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Goldstar: Half-Off Local Events In 8 Major Cities

Feeling the recession, but still want to get out of the house? You might consider signing up for Goldstar, which helps you to "Go out more". They offer half-price tickets on plays, concerts, sporting events, and museum exhibits. So far, it … [Read the rest]

Free Wireless Internet Access at Barnes and Noble

Barnes & Noble bookstores and AT&T are now offering free wireless internet access to everyone. You can use this storefinder to see which ones have free Wi-Fi. Seems like they are now promoting their own e-Books as well through the service. Via … [Read the rest]

EPA Changes MPG Ratings Last-Minute For Cash For Clunkers

In my post Does My Car Qualify For Cash for Clunkers?, one of the major requirements was that the car must have a combined fuel economy of 18 mpg or less, according to FuelEconomy.gov. Many people have been complaining that their old car gets … [Read the rest]

Rental Property vs. REZ Residential Index ETF

Many people see owning a rental property as a ticket to prosperity. But wouldn't it be nice if you could simply own an interest in a rental property, but not have any of the accompanying hassles? I'm far from an expert in this field, but let's … [Read the rest]

Jamba Juice Buy One Get One Free Coupon

Jamba Juice just sent me this buy 1 get 1 free coupon. Expires 8/9. Good for those overheating states right now! Yes, it is overpriced fruit. … [Read the rest]

Steal This Book

How do you read a book that you can't buy in bookstores or find in libraries... because people keep stealing them since the title is Steal This Book? Even used copies are selling for double the retail list price. By reading a ripped off copy on … [Read the rest]

Why Social Security Is Going Broke: Two Simple Charts

In 1940, the required age to receive full benefits from Social Security was 65. According to chart below, most people didn't even reach 65 at that time. Today, average life expectancies are over 11 years longer (and still rising), yet the full … [Read the rest]

The Hawthorne Effect and Better Money Management

I was reading an article in Wired Magazine about improving one's health with new personal metrics devices such as the Nike+iPod kit, which is a neat device that helps you easily track and records details about your running. Did you know that all it … [Read the rest]

Warning: Banks Automatically Renew CDs Upon Maturity, 7-Day Grace Periods

It's hard to believe that back in August 2008, I was able to get a 5% APY 12-month CD from Washington Mutual (now Chase). Since it's almost time, I called today to see if I could designate how I wanted the funds to be disbursed upon maturity. … [Read the rest]

Should Home Equity Be Part Of Your Portfolio Asset Allocation?

When people talk about asset allocation, they usually refer to the relative amount of stocks or bonds in their portfolio (like the model portfolios shown here). But I am occasionally asked whether to include personal home equity in asset allocation. … [Read the rest]

Outliers: Hard Work, Luck, and Success

Why do some people exceed far more than others? This is the question asked by the book Outliers: The Story of Success by Malcolm Gladwell. The short book argues that most people erroneously believe that very successful people are primarily … [Read the rest]

myFICO Coupon: 25% to 30% off Codes

Update February 2011: Use coupon code FICO25 for 25% off! Here's a newly released coupon for 25% off real FICO scores at myFICO.com. Use the promotional code FICOHELP25 to get 25% off, the best discount currently available: Update: For the … [Read the rest]



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