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Find The Best Charities: Best Charity Comparison Websites

With the recent natural disasters and also economic recession, many people are being extra careful to make sure their donations go as far as possible. Earlier this month, BusinessWeek ran an article Philanthropy: Rethinking How to Give which did a … [Read the rest]

Notes and Lessons from Liar’s Poker: Rising Through the Wreckage on Wall Street

Here's a book review of an oldie-but-goodie. Liar's Poker by Michael Lewis is a non-fiction account of the author's experiences as a 24-year old the 1980s who started working as a bond salesman for Salomon Brothers, one of the most powerful … [Read the rest]

Quicken 2010 50% Off Coupon Code

Quicken also sent me a 50% off link to all their 2010 products. Offer good only until 2/22/10. The following Special Offer Code was included in the e-mail: 6321762157. Download version might be better if you plan on returning? Note: Offer applies … [Read the rest]

Giveaway: QuickTax Platinum Tax Software For Canadians

I don't know how many Canadian readers I have, but I do have one free copy of QuickTax Platinum ($69.99 value, download version) available to give away. The Platinum version is the most fully-featured "personal" edition, and includes assistance … [Read the rest]

Could You Own Less Than 100 Things?

Another topic I've been interested in is the 100 Thing Challenge started by Dave Bruno. If you read a lot of simplicity blogs you've probably already heard of it, but it's a pretty simple idea: Live with only 100 personal possessions. You can … [Read the rest]

Cheap Airfare Links & Bookmarks

This week, the New York Times offered up two helpful articles about the current best sites for finding cheap airfares: Booking a Flight the Frugal Way by the Frugal Traveler and Sites That Do Your Fare Digging by the Practical Traveler. I guess … [Read the rest]

Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service Review w/ Actual Holdings

Have you seen those "follow the green line" ads from Fidelity? Well, they reminded that a reader sent me their retirement account holdings for review which was managed through the Fidelity Portfolio Advisory Service (PAS). This is a managed … [Read the rest]

Cheap Baseball Tickets Now on StubHub

Walletpop had a good article last week about cheap major league baseball tickets being available on StubHub.com. The season hasn't started yet, so planning ahead and grabbing $2-$10 tickets can make for some reasonably cheap fun. I also found an … [Read the rest]

Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Indexes

Morningstar recently started publishing their Morningstar Lifetime Allocation Indexes, which are designed as benchmarks for mutual funds that shift their asset allocation as a target retirement date nears. An example is the Vanguard Target … [Read the rest]

Emerging Markets ETFs: EEM vs. VWO Comparison

One of the hottest asset classes in 2009 by far was Emerging Markets, which includes stocks from developing markets like China, Brazil, Korea, Taiwan, India, and South Africa. Two of the most popular ETFs in this category are the iShares MSCI … [Read the rest]

American Express Extended Warranty Review

If you're like me, you're vaguely aware that you can get some sort of additional warranty coverage from your credit card, but not interested enough to carefully read those little brochures with the tiny print that come in the mail. Today a fellow … [Read the rest]

ETrade Bank Savings Accounts now by Discover Bank?

Just got this e-mail from regarding my ETrade Bank online savings account: We are writing to let you know that your E*TRADE Bank account referenced above will soon be transferred to Discover Bank, and become a Discover Online Savings Account. This … [Read the rest]

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