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GE GeoSpring Hybrid Electric Water Heater: Good Investment?

I'm normally not excited by water heaters, but I do love the idea of investing small money upfront to lower my expenses and save big money in the future. We currently have a 10-year old electric water heater which I'd like to replace soon due to … [Read the rest]

American Express Electronic eGift Card Fee Waiver Code

I've mentioned American Express Gift Cards are being useful for shifting your purchases forward, in case you're still working on satisfying spending requirements for big bonuses like the $400 cash bonus from the Chase Sapphire Preferred(SM) Card or … [Read the rest]

Poll: How Would Winning The Lottery Change Your Investment Risk Tolerance?

In a discussion about risk on the Bogleheads forum, member John Norstad brought up an intriguing question. Let's say you won $1 million (net after taxes) in the lottery tomorrow. This money will get added to your existing investment portfolio, and … [Read the rest]

New Laptop? Extend Your Warranty By A Year For Free With American Express

School is back is session and lots of people are buying new computers. I'm thinking of one myself, to replace my aging 2007 refurbished Mac Mini that cost $400. As an example, the manufacturer's warranty on a new* Apple Macbook is only one year, … [Read the rest]

Sharebuilder $50 Bonus For Existing Customers, Promo Code

Got a brokerage account? Current customers can get an extra $50 by making transferring over at least $100 each month from September 2011 through December 2011. Log into your account, and navigate the following tabs: Accounts > … [Read the rest]

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture [Book Review]

Cheap: The High Cost of Discount Culture by Ellen Ruppel Shell covers a wide variety of topics, but the main idea I got from reading it, was that we are too focused on price, and not enough on value. We have shifted from quality, durability, and … [Read the rest]

Free 2,500 Chase Sapphire Rewards Points + $5 Free Postage With

If you signed up for the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card recently (most likely for their $625 travel bonus offer, like me), here's how to get another $25 out of the deal. As cardholders, log into the Chase Ultimate Rewards shopping mall, which is one … [Read the rest]

Labor Day Weekend Links: Insurance for Freelancers, Google Looks For Money Advice, Vanguard Canada, and More

I hope that everyone managed to have a relaxing and refreshing long weekend. I managed to catch up on some Instapaper reading, and here are some links worth sharing: Freelancer's Union Independent workers make up 30% of the nation's workforce, … [Read the rest]

TradeKing $100 New Account Bonus Via Referral (September 2011)

Online stock brokerage firm has a $100 bonus via referral promo for September 2011. If you get a referral from an existing account holder, open a new account with at least $1,000, and make a trade, both people will get $100. … [Read the rest]

Ally Bank 5-Year CD Rate (Drop) History

As part keeping the interest rate on my emergency fund as high as possible, I've shared my like of rewards checking, savings bonds, and the Ally Bank 5-Year CD. Ally CDs have a small 60-day interest withdrawal penalty, so the liquidity is still quite … [Read the rest]

Capital One Bank Really Doesn’t Like Inactive Checking Accounts…

Banks aren't as wildly profitable anymore, and thus are looking for ways to bring back the bucks. They've added new "features" like debit card fees, and are dropping unprofitable customers. For example, people with zero balances and little activity … [Read the rest]

Frequent Flier Miles: Which Airlines Are Easiest To Redeem Awards?

An article this week on GetRichSlowly about frequent flier program basics mentioned a WSJ article that I've never seen about which airlines make it easiest for you to redeem your miles. The research was done by a consulting firm IdeaWorks Co, which … [Read the rest]