David Swensen’s Updated Model Asset Allocation

If you don't know the name David Swensen, he is an investment manager who is best know for managing Yale Universities huge endowment. What makes him interesting is that even though he does invest in some hedge funds and private equity, he doesn't … [Read the rest]

Ask The Readers: Favorite Personal Finance Apps for iPhone & iPod Touch?

No, I didn't get an iPhone. But I did get an iPod Touch over Thanksgiving weekend. (Hurray for Amazon matching Apple Store Black Friday prices!) I know, I know, as a financial blogger I'm supposed to shun such trendy toys, but it was a gift! My … [Read the rest]

What is the FDIC Transaction Account Guarantee Program?

You may have gotten a notice from your bank recently stating something like "Effective January 1, 2010 Your Bank will no longer be participating in the FDIC Transaction Account Guarantee Program." Citibank is opting out, along with over 1,000 other … [Read the rest]

80% off Restaurant.com: $25 Certificates for $2

Restaurant.com is offering a 80% off with the coupon code SAVE, resulting in a $25 "certificate" for just $2. Offer good until end of today, November 30th. I just checked it and it still works: Despite my initial skepticism about these things, … [Read the rest]

$10 Off $100 in Gift Cards at Kroger Stores

Kroger and affiliated stores are offering $10 off for every $100 in selected gift cards bought until December 13, 2009. Limit five $10 rewards per household, need to have shopper's card. Participating stores include City Market, Dillons, Jay C, … [Read the rest]

Taleb’s Thanksgiving Turkey

[image credit] I'm still in a tryptophan coma, but here's a timely mention of the story of the turkey from Nassim Taleb's book The Black Swan which I am (supposed to be) reading. The following excerpt is taken from the transcript of a Charlie … [Read the rest]

Free $3 in Amazon MP3 Downloads

Amazon.com is offering $3 in free MP3 downloads with the code MP34FREE. No purchase required. See directions and details at this link. It should increase your gift card balance by $3, but the may be restricted to music purchases only. You must … [Read the rest]

Ditch Cable Experiment #1: Over-The-Air (OTA) HDTV Antenna

I've decided to go without cable TV for at least 6 months from January 1st, 2010. I actually don't mind paying for cable that much, it is simply an entertainment expense and given the overall convenience, not that expensive in my mind (especially if … [Read the rest]

Worth A Try: 1 Free Month of Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime, in case you don't know, is a premium service where you get free 2nd-day shipping on most items with no minimum order amount, even if you're just spending $5. Very convenient, especially since not all items qualify for the "Free Super … [Read the rest]

Gift Idea: Costco Membership Certificates w/ $50 in Free Costco Coupons

Update: Costco is no longer allowing me to sell these certificates. Sorry! I was walking through Costco today and saw that they starting to promote the Costco memberships as gifts for the holidays. I got one last year, and I thought it was a … [Read the rest]

Follow-Up: Google VoiceMail Now Works With Sprint

Just a quick note that Sprint conditional call forwarding is now free of charge. This means that Sprint customers can now forward all busy and unanswered phone calls to Google Voice without incurring the previous $.20/minute for conditional call … [Read the rest]

Costco Auto Buying Program Experiences?

After having some more issues with our 15-year old car, we may be in the market for a new or lightly used car. We were looking at the Honda Fit (the newest gen looks even better than the previous one), and went to a local dealer for a test drive. … [Read the rest]

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