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Add More Money Your Roth IRA – Undo and Redo Contributions After Losses?

So you listened to the financial experts and dutifully contributed $5,000 to your Roth IRA in early 2008. Unfortunately, stuff hit the fan and now you're left with a lot less. Wouldn't it be nice to be able to find some silver lining and shield … [Read the rest]

Free Equifax FICO Score Redux

Looks like Equifax and FICO are giving out another 10,000 free FICO scores (expired!). Again... no credit card or trial required. This is an official FICO score based on your Equifax credit file. Score only, no credit report. This time you don't … [Read the rest]

Historical Federal Tax Rates by Income Group

In my last post on 2009 marginal tax rates, reader Alexandria (aka MonkeyMama) made a very good point that planning our retirements around future tax brackets is very difficult as they change all the time. But isn't that what we are forced to do … [Read the rest]

2009 Marginal Rate Brackets For Federal Income Tax

For personal reference, there are the new 2009 federal income tax brackets, which have been adjusted for inflation. This is taxable income, so it is after any exemptions and either standard or itemized deductions have taken place, as well as pre-tax … [Read the rest]

Undo/Redo Traditional to Roth IRA Conversion After Market Losses

If you did a Traditional IRA to Roth IRA conversion in 2008, and have since suffered some significant losses, you may want to consider undoing the conversion now that it is 2009. Then, as long as you wait 30 days after that and still qualify, you … [Read the rest]

Free FICO Score For Joining MyFico Forums is offering a free credit score to members of their discussion forum. New visitors can register instantly and grab your score. No credit card or trial required. This is an official FICO score based on your Equifax credit file. Score only, … [Read the rest]

How *Not* To Handle A Bank Error In Your Favor

I still get a regular stream of comments on my old post on handling a bank error in your favor. Many are people who also got some money by accident and are looking for advice. Then I saw this AP article "Pa. couple spent windfall from bank error" … [Read the rest]

$200 Savings Bond Bonus for Checking Account at Wainwright Bank

Wainwright Bank, a regional bank based in Massachusetts, is offering a $200 Series EE U.S. Savings Bond when you open a new Value Checking account and have direct deposit. $10 minimum to open, and no minimum balance with direct deposit. Wainwright … [Read the rest]

Free Fully-Licensed Software:

Here's another creative idea for a website. lets you download a fully-licensed, no-trial, no-shareware version of some neat software. The catch is that it is only available for one day, during which you must both download and … [Read the rest]

Stock Market Performance During Recessions

Stumbled across another interesting chart from Fidelity Investments showing stock market performance during and after previous recessions: Found via the Financial Philosopher, who stated: Now that we are "officially" in a Recession, what … [Read the rest]

Subscribe to Daily Updates Via RSS or E-mail

If you like what you read here, I just wanted to remind everyone that they can subscribe to my content feed and get new entries sent daily to your e-mail address or RSS reader. (It's free!) Click here for all the subscription options or simply … [Read the rest]

How To Protect Your Home Equity Lines of Credit (HELOC) From Being Frozen: Max It Out?

When I bought our house, I considered setting up a home equity line of credit (HELOC) for primarily for emergencies. For a while there were a bunch of deals that offered no application fees, no closings costs, and no annual fee. Why not have a … [Read the rest]

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