April 2008 Investment Portfolio Snapshot

Since we just made our IRA contributions for 2007 recently and had made a few mutual fund exchanges, I figured this was a good time to post another portfolio snapshot. Since we have so many different accounts now, I changed the presentation layout a … [Read the rest]

What I Learned About Money In The 6th Grade…

Thanks for all the diverse and interesting insights on teaching kids about money, I learned quite a few things myself. As I was trying to think back and remember what I personally learned - or wish I learned - about money in 6th grade, a couple of … [Read the rest]

Help A 6th Grade Teacher With Financial Education?

I received this intriguing e-mail yesterday from reader Ryan: I am a 6th grade teacher who wants to do a month long lesson on financial education. I was wondering if you have any thoughts and/or ideas as to what you think should be stressed at … [Read the rest]

ThankYou Points: Double Your Redemption Rate With The Fixed Flight Option

If you have a Citibank credit card and are collecting ThankYou points, you are probably familiar with the various gift cards available at approximately a 1 point to 1 cent ratio, or 10,000 points = $100 gift card. You may even be familiar with the … [Read the rest]

Series I Savings Bonds: Inflation Numbers Released, Time To Buy?

Well, the CPI-U that I recently questioned went up 0.9% in March alone. I guess you can't hide everything. ;) So, is it time to buy some Series I bonds? First, refer back to this earlier post for a primer as well as some background information. … [Read the rest]

Considerations in Do-It-Yourself Hardwood Flooring

I am now the proud owner of over $7,000 in hardwood flooring. It cost as much as my car! We charged it to our Citi Cash Returns card in order to grab the extra cashback at the time, which saved us another $350 on top of the $400 we got back last … [Read the rest]

Does The Government Underestimate Inflation Through The Consumer Price Index (CPI)?

Many people, including myself, are worried about inflation. Is it just because of the current housing and stock market conditions, or are our bills really a lot higher than before? The inflation numbers that we usually hear about are based on the … [Read the rest]

SmartyPig Review: With Less Fees, Are Piggy Banks Back?

When I first heard of SmartyPig, it sounded like a pretty cool idea. Give us back the piggy banks we had as kids, but make it virtual and public so that others can help directly with our goal. But a bunch of fees made it expensive and my … [Read the rest]

Links: Wisdom, Hope, Knowledge Edition

More posts from other bloggers that also hopefully made me wiser and smarter: Millionaire Mommy Next Door reminds us that there is more than one right answer on how to get rich. Lots of wisdom here. While I'm reading all these financial books, … [Read the rest]

Sweat Equity: Removing Old Carpet Yourself

We bought a house with some flaws, and one of them was this shag carpet complete with old pet stains. Before we can install our desired hardwood flooring, we had to remove the dirt magnet. After asking around, the price for professional carpet … [Read the rest]

TrueEarnings Card from Costco and American Express – Rewards Card Review

Here's another solid all-around rewards credit card that is much better than all those generic 1% back cards out there. The TrueEarnings® Card from Costco and American Express offers the following: 3% cash back at U.S. gas stations and on … [Read the rest]

Why Buy and Hold Investing Is Simple, But Not Easy

The strategy of Buy & Hold Investing has a lot of followers (including me), and one of it's touted benefits is that it is a simple way to invest. In the case of passive investors, it primarily involves picking and maintaining an asset … [Read the rest]

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