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The Essential Components of the Good Life

Here is YASAH - yet another study about happiness. Reader RJ sent this to me via this CBS Marketwatch article, but I highly recommend reading the actual study titled Meaning Really Matters: The MetLife Study on How Purpose Is Recession-Proof and … [Read the rest]

TradeKing $50 New Account Bonus: No Promo Code or Referral Required

Online discount broker TradeKing has brought back their $50 sign-up bonus for new accounts, no promotional code or referral required. You must open with $2,500 and make one trade within 30 days. Offer expires 1/31/11. To qualify for this offer, … [Read the rest]

Conscious Spending: Things vs. Experiences

It's official: Experiences make people happier than possessions. Okay, not really, but it is the conclusion taken from a recent psychology study as reported in this CNN Health article: The study looked at 154 people enrolled at San Francisco … [Read the rest]

Equifax.com Promotional Code: Free 3-in-1 Credit Report & FICO Score

Visit the 3-in-1 Credit Report with Score page at Equifax and click on "Buy Now". You'll have to register on the website or log in with a previously created account. There is no need to enter credit card information. When you are able to, enter the … [Read the rest]

AT&T DSL Promotion for $14.95/Month

AT&T is currently running a promotion for their DSL high-speed internet service at $14.95 per month for the first 12 months. AT&T has a limited service area, so check the site for availability. In selected areas, you can also get AT&T … [Read the rest]

Immediate Annuity Options & Trade-Offs

These days, everyone has a regained respect for stock market volatility. One way to maintain a more stable income in retirement is to take part of your nest egg and buy a single-premium immediate annuity (SPIA). With an SPIA, you pay a lump-sum … [Read the rest]

Auto Insurance Rate Averages by State

Here is a chart of average auto insurance rates by state, via AARP.com, shaded by overage ranges. Click for an interactive map with more details and a ranking. I wonder why rates in Louisiana are so high. $2,500 per year? Is it fear of … [Read the rest]

Buffett On Municipal Bond Risks

After being asked (well, forced) by Congress recently to testify regarding the credit rating agencies Moody's and Standard & Poor's and their role in the last financial crisis, Warren Buffett was also asked what he saw the next big related risk. … [Read the rest]

Are You Using Too Much Soap?

Not exactly a hard-hitting topic, but still applicable to those trying to live efficiently. This NY Times article talks about how most people use way too much soap in their washing machines and dishwashers, which is both wasteful and can shorten … [Read the rest]

Historical Mortgage Rates Chart (1986-2010)

While doing some more research into a possible refinance or loan modification, I ran across this chart of historical mortgage rates from 1986 from HSH. Before, I stated a source that said the 30-year fixed-rate mortgage (FRM) averaged 4.56% … [Read the rest]

EverBank Yield Pledge Money Market & Checking: Good Offer For $10k+ Balances

Everbank has 6-month bonus rates for their Yield Pledge Money Market and FreeNet Checking accounts. Both of these offers are targeted at new customers opening with at least $1,500, but in the end do offer some of the top rates available for an … [Read the rest]

Better Financial Motivator: Stick or Carrot?

We all have financial goals that we want to reach. Some of us do better with a reward attached to reaching our goal (carrot), while others may actually try harder if trying to avoid a punishment (stick). We are motivated by personal desire, by … [Read the rest]

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