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Never Worth It? Overdraft Protection, Student Loan Assistance, and Payment Accelerators

A lot of financial articles are all about optimizing or finding the "best". The best bank account, best credit card, best mutual fund, etc. However, this CurrentAffairs.org article Nothing For Money takes a different perspective. They outline … [Read the rest]

TurboTax Absolute Zero ($0 Fed, $0 State w/ E-File For Simple Filers) Ends 3/15

TurboTax.com has their "Absolute Zero promotion" again this year where simple filers can get Federal + State + Federal eFile + State eFile all for $0. You must qualify for IRS Forms Form 1040A or 1040EZ – that means taxable income of $100,000 or … [Read the rest]

Earn United Miles at BP Gas Stations (200 Mile Bonus + Keep Miles Active)

BP Driver Rewards and United Airlines have a new partnership where you can earn United miles on fuel purchases at BP stations. Earn 200 bonus award miles after joining and making your first fuel purchase with a linked debit or credit card. … [Read the rest]

NYT Financial Tuneup Day 6: Property Insurance

Day 6 of the NY Times 7-Day Financial Tuneup is about insurance. Specifically, either homeowner's or renter's insurance to protect yourself against a large financial hit. (Sign up for your own personalized tune-up here.) Do a home inventory. … [Read the rest]

NYT Financial Tuneup Day 5: Your Credit Reports

Day 5 of the NY Times 7-Day Financial Tuneup is about your credit reports. (Yes, I've been taking this at my own pace. Sign up for your own personalized tune-up here.) This one felt a bit basic, so I also recommended a bunch of additional sites … [Read the rest]

From Retired Couple Next Door to Lottery-Hacking Millionaires

Back in 2011, a Boston Globe article came out about how a few folks repeatedly won tens of thousands of dollars on a Massachusetts lottery ticket game due to how the jackpot rolled over if it went unclaimed long enough. Essentially, at certain times … [Read the rest]

Sharonview Federal Credit Union: 64-Month CD at 4% APY

(Update: As of 3/10/18, this offer is expired. If you opened a Sharonview membership by the end of business (5pm ET) on Friday 3/9, you should be able to fund your certificate if done soon. I would them for details, they have been quite … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – March 2018

We just helped an older relative renew a 12-month CD at her local bank branch for 0.30% APY. She had no need nor desire to move it elsewhere for a higher interest rate. I suppose this partially explains the piddly rates that many traditional banks … [Read the rest]

NYT Financial Tuneup Day 4: Retirement

Day 4 of the NY Times 7-Day Financial Tuneup is about retirement. (Sign up for your own personalized tune-up here.) This assumes you are eligible for a 401(k) or similar retirement plan. The key action point is bumping up your retirement … [Read the rest]

Berkshire Hathaway 2017 Annual Letter by Warren Buffett

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK) has released its 2017 Letter to Shareholders. Instead of reading various media coverage about one aspect, I recommend reading the entire thing straight from the source. It's only 17 pages long and (as always) written in a … [Read the rest]

Ikigai – Finding Your “Reason For Being”

I stumbled across the concept of ikigai in Japanese culture - loosely translated as "reason for being" - in this Medium post. The Venn diagram above appears to be taken from this Toronto Star article (which is based on another work, and so on...). … [Read the rest]

NYT Financial Tuneup Day 3: Apply For a Better Credit Card

Day 3 of my NY Times 7-Day Financial Tuneup is called Find the Best Credit Card for You. (Sign up for your own personalized tune-up for full details.) The key again is to actually apply for a better card, not just think about it and then keep your … [Read the rest]



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