Zecco Gives Unlimited Free Stock and Options Trades in October

Apparently Zecco.com, a start-up brokerage where I keep most of my "play money", didn't do so well during the last week. People report having problems logging into their accounts due to all the market turbulence. I was luckily not affected, as I … [Read the rest]

Bank Bonuses: Citibank, Bank of West, Provident Bank

Citibank You get a $100 bonus when you open an eligible Citi checking account with $1,000 and complete one direct deposit or repeated billpay usage. New customers only. Seems also to be for Citi credit card holders only. Within the first month … [Read the rest]

WaMu Raises Savings Rate to 4.00% APY

Washington Mutual has raised the rate on their Online Savings + Free Checking combo to 4.0% APY. This is now the highest of the no-minimum no-fee savings accounts. Curiously, HSBC Direct actually dropped their rate to 3.25% APY earlier this … [Read the rest]

How We Tried To Save Money On A Trip To Spain

The tickets are booked and hotel reservations are made for our trip to Spain. Of course, all this economic turmoil makes me a bit nervous, but the fact that we finally finished saving up for our 6-month Emergency Fund makes me much more comfortable. … [Read the rest]

Travel and Money: Best Way To Get Cash, Best Credit Cards, and Safety Concerns

I wouldn't say my wife and I are well-traveled, but we do try and experience other cultures whenever we can. Given work constraints and Corporate America's hatred of vacations (2 weeks a year??), we are lucky if we can manage one trip per year. … [Read the rest]

Want To Bail On Your Stocks? Answer 2 Questions First.

In response to a few reader questions, all relating to moving their investments into something safer: Question #1: Why do you really want to sell? Can you predict future movements of the stock market? I can't. If you could, then you should … [Read the rest]

September 2008 Investment Portfolio Update

Given recent events, I suppose I should take a look at how my investments are doing. I am also planning to make some large-ish 401k contributions and need to figure out which asset classes to buy in order to rebalance my portfolio. … [Read the rest]

Money Market Fund Breaks The Buck: What’s Safe Now??

One of the largest and first money market mutual funds ever has broken the buck yesterday. The Primary Fund, run by The Reserve, with $65 Billion in assets, saw it's per-share price drop from the standard $1 to 97 cents, due to it's holdings of … [Read the rest]

Financial Meltdown Explained: Greed, Leverage, and Keeping Up With The Joneses

Yesterday on CNBC, the Bank of America CEO Ken Lewis talked about the financial meltdown. He pinned on a few things: greed, leverage, and keeping up with the Joneses. Lots of homeowners out there are in trouble with their mortgages. Some got … [Read the rest]

Is Money The Secret To A Happy Marriage?

The New York Times had an article this weekend called The Key to Wedded Bliss? Money Matters*. It was kind of hit and miss for me, but I did like one particular quote: “A lot of the debates people have about money are code for how we want to … [Read the rest]

Stock Chart Simulator: Would You Make A Good Day-Trader?

Have you ever daydreamed about becoming a daytrader? Sitting at home in your pajamas, making some clicks here and there, and making money out of nothing. Much of daytrading is based on technical analysis, of which Wikipedia says: Technical … [Read the rest]

Rule of Thumb For Reasonable Housing Costs?

In an earlier post on motivating myself to work harder, I had thrown out a piece of "common" financial advice: Spend less than 30% of income on housing. It was really just an afterthought, but I got a bunch of e-mails about it. Where did you … [Read the rest]

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