Getting Married To Save Money On College Tuition?

After seeing my Grandparents and 529s article, a reader sent me a link to, which is a matchmaking site that promotes the idea of getting a "convenience" marriage solely for the purpose of reducing your tuition bill: The easiest … [Read the rest]

Creating Lifetime Income via AARP Immediate Annuity

While perusing through old magazines in the dentists office, I came across an ad for annuity with the usual headline "Get a monthly income check GUARANTEED for life". I took a picture of the ad, the payout rates are below: The specific … [Read the rest]

MicroPlace Microlending: Free $20 to Invest

As you may know, I support microlending to poor entrepreneurs in developing countries through Kiva and Microplace. I have a little under four thousand dollars spread across both sites, and intend to continuously reinvest my principal and any … [Read the rest]

Grandparents + 529 College Savings Plans = Loophole?

There was a discussion on Bogleheads recently about giving money to grandparents so that could invest in a 529 college savings plan for their grandchildren. While it brought more light on what I think is a flawed financial aid system, it also … [Read the rest]

Reaching the “I Can Do This” Moment

Like millions of other people out there, I decided to start trying to lose weight and get in better shape on January 1st. I cut out virutally all meat and was eating tons of fresh vegetables and whole grains. I went to the gym, ran outside, or … [Read the rest]

Net Worth & Goals Update – March 2011

Oh alright, here's another net worth update. My last snapshot was about 9 months ago. I know people like the voyeurism, but hopefully my commentary will also provide some helpful insights as to achieving our goals. Credit Card Debt I used to … [Read the rest]

Low Cost Stock Broker Alternatives 2011

If you're thinking about switching online stock brokers, perhaps due to a price increase, here are some low-cost options. To avoid the common $50 to $75 ACAT transfer-out fee for moving your entire portfolio somewhere else, you can sell all your … [Read the rest]

Zecco Trading Ends Free Trade Offer, Now $4.95 Per Trade

Discount brokerage Zecco Trading announced this weekend that effectively immediately, they will no longer offer 10 free trades per month for those with assets of $25,000 and over. Here is partial text from the e-mail: Starting on March 30, 2011, our … [Read the rest]

2011 TradeKing New Account Referral: $100 Bonus

Online broker has brought back their $100 sign-up bonus for new accounts. If you get a referral from an existing account holder, open a new account with at least $1,000, and make a trade, both people will get $100. TradeKing … [Read the rest]

$1 for Three DVD Rentals from Redbox (Again)

Groupon has a national deal through the end of March 1st that will get you three one-day rentals at RedBox kiosks for $1. Retail is $1 per day, so $3. If you don't have a Groupon account already, please use my sign-up link, and I'll get some … [Read the rest]

No Fee 0% APR Balance Transfer For 12 Months – Discover Card – Expires 2/28!

A reminder that this offer is scheduled to end on February 28th, 2011. The Discover More Card is available with no balance transfer fee through this online offer link, offering both 0% intro APR on balance transfers and purchases for 12 … [Read the rest]

Dilbert and Bogart On “F#(& You” Money

Trying to think of a good name for your retirement fund? Here's a funny Dilbert comic about a colorful option: In fact, the origins of the term "F--- You Money" can be traced to actor Humphrey Bogart. The following quote is attributed to … [Read the rest]