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FDIC Insurance Q&A: Businesses, Joint Accounts, CDARS, WaMu, and More

I've had a lot of questions about FDIC insurance recently (for obvious reasons), and have been getting a good share via e-mail as well. Took some research to find all the answers, but here they are: Will multiple accounts at the same bank, like … [Read the rest]

Ask The Readers: Is This Affordable Housing Opportunity A Good Deal?

Despite the drop in housing prices in many areas, I have still been noticing an increase in "affordable" housing projects that are meant for people earning around the median income level - not only low-income households. Even back in 2005, for … [Read the rest]

IndyMac Bank Failure Highlights: Another FDIC Insurance Example

Well, it finally happened. IndyMac Bank has been taken over by the FDIC, becoming the second-largest financial institution failure in U.S. history. I've been reading a bunch of new stories about it, and here are what I think are the … [Read the rest]

FNBO Direct Video Contest: $10 For Most, $500 For Top 20

Back in June, online bank FNBO Direct launched a video contest called the Pay Yourself First Challenge where users are asked to submit a short YouTube clip about what you are saving for. The first 500 entrants get a $10 Amazon.com gift card, … [Read the rest]

New Bonuses: Bank of America $75, PNC Bank $100

Here are some sign-up bonuses for bank accounts. Both seem to be for new bank customers. Thanks to Neerav and Mike. Bank of America is offering a $75 bonus for opening a MyAccess checking account online. No monthly maintenance fee, no minimum … [Read the rest]

United Rentals (URI) Stock Tender Offer: A Calculated Gamble

Yesterday, I bought 99 shares of United Rentals (ticker URI) stock for $19.81 per share, in the hopes that the company will buy it back from me next week for $22. Huh? Quick Background Sometimes companies choose to buy back their own shares for a … [Read the rest]

One Way To Track Your Progress Towards Financial Independence

Another more conventional definition of financial freedom is when you have "passive" income that covers your expenses so that you no longer have to work. Usually, this comes from paper investments like stocks, bonds, or annuities. In the book … [Read the rest]

DayDreaming Again About Early Retirement

There's nothing like going back to work on a Monday after a nice long holiday weekend to make you daydream about leaving the rat race behind. I would like to think that I am already on the path to early retirement, but I often like to hash out "The … [Read the rest]

Earn 9,999 Delta SkyMiles With 1-Day Car Rental

If you collect Delta SkyMiles like I do, here is a peculiar offer from Delta and Avis/Budget. You can actually earn 9,999 bonus miles for making a single car rental: Now through August 1, 2008, you can earn 9,999 bonus miles on your next rental … [Read the rest]

How To Save Money By Making Your Own Homemade Fireworks

First, you will need to find some industrial fertilizer and plain sugar to make some flash powder. Next, you should make sure your fire extinguisher is properly maintained and filled. Okay, so I'm kidding. Perhaps we should just stick to … [Read the rest]

July 2008 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

Credit Card Debt If you're a new reader, let me start out as usual by explaining the credit card debt. I'm actually taking money from 0% APR balance transfer offers and instead of spending it, I am placing it in high-yield savings accounts that … [Read the rest]

Good Chance at Free Movie Ticket Giveaway

Entenmann's Bakery is having a "Summer Movie Moments" Giveaway where you have a good chance at winning a free movie ticket. I say a very good chance because my sister, my wife, and I all won free movie tickets on the first try. Perfect for the … [Read the rest]

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