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PineCone Research Application Link (Paid Online Surveys)

Here is an updated application link at Pinecone Research, which is again accepting new members. (May expire at any time, so apply now if you're interested!) Looks open to all, but only one person per household can sign up. Thanks to reader … [Read the rest]

15-Minute Resolution #4: Automate Your Emergency Fund

It's Friday, so here's an easy slam dunk resolution involving emergency funds. If you've done any sort of financial reading lately, you know that many folks recommend having at least 3-6 months of living expenses put aside. Given the current high … [Read the rest]

Ooma Landline Phone Number Porting Timeline & Review

You may recall that I recently bought an Ooma VoIP Telephone system since it offers me unlimited phone service for an upfront price of about $200. Porting your landline phone number over to Ooma costs $40, but can be worth it for some folks. … [Read the rest]

Free Incorporation / LLC Service From MyCorporation

Update: This offer has expired, but there is a coupon code CABIN-20D good for an additional $20 off their $49 dollar LLC or Incorporation filing package. Net price under 30 bucks! In case your plans include formalizing your business ventures, … [Read the rest]

15-Minute Resolution #2: Start Spending Consciously

Alright, now for a 15-minute 2010 Resolution that doesn't make you spend less, just better. Huh? Achieving financial success doesn't mean pinching every single penny all day long and watching your net worth ticker inch upwards. It means spending … [Read the rest]

15-Minute Resolution #1: Save More For Retirement

Do you feel you aren't saving enough for retirement? Worse, do you feel like what you should be saving for retirement is some huge number you'll never reach? I think such daunting numbers are what kept a lot of my younger co-workers out of the … [Read the rest]

This Week: 15-Minute 2010 New Year’s Resolutions

This time of year, it is trendy either to make New Year's Resolutions or to talk about how resolutions are stupid. I know, because that's what I usually do... I thought I'd try something a little different this time - something I was going to … [Read the rest]

2010 Savings Account & CD Rate Updates

Interest rates are still pretty low as we enter 2010, but I remind people that high nominal rates aren't always better. Would you rather earn 3% with no inflation or 7% with 5% inflation? In any case, most of us have a chunk of cash and we should … [Read the rest]

Cancel Your Sprint Contract Without Penalty – Success Stories [January 2010]

This is just a reminder that as of 1/1/10, Sprint is changing their contracts to add a "Regulatory Charge" of 20 cents per month. Despite the name, this is nothing but an increase in your monthly plan cost, as it is not a consumer tax nor is it … [Read the rest]

Relationships and Money: Are You Communist, Socialist, or Capitalist?

I was catching up on some blog reading and caught an old post from Plonkee about the different ways that couples can manage their finances. The three different methods were categorized as communist, socialist, or capitalist. Rather … [Read the rest]

Blu-ray HD vs. DVD Players: Historical Price Comparison

I found this interesting chart on Gizmodo about how Blu-Ray players are basically following the same price trajectory as traditional DVD players: I don't have a Blu-ray player myself, but I'm sure glad I didn't buy one at $300. Hopefully … [Read the rest]

Capital One 360 Referral Fill Giveaway (Expired)

Do you have an Capital One 360 savings account with unused referrals? I usually have lots of $25 bonus links available, but have been falling behind again. The first 25 people who comment below tonight and leave a working e-mail (real name … [Read the rest]

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