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Potential Unique Advantages of Savings I-Bonds

Even though the current interest rates on Series I Savings Bonds aren't much higher than other alternatives, these I-Bonds do have some unique characteristics that can keep them attractive. Inflation-Linked Returns Along with TIPS (Treasury … [Read the rest]

Guide to Buying a Used Car on Craigslist

The following is a guest post from reader Andy, who bought his last vehicle on Craiglist and shared some of his experiences and advice. I bought our last vehicle used on Craigslist (CL) and am a big advocate of buying used and direct from private … [Read the rest]

Savings I-Bonds Update: September 2010 Inflation Data Announced

New inflation numbers are out for September 2010, so it's time for another semi-annual update: New Inflation Rate March 2010 CPI-U was 217.631. September 2010 CPI-U was 218.439, for a semi-annual increase of 0.37%. (This was 1.1 increase … [Read the rest]

Developing and Monetizing a Niche Website

The following is a guest post from reader Dan, who shares his story of starting and developing it to where it earns $1,500 in passive income each month. In January of 2008 I closed shop on my first attempt at blogging. Six months … [Read the rest]

The Perils of Pursuing Financial Freedom

The following is a guest post from Kent Thune, who is a Certified Financial Planner(R) and the author of The Financial Philosopher, where he urges readers to place *meaning before money and purpose before planning*. What is freedom? What is … [Read the rest]

Which Brewer Makes Costco Beer?

I was reading my monthly Costco Connection magazine and saw that they had an article about their in-house Kirkland Signature line of craft beers. At $19.99 for 24 bottles (12 oz.), that is about 1/3rd cheaper than most brand-name ales. I've … [Read the rest]

Mortgage Refinance and Resetting the Clock

The following is a guest post from reader TFB, who blogs anonymously at The Finance Buff where he covers investing, taxes, banking, mortgage, insurance, and other personal finance related topics. You can find more of his posts about mortgage … [Read the rest]

Current TD Ameritrade Sign-Up Promotions (Updated 10/2010)

With their new commision-free ETF list, there might be a renewed interest for a TD Ameritrade account (though not from me). Here are the current promotions available. They have different opening balance requirements, different expiration dates, … [Read the rest]

Starting a Home Based Business: Stay at Home Mom Upgrades Volunteer Work into New Start-Up Business

The following is a guest post from reader Leslie, who shares her story of returning to the workforce by starting her own business in Florida. You can see more of her work at on Facebook and soon at (currently under … [Read the rest]

Out of the Office

I'm going on vacation for the next 3 weeks. I've got some great guest posts lined up, most of them are very long and in-depth. I think you'll like them. The response was great, and I have even more great guest content for when I get back. There … [Read the rest]

The Rat Race: Does This Cartoon Look Familiar?

Let's get out of the race! Image credit to artist Polyp. There's also an animated version that made me nauseous (perhaps that was the point?). … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Lowers Minimum Balance Requirements For Mutual Fund Admiral Shares

Vanguard made another announcement that effective today (10/6), the minimum amount required to qualify for Admiral Shares has been reduced to $10,000 for most of their index funds and $50,000 for actively-managed funds, significantly reduced from the … [Read the rest]

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