401(k) Failures: Over Last 20 Years, The Average Investor Did Worse Than Cash

These days, not too many people are singing the praises of their 401(k) plans. They have been called failures, with many having hidden fees and poor investment choices. But I was reading a Scott Burns article that had an different take on things: … [Read the rest]

Bank of America Overdraft Fee Class Action Settlement

Time for another class-action lawsuit. This time, Bank of America and its affiliated banks are putting up $35 million to settle accusations of doing various naughty things to boost their revenues in the form of overdraft fees (AKA insufficient funds … [Read the rest]

Save Money By Sitting Closer To The TV?

Sorry for the lack of posting, I am actually at a conference in Park City, Utah this week. Add in that fact that my computer is now giving me the blue-screen-of-death, and I've been somewhat disabled. Looks like it's time for a fresh Windows … [Read the rest]

Free Tax Filing Software Options: IRS, TurboTax, TaxCut, TaxACT

Due to a combination of owning a corporation, moving mid-year, and all the residency and payroll rules attached to assigning incomes between states, we are hiring a CPA this year. This MSN Money article says that 62% of Americans pay a professional … [Read the rest]

Best Free Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware Software

I wasted last night trying to deal with a pretty nasty virus/spyware/malware/trojan or whatever they are calling it these days on my computer. I watched it shut down my computer right in front of my eyes without any input from me. Upon restart, I … [Read the rest]

February 2009 Financial Status / Net Worth Update

I pretty much have a general feeling of malaise right now. Hiring freeze at one job, big group meeting about how "we don't have to worry about layoffs... right now" at the other. And now it's time to look at my incredibly shrinking net worth... … [Read the rest]

Zecco Brokerage Raises Minimum Requirements For Free Trades

Zecco Trading announced on Friday via e-mail that they will be raising the minimum requirements to receive free trades on their accounts starting next month. Thanks to everyone who also alerted me. Dear Zecco Trading client, I'm writing to tell … [Read the rest]

$7,500 Credit For First-Time Homebuyers May Not Have To Be Paid Back

Since my post on the $7,500 tax credit for first-time home buyers has over 225 comments and growing, I thought I should point out that both the current House and Senate versions of the Obama Stimulus bill remove the requirement to pay back the credit … [Read the rest]

What’s Inside Your Target Date or LifeCycle Retirement Fund?

I ran across a BusinessWeek article today about retirement plans in 2008 from top 401(k) provider Fidelity Investments. It stated that although the average retirement account balance fell a whopping 27% to $50,200 last year, people actually … [Read the rest]

Bought a OBD II Code Reader for Check Engine Light

Several months ago my "check engine" light went on. I went to my local mechanic, who plugged in a code scanner and found my error. Since it didn't re-appear after resetting, he said he could try to fix it ($$$) or I could just leave it and it might … [Read the rest]

Our Current Simple-and-Steady Budgeting System

For the past several months, we've been using a crude but effective way of tracking our overall spending each month. The basic idea is that we only put the amount of money we actually want to spend into our primary checking account, and then pay all … [Read the rest]

FaceBook Advertising Coupon Codes: Free $300+ In Ads

If you have a website that you would like to promote, there are several coupon codes out there that can get you a free $200+ in credit towards Facebook Ads (update: codes are expired). In addition, if you join the Visa Business Network and install … [Read the rest]

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