Vanguard Mutual Funds vs. ETFs: The Decision Process

You want index funds. You want Vanguard. Should you buy them in mutual fund form, or ETF form? There are several pages on the Vanguard website dedicated to help you learn the differences between their ETFs and mutual funds. Check out their … [Read the rest]

Google Voice Now Available To All In US

Google Voice announced today that it is now available to everyone in the US, with no need to track down an invite. Here's a nice, quick intro video for the service for the unfamiliar: For more tips, see my previous post on how to save money … [Read the rest]

Total Stock Returns = Fundamental + Speculative Returns

Another theory of predicting future stock market returns states that there are three main components to long-term stock market performance. Amongst many others, I learned this from authors and investors Jack Bogle and William Bernstein. Part 1: … [Read the rest]

Skype World Cup Promo: Free Calls For a Month

Want to talk World Cup trash with your international friends and family? Skype is offering a free month of calls to landlines to countries with teams playing in the World Cup, including the USA. (Skype-to-skype is always free.) You have to sign up … [Read the rest]

Ohio 529 College Savings Plan Bonus Ends June 30th

This is just a reminder that the Ohio 529 College Savings Plan is still offering a $25 bonus if you are referred to open a new account and deposit at least $25 by June 30, 2010. You can apply for and fund the account all electronically, so you … [Read the rest]

Deluxe Rent-a-Car of LAX: Worst Car Rental Agency Ever?

I need to rent a car in Los Angeles next month, so I went onto and ran a quick search. The cheapest option at LAX was through a place called Deluxe Rent-a-car, at only about $20 a day including all taxes. It seemed so cheap, I … [Read the rest]

Grantham/GMO 7-Year Asset Class Forecast

Jeremy Grantham is the head of GMO, an institutional asset management company that has more than $100 billion dollars under management. According to Wikipedia, he started one of the first index funds? He's built a reputation as a market genius, … [Read the rest]

myFICO Coupon Code: 20% to 30% Off

Update February 2011: Use coupon code FICO25 for 25% off! I am not a big fan having to purchase credit scores. I can understand why a lender would pay to get a calculation of your likelihood of defaulting on your loan, but if it's based on our … [Read the rest]

Portfolio Solutions 30-Year Stock/Bond Market Forecast

Every year, the low-fee investment advisor Portfolio Solutions, LLC founded by Rick Ferri provides a 30-year market forecast based on their analysis of several factors. In their own words: Each year, we analyzed the primary drivers of asset … [Read the rest]

Schwab Reduces Expense Ratios on Selected ETFs

Discount stock broker Charles Schwab cut the fees on six of its proprietary exchange traded funds (ETFs) on Monday (official press release). Schwab U.S. Broad Market ETFTM from 0.08% to 0.06% Schwab U.S. Large-Cap Growth ETFTM … [Read the rest]

Firstrade Brokerage Switches Clearing Firms, Offers Free Outgoing Account Transfers

I received a letter this week that discount stock broker Firstrade is changing clearing firms from Ridge Clearing to Penson Financial*. Not really a big deal, but hidden in the fine print is that existing users can perform an account transfer to … [Read the rest]

Future Stock Market Returns: Price-Earnings Ratios as a Long-Term Predictive Tool

As part of gathering the data needed to go beyond net worth, I've shown ways to track find your personal savings rate by tracking your current spending with your current after-tax income. For now, I'm skipping ahead to estimating your portfolio's … [Read the rest]

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