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Vanguard Voyager Status Minimum Now $50,000

Another recent change at Vanguard is that their Voyager membership tier is now available to those with household assets totaling $50,000 or more. The minimum was previously $100,000. The minimum for Voyager Select remains at $500,000 and Flagship … [Read the rest]

Commission-free Vanguard ETF trades in Vanguard Brokerage Accounts

Vanguard sent out an announcement today that they are responding to recent moves by Fidelity/iShares and Schwab by offering their own lowered commission costs, the highlights are of which are: Commission-free Vanguard ETF transactions. Vanguard … [Read the rest]

Bundle.com: Compare Spending Patterns With Similar Folks

I've been catching up on my stack of old magazines, and in the process discovering a bunch of new websites. One appropriate site to mention is Bundle.com, which describes itself as the "first money comparison site that lets you see how people just … [Read the rest]

Free 500 American Airlines Miles

You can get 500 free American Airlines miles if you register for the AAdvantage eShopping Mall as a new member by May 31st, 2010. The mall is like other cashback shopping portals, except that they give you American miles back instead. You'll … [Read the rest]

LendingClub Updated 2010 Review: Historical Returns and Trends

I've been investing with LendingClub for over two years now. They securitize person-to-person loans so that you can lend money to other people in $25 increments, and you collect the interest after some fees. The stated interest rates are about 7-16%. … [Read the rest]

April 2010 Spending Snapshot

I've been trying to track our expenses better using Mint.com, which means combing through transactions and manually correcting many of the automatic categorizations. I think it's working, at least in that I hate doing it so much that didn't make a … [Read the rest]

Healthcare Reform Highlights For The Self-Employed

Until now, I haven't written much about healthcare reform issues - it's just feels so daunting and politically-charged. I do support the eventual separation of work and health insurance, as I think that all unemployed, partially-employed, and … [Read the rest]

LendingClub P2P Loan Portfolio Performance Update

Wow... The last time I wrote about LendingClub was about 6 months ago. Since then, I haven't really been keeping up with person-to-person lending, which in this case are unsecured credit card-like loans between individuals. Looks like they got a new … [Read the rest]

Savings Calculator: Does 1% More Make A Difference?

If you're like me, your 401k plan comes with a little newsletter each month. A common theme in the world of personal finance advice is to nudge up your savings by one more percentage point a year. For the "average" person, this is probably not a … [Read the rest]

Death and Taxes 2011: Visual Guide to the Federal Budget

The 2011 edition of the Death and Taxes poster is out, which outlines in spectacular detail how the United States federal budget spends its (your?) tax dollars. View the huge image online, or buy it as a 2 ft. x 3 ft poster. If you haven't seen … [Read the rest]

Energy Star Appliance Rebates Available Nationwide

"You may be eligible to receive rebates from your state or territory for the purchase of new ENERGY STAR qualified appliances. These rebates are being funded with $300 million from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. Under this … [Read the rest]

Anyone Use CarBargains.com Price Negotiation Service?

The car buying strategy that I hear recommended most often is to decide on which car you want, down to all the options e-mail (or previously fax) the fleet managers of 3-5 local dealers, and ask for their best deal pit each of them against … [Read the rest]

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