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Reader Poll: Do You Subscribe to NetFlix?

I'll be honest, I did not see the success of Netflix coming. I thought it was a nice, cute DVD rental business that would probably be bought out by Blockbuster eventually, leaving their founders stupendously rich. But look around today: Blockbuster … [Read the rest]

Debt, Debt, and More Debt

After seeing this household debt bubble chart, I've been especially sensitive to news about consumer debt. Here are some recent stats from across the spectrum: Mortgages According to real estate data firm CoreLogic, 22.7% of US homes with a … [Read the rest]

Free 1-Year Subscription to Businessweek Magazine

Here's a link offering a free 1-year subscription to BusinessWeek magazine. I'm currently enjoying a free year of this publication from a previous offer, and I do skim it weekly and find some of the investigative articles especially interesting. … [Read the rest]

The Value of Diversification Beyond The S&P 500

Scott Burns of Assetbuilder has a new article that shows the benefit of diversifying your portfolio beyond the often-cited S&P 500 index fund that you probably have in your 401(k) plan. During the recent financial crisis, nearly every asset class … [Read the rest]

Loyal3: Easily Invest In Brand Name Company Stocks

Ready for the next new investing start-up idea? It's "customer stock ownership plans” from Loyal3. Basically, companies encourage consumers to buy shares of their stock with only three clicks of the mouse, in the hopes that this will ownership … [Read the rest]

Chart: The Household Debt Bubble?

Economist Paul Krugman says that fragile banks are no longer what's holding back economic recovery, it's housing and household debt. We already saw that housing prices are dropping again, and yesterday he pointed out another chart of household … [Read the rest]

$10 for $20 of Old Navy Clothes on Groupon

Groupon has a new national deal today: $20 worth of stuff at Old Navy for only $10. Over 45,000 have been bought already. Gotta love cheap and at least temporarily-fashionable clothes! :) Limit 1 per person. Purchase of Groupon may take up … [Read the rest]

How’s Your Retirement Portfolio Doing?

You may or may not believe me, but even though I blog daily about money I only check my investment portfolio balances every few weeks. It's part of my selective information restriction diet. I found it curious that the S&P 500 is now at ~1350. … [Read the rest]

Home Price Index Update Shows Double Dip

The S&P Case Shiller Home Price index was updated yesterday with data through March 2011, or 2011 Q1. Here is the press release [PDF]. Here is the chart: Click to enlarge. Sources: S&P Indices Nationally, home prices are back to their … [Read the rest]

Thinking Of Switching To A Smaller Car To Save On Gas?

With the arrival of summer and gas prices at around $4 a gallon, the water cooler conversation has turned again to fuel efficiency. One important thing to remember is that the MPG number is not directly proportional to how much money you're … [Read the rest]

Infographic: How We’re Preparing For Retirement

The Onion shares their scientific poll results for the ever-important retirement question: Some quick online research reveals that what I thought was just another funny option is all too real - lotto tickets. According to a 1999 survey by … [Read the rest]

Reader Poll: Do You Still Have a Landline Telephone?

A recent government study found that over 25% of Americans now rely solely on a cellular phone for calls. In some states, over a third of people were wireless-only. This is a growing trend, and I wonder if you readers are any different? If … [Read the rest]