have a variety of weddings coming up from a mix of close friends, not-so-close friends, relatives, and co-workers. This is probably not polite conversation, but hey, I'm all about discussing otherwise taboo … [Read the rest]

Poll: Two Housing Petitions, What Is Your View?

I couldn't help but notice that two mortgage crisis petitions that people have sent me info about recently are pretty much in direct opposition of each other. Of course, both claim to represent the average middle-class citizen. No … [Read the rest]

Small Rewards Programs For Grocery Shopping

GroceryMiles If you shop at Safeway or one of their partner stores Dominick's, Vons, Pavilions, or Genuardis, you can get 125 United Airlines Mileage Plus miles per $250 spent. I've probably earned thousands of miles over the last few years. You … [Read the rest]

How’s The Housing Market In Your Neighborhood?

The slowdown continues in my neck of the woods - a recent house that had been stubbornly overpriced for over a year on my street (we actually made a verbal offer, but the seller wouldn't budge) finally sold for over $120,000 less than its initial … [Read the rest]

$100 Bonus + 0% APR for 12 Months For Discover Business Card

The new promotion from the Discover Business Card has some nice features... First, you can earn a $100 Cashback Bonus when you make $1000 in purchases within 3 months after your account is opened. You can get 5% back on office supplies, 2% on gas, up … [Read the rest]

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