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Weekend Reading: Work, Recipes, Quizzes, & More

Some quick links from my weekend reading: Cutbacks and the Value of Time OverTheCubicleWall is being offered a voluntary work reduction to 32 hours per week. Would you take such an offer if presented to you? It's an interesting question. I … [Read the rest]

Calvin & Hobbes On Bailouts

Read into it how you like. :) Via The Big Picture. Click the image below for full size. Ah, the timeless creations of Bill Watterson. I own all of the Calvin & Hobbes collections, though I haven't read them in a long time. Definitely … [Read the rest]

MyMoneyBlog 2009 Upcoming Financial Projects

While Suze Orman has her Action Plan, I have also been thinking of my own. The first is general but the rest should be good blog fodder. They also fit into the concept of Kaizen and continuous improvement. Not really resolutions... I just want … [Read the rest]

Suze Orman ‘Save Yourself Plan’ TD Ameritrade Offer

Updated: The SaveYourself Plan and partnership with TD Ameritrade appears to have ended. Suze Orman is still offering her "Save Yourself Plan" in conjunction with TD Ameritrade, although the offer is not as good as it was before. Previously, you … [Read the rest]

Suze Orman’s 2009 Action Plan Book: Free Download

Suze Orman was on The Oprah Show today, and is promoting her new book Suze Orman's 2009 Action Plan by offering as a free PDF on Oprah's site. Here is the download link. Expires in a week on 1/15. Thanks to reader Anthony for the tip. I haven't … [Read the rest]

More Inactive Credit Cards Being Closed: Protect Your FICO Credit Score

If you haven't heard already, several large credit card issuers (Chase, Washington Mutual, Citibank, Capital One, HSBC) are currently closing millions of consumers' credit cards without prior warning due to inactivity. This is their legal right, but … [Read the rest]

January 2009 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

Credit Card Debt I have no actual consumer debt. In the past, I have been taking money from credit cards at 0% APR and immediately placing it into high-yield savings accounts or similar safe investments that earn 5% interest or more, and keeping … [Read the rest]

More Lessons From The 2008 Financial Markets

Larry Swedroe, principal of an asset management company and investment book author, also posted his Lessons That 2008 Taught Us In 2008 on SeekingAlpha. It was a nice compilation that covered a variety of topics from active management to Madoff to … [Read the rest]

2008 Investment Portfolio Review: Numbers and Lessons

Vacation is over, bring on 2009! Time for a quick look back. Instead of accounting for all my various cashflows, I decided to first review how the individual mutual funds in my investment portfolio did during 2008. (Data taken from Morningstar.) … [Read the rest]

WTDirect and MyCorporation Promos Ending

Few more quick reminders: The WTDirect $250 Winter Bonus offer ends 12/31. The MyCorporation Free Corporation/LLC Filing Service offer ends 12/31 has been extended to January 2009. The California 529 $50 Gift Card offer ends 12/31. … [Read the rest]

Tax-Loss Harvesting For Buy & Hold Mutual Funds and ETFs

Always the procrastinator, I finally sold some shares of my punished mutual funds and ETFs in order to do some tax-loss harvesting. There are only two days left in 2008! What is Tax-Loss Harvesting? The main idea of this tactic is to legally … [Read the rest]

Discover Business Card $100 Bonus – Expires 12/31

The $100 bonus promotion from the Discover Business Card is going away on December 31st. You can earn a $100 Cashback Bonus when you make $1000 in purchases within 3 months after your account is opened. In addition, there is 0% APR on purchases … [Read the rest]

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