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Betterment.com Review: Investing Made Simple, But Is It Worth The Cost?

New start-up website Betterment.com wants to make investing more easy... imagine something as simple as your existing savings account but with higher returns. Too good to be true? How does it work? At it's very core, Betterment is a standard … [Read the rest]

Tracking Inflation: Consumer Price Index Explained – Infographic

The U.S. government tracks inflation in many ways, and one popular way is the Consumer Price Index (CPI). This index is then used to adjust everything from income tax brackets to Roth IRA contributions limits to pension payouts to the return on … [Read the rest]

How To Appeal Health Insurance Claim Denials – Flowchart

The US Department of Labor estimates that about 1 in 7 claims to employer health insurance plans are initially denied. A patient advocate says that she wins 80% of appeals. Yet only 4% of denials are appealed. These stats are taken from the … [Read the rest]

Driving A BMW = Six-Figure Salary and a College Education?

What types of folks tend to own luxury cars? At the end of a BusinessWeek article about the struggling Lincoln brand, I ran across this chart detailing the median income and age of the respective owners of each major luxury … [Read the rest]

Infographic: Overall Tax Rates For Single, Married Filers

VisualizingEconomics has a nice series of infographics that explore how various income-based taxes change with your adjusted gross incomes. It uses 2009 IRS numbers, but should still remain relevant to today. Below is a snapshot of a married … [Read the rest]

Boingo Wireless iPhone / iPod Touch App (Free Hour of WiFi)

Boingo Wireless runs a network of pay-for-use WiFi hotspots around the world. Their new Boingo Wifi Credits App now lets you buy WiFi time through iTunes at a rate of $1.99 per hour, instead of paying the monthly $7.95 per month subscription fee. … [Read the rest]

Happiness Is Earning $60,000 A Year?

Nobel laureate and founder of behavioral economics Daniel Kahneman performed a TED Talk this year about how as humans our "experiencing selves" and our "remembering selves" perceive happiness differently. Basically, he says that our memories of … [Read the rest]

Free Financial Industry Trade Magazine Subscriptions

TradePub is a site with a big list of free subscriptions to trade magazines in various industries, from finance to IT/engineering to healthcare. I like the idea of reading about the industry from an insider's perspective. It’s all … [Read the rest]

Lower Your Credit Card APR: Phone Script from DebtGoal

DebtGoal is a new site that helps you track and manage your debt-reduction goals (as opposed to a debt settlement company). After the free trial, it runs $11.95 per month. One of the things they do is try and guide you to lower the interest rates on … [Read the rest]

Are You Protecting Your Most Valuable Asset?

We are all leading busy lives, and it's all to easy to "miss the woods for the trees". What if we prioritized by taking a step back and simply asked ourselves - what is our most important asset? Are we adequately protecting that … [Read the rest]

WT Direct $500 Promotion: Earn 5% APY For 3 Months

(The promo below was discontinued after 3 days. Sorry, I warned you guys!) The online division of Wilmington Trust Bank, WT Direct, is running another promotion for new customers. You can get up to a $500 cash bonus on top of the standard … [Read the rest]

Free Download: Microsoft Money Plus Sunset Deluxe

Personal finance software Microsoft Money was discontinued as of mid-2009, but Microsoft recently released Money Plus Sunset Deluxe and Money Plus Sunset Home and Business available for free download. Why?... The stated reason for these editions … [Read the rest]

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