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Net Worth & Goals Update – March 2010

Lack of Recent Updates Up until last December, I had done regular monthly updates of our net worth for five consecutive years. However, recent personal events made me much less interested in detailed, analytic planning towards early retirement. As a … [Read the rest]

Sharebuilder – 5 Free Real-Time Market Trades

Here's a another Sharebuilder promotion, which will give existing customers 5 free real-time market trades. (New customers should grab their free $50 sign-up bonus with code 50WCFA first and then come back). Log into your account, click on the … [Read the rest]

Free Book Download: Elements of Investing

Vanguard is offering a free PDF download of the recently published book Elements of Investing by Malkiel and Ellis. It looks like it might have been meant for Flagship members, but is currently open to everyone. From the Amazon reviews and table … [Read the rest]

Federal Family and Medical Leave Act: Know Your Rights

Dealing with a serious illness in the family is a very stressful event. I did not really understand the Federal Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) until recently, and I think everyone should be familiar with it. This law helps ensure that no … [Read the rest]

Entrepreneur Group Interview: Etsy.com Shop Sellers

A couple weeks ago, I was looking to interview a reader who sells on the handmade online marketplace, Etsy.com. I was surprised to get over 30 inquiries, and so I made up a short questionnaire to help better understand what it's like to sell goods … [Read the rest]

Sprint Cellular Discounts for Credit Union Members

I was browsing my local credit union's website when I saw a banner for discounts on Sprint discount service at CUsaver.com. It advertises: 10-15% off wireless plans Waived activation and upgrade fees You can view the discounted plans and … [Read the rest]

Free Equifax Credit Score Card

Don't get too excited. Equifax is offering a free "Credit Score Card", which in reality just gives you a range of what your credit score is. And the score is from their "Equifax Risk Score" system, not a FICO score. (You can still get 30% off a … [Read the rest]

New PineCone Research Application Link (Paid Surveys)

Here is an updated application link at Pinecone Research, which is again accepting new members. (May expire at any time, so apply now if you're interested!) Looks open to all, but only one person per household can sign up. Link via Realm of … [Read the rest]

PSA: Monoprice.com Possibly Hacked; Credit Card Data Stolen?

Although relatively new, Monoprice.com has quickly become a very popular place to buy cheap but high quality audio/video cables and adapters online. I recommended shopping there if you're trying to connect your laptop to your TV (and maybe drop … [Read the rest]

E-File Your Federal Tax Return Extension For Free

April 15th is only a month away, and you haven't started your taxes yet. Time to file an extension! The IRS automatically grants a 6-month extension to anyone who asks. Asking a search engine will often direct you towards websites like FileLater.com … [Read the rest]

Links: Free Online University Courses

A collection of links to free educational material online. The amount of information available online is expanding so fast, you can at least explore a new direction without leaving your house. University-Specific MIT OpenCourseware - Free … [Read the rest]

SellBackYourBook.com Review: TextBook SellBack Scam?

The other site I used when selling back my old textbooks online was and SellBackYourBook.com. All the websites I used did indeed eventually pay me for my books. Reviews on the Web I did not spend more than couple minutes on this, but a … [Read the rest]

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