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Scottrade Referral Code: 7 Free Trades

Through October 31st, 2008, the referral bonus from Scottrade is now worth 7 free trades (instead of the usual 3) when you open an account with at least $500. At $7 per trade, that's worth nearly $50. If you need a referral code, please me … [Read the rest]

Should Home Ownership Be The Dream?

Now to the bigger picture... As of today, the U.S. government is the largest mortgage lender in the country. And that means, if things continue to go badly in the housing market, you and I as taxpayers get to pay for bad mortgages! Hurray! … [Read the rest]

Fannie & Freddie Failure = Mortgage Rates Drop By 0.5%

I'm still on several mortgage brokers' e-mail lists, and it appears that the government takeover of Fannie Mae is a glimmer of sunshine in what has probably been a very bleak few months for them. The message: Mortgage rates have dropped by around 50 … [Read the rest]

September 2008 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

Finally got around to adding up the numbers for the last month: Credit Card Debt If you're a new reader, let me start out as usual by explaining the credit card debt. I'm actually taking money from 0% APR balance transfer offers and instead … [Read the rest]

Follow-Ups: WaMu 5% CD, Chest Freezers Everywhere

High-Yield Bank CD Washington Mutual has brought back their 5% APY 12-month CD for another week, which had previously dipped to 4.5% APY. If this fits your needs, don't miss it this time around. Chest Freezers Apparently, I was not alone in … [Read the rest]

Links: Chasing Shrinking Potato Peelers Edition

Here are some recent links from fellow bloggers that made my cursor pause... Grad Money Matters ponders when to stop chasing money? How do we know at what point when we need to slow down? Good question. Wisebread offers up some cheap … [Read the rest]

Biweekly Mortgage Payment Plan: BiSaver vs. Do It Yourself

Most homeowners know that they have the option to pay more than their required monthly mortgage note, which will directly reduce the principal. Assuming there is no prepayment penalty, due to the power of compound interest (backwards?) this can … [Read the rest]

For Sale: 250 sq. ft. Condo for $279,000

Heard some buzz today about some tiny new condos: Via SFGate: Home, small home: 250 square feet in SoMa New condo development targets young first-time buyers without too much stuff It's about the size of seven ping-pong tables - and all … [Read the rest]

Motivational Mental Accounting: Work More, Play More?

After a busy long weekend*, I am now a PADI Open Water "certified diver". It was nice to check off a "To-Do Before You Die" item, although it did cost nearly $500 if you include all the related costs. The cool thing was that while talking with … [Read the rest]

Archives: Useful Homebrew Financial Calculators

If have to repeatedly have to make a calculation and I can't find it elsewhere to my liking, I usually try and make my own calculator to save time in the future. Below are links to ones that I still use regularly, I wanted to point them out because … [Read the rest]

Helping Mom Transfer Old 401(k) To Vanguard IRA

My mom is trying to organize and simplify her financial accounts, which I applaud. A major part of this is to finally move her orphaned 401(k)s and IRAs into one location. I recommended Vanguard, since that's where all my IRAs are. She was okay … [Read the rest]

5% APY 12-Month CD From Washington Mutual

WaMu has rolled out a new 5% APY 12-month CD, which is a very high yield for that term length. Yes, WaMu has had some issues like other banks, but I've already explained why I am sticking with them as long as I'm under the FDIC insurance … [Read the rest]