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Sprint SERO Premium + iPhone 4S = $50 a month

This post is an update for fellow stubborn folks still clinging to the Sprint SERO plan. This grandfathered plan gave us individual plans with 500 minutes, nights starting at 7pm, unlimited text, and unlimited data for $30 a month. However, this … [Read the rest]

What If Time Was Currency? Don’t Waste Your Time

In Time is a new sci-fi movie about a future where science has figured out how to stop the aging process. To prevent overpopulation, the solution was to allow everyone to live to age 25, and then give them one year to live. Time has replaced … [Read the rest]

Is Costco Worth Paying The 2011 Annual Membership Fee Hike? A Business Model Analysis

Costco just announced that they are raising their annual membership fee 10% in the US and Canada as of November 1st, 2011. This makes the Gold Star and Business memberships $55 and the Executive membership $110 per year. The maximum 2% cashback … [Read the rest]

Best Citi ThankYou Point Redemption Option: Gift Certificates

If you've been sitting on some ThankYou points, you should know that Citi likes to put certain redemption options on "sale" from time to time. Right now, you can get a $50 gift certificate for 4,900 points.* That's even better than the 1 … [Read the rest]

Higher Investment Risk and Expected Return

[Read the rest]

Ohio CollegeAdvantage 529 Promotion Code: $25 New Account Bonus

Updated... The Ohio CollegeAdvantage Direct 529 college savings plan is now offering a $25 bonus contribution if you open a new account and invest at least $500 of your own money. A guaranteed 50% return-on-investment! The promotion code is PLAN. … [Read the rest]

Citi Checking Account Bonus $200/$400 in Gift Cards

Citibank is offering new checking account customers a bonus of either a 20,000 or 40,000 ThankYou points, worth $200 or $400 in gift cards. You must: Open a new Citibank checking account in the Citigold or Citibank Account Package by … [Read the rest]

Chase Bank $125 New Checking Bonus In-Branch or Online

Chase Bank is offering a $125 bonus for new customers if you open a new Total Checking account with $100 and set up direct deposit within 60 days of account opening. They state that the direct deposit must be "an electronic deposit from your … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Lowers Fees and Improves My Portfolio Performance Again, Offers More Admiral Shares

Last week, Vanguard officially announced the addition of the Admiral share class to six of their existing index funds. Admiral shares have a higher minimum investment amount ($10,000 for those listed below) than the usual Investor shares ($3,000 … [Read the rest]

Free Southwest Airlines Points For Email Sign-Up, Watching Video

Southwest Airlines is offering 500 Rapid Rewards points if you sign up for their e-mail subscriptions for a monthly statement and deals newsletters. Relatively easy, and if you're already signed up, try unsubscribing for a day or two and then signing … [Read the rest]

Pay Your Mortgage, Insurance, and Utility Bills With Credit Cards – Western Union Speedpay

I was paying some bills online and noticed that my electricity bill had a new option for paying via a credit card through something called Western Union Speedpay. I'm not sure if this is universal, but for my utility company it accepted MasterCard, … [Read the rest]

Why Emergency Funds Can Provide The Best Return On Investment

Many recent articles and surveys have illustrated how many American are basically living paycheck-to-paycheck, with no significant savings cushion: Most Americans can't afford a $1,000 emergency expense - "A majority, or 64%, of Americans don't … [Read the rest]