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Access Morningstar X-Ray, Portfolio Management Tools For Free

Morningstar.com has a bunch of helpful tools for managing your investment portfolio. Many of them are free, but some require you to be a member. Premium membership is not cheap at $174 a year ($115 with Fidelity account), although you do get … [Read the rest]

Become a KGB Special Agent: Text Message 411 Service

Here's another find for the Bored Money category, which are ways to earn some money on the side that aren't really high-paying on a per-hour basis, but aren't bad if you're just bored. KGB, short for Knowledge Generation Bureau, is a … [Read the rest]

WaMu Free Checking is now Chase Free Extra Checking

More changes... WaMu bank accounts are gradually being converted into Chase accounts, and customers will have to log in at Chase.com with new usernames. Mine is switching over May 22nd. The popular WaMu Free Checking account becomes the Chase Free … [Read the rest]

Bank of America Raises Fees on Checking Accounts

I recently received a pamphlet about the "improvements" that Bank of America is making on several of their checking accounts. But after reading through it, all I see are a bunch of small fee increases. For example, many people have the MyAccess … [Read the rest]

Free Personalized Hallmark Card For Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is May 10th. Get off your lazy bum and send Mom a card! Actually, since you can do this all online and they'll even ship it for you... go ahead and stay on your lazy bum. Hallmark is offering a free personalized paper card, and … [Read the rest]

Citi Forward Card Review + Rewards Summary

I ended up applying for the Citi Forward® Card mentioned several days ago. It ends up being great card for those who want the best rewards on eating out at restaurant and buying anything at Amazon.com. Here's why... This card works off the same … [Read the rest]

Reminder: U.S. Savings Bonds Purchase Deadline

Just thought I'd mention that I used TreasuryDirect today to purchase another $5,000 of Series I savings bonds. If you buy them by the end of April, you can lock in an investment that will get you about 3.08% APR over 11 months. The deadline is … [Read the rest]

Should I Buy Gold Now To Hedge Against Future Inflation?

Due to the current market conditions, many investors are wondering if investments in gold should be added to their portfolios to hedge against future inflation risks. In the video below (direct link), author Larry Swedroe discusses why he thinks gold … [Read the rest]

My Cash Transfer Hub: E-Trade Complete Savings Account

If you have your cash spread out across several bank accounts, whether it's to help with chasing higher interest rates, paranoia, or saving for different goals, it can become quite a hassle to transfer money between accounts. I get asked all the time … [Read the rest]

Amortization Schedules and Principal Prepayment, Part 2: Verification

Yesterday in Part 1, we talked about the basics of amortization and mortgage prepayment. In this post, I just wanted to share some other interesting results I got when tinkering around with the amortization schedule. Are you always paying the … [Read the rest]

Free Schick Quattro Trimmer / X-Men Movie Promo

Request yet another free razor sample. … [Read the rest]

Amortization Schedules and Principal Prepayment, Part 1: Shortening a 30-Year Mortgage Into 15

I've been tinkering around with my mortgage. Have you ever wondered how the monthly payment was determined? It's called amortization. An amortization schedule is a way to make equal payments over a period of time, but have the payments split … [Read the rest]

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