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INGCompareMe: How Do YOU Compare With Others Financially?

Here's another comparison site to waste some Friday afternoon time on - INGCompareMe.com. From their press release - "INGCompareMe makes it possible for anyone to see where they stand in relation to others on a wide range of saving, spending, … [Read the rest]

Brightscope: How Does Your Company’s 401k Plan Compare?

Even though most people I know are too scared to even look at their 401(k) statements right now, have you ever thought about how well your company's plan stacks up to other similar companies? The problem is that 401(k) plans lack transparency. … [Read the rest]

$750B From Federal Reserve = Mortgage Rates Dropping To Historic Lows Again?

The market news from yesterday was that the Federal Reserve announced that it would buy $300 billion of long-term Treasury bonds, along with an addition $750 billion in mortgage-backed securities. My mortgage broker sent out a corresponding e-mail … [Read the rest]

Is Your State Prepaid Tuition 529 Plan Really Safe?

I have thought about signing up for a prepaid tuition plan, as I am leaning towards conservative investments for college savings. Lock-in tuition now, and don't worry about future hikes. However, it appears that even though 18 states have pre-paid … [Read the rest]

The Movement To Bring Back Victory Gardens

We're still in the middle of slowly landscaping our yard ourselves, but we decided to go ahead and start a small container garden on the porch. (Okay, dear wife did. Even weeds die when I touch them.) While doing research for this, I stumbled … [Read the rest]

Blog Roundup: Murphy’s Law Edition

The overall theme of this links roundup is dealing with unexpected events and the resulting expenses. If it can go wrong, it probably will, and most likely at an inconvenient time. Here are some fellow bloggers who have also had a not-so-great … [Read the rest]

Jim Cramer Sputters On The Daily Show

The entire Jim Cramer interview with Jon Stewart last night are now up on TheDailyShow.com. It's split up into a few parts, here is the first one: It was kind of fun to see Cramer squirm a little bit (deny everything!), but I think most … [Read the rest]

Walking Out On My Mortgage? My View

Here's my personal response to my question: Would You Ever Walk Away From Your Mortgage? I didn't initially mean to make this a separate post, but it ended up being a bit long. Ethics are always a fuzzy area and very difficult to explore clearly on … [Read the rest]

Jim Cramer v. Jon Stewart: The Feud Continues…

If you don't watch The Daily Show regularly, you may have missed more "drama" between Jim Cramer and Jon Stewart after the TDS roasted CNBC last week. Cramer responded by saying his words were taken out of context. Jon Stewart responds, saying … [Read the rest]

Poll: Would You Ever Walk Away From Your Mortgage?

In order to qualify for federal loan modification assistance, your mortgage balance can be no larger than 105% of the appraised value of your home. So what if your house's value dropped so much that you owe more than that? (This is referred to as … [Read the rest]

Do I Qualify For Loan Modification? The New Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan

I've been reading through the details of the new Homeowner Affordability and Stability Plan, which is letting lenders modify mortgages as of March 4th. Most of the information is collected here, where you can find a fact sheet, a two-page summary of … [Read the rest]

MicroPlace Review: Earn a 5% Return and Help Fight Poverty Too?

"A billion people around the world work hard every day to lift themselves out of poverty. They don't want your charity. They want your investment. Invest today, earn a return, provide them with a livelihood." - Microplace.com homepage. Sounds … [Read the rest]

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