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Citizens Bank / Charter One CollegeSaver Account: Potential 6% Annual Return (For Kids, Limited States)

Citizens Bank and Charter One bank have an interesting CollegeSaver bank account for those with children. However, it is only open to residents of certain states in the Eastern and Northeastern US (CT, DE, IL, IN, KY, MA, MI, NH, NJ, NY, OH, PA, … [Read the rest]

Zecco Refer A Friend Promotion: $100 Referral Bonus (2012)

Discount broker Zecco Trading has a refer-a-friend offer where a new account holder can get a $100 cash bonus if you are referred by a existing member and fund the account with $10,000 within 60 days of receiving the invitation. A minimum $10,000 … [Read the rest]

Thermostat + iPod = The $249 Nest Energy-Saving Appliance?

What happens when a former Apple executive and other top geeks focus their energy on a... thermostat? The Nest Learning Thermostat. I just finished a neat Wired magazine article about this new gadget, which hopes to make saving energy both trendy … [Read the rest]

The Hazards of Combining Overconfidence and Investing

Daniel Kahneman, behavioral economics guru and Nobel Prize winner, has a new book out called Thinking, Fast and Slow. This one is definitely on my to-read list. You may remember him from his TED Talk about Happiness = Earning $60,000 A … [Read the rest]

American Express Network: $40 Off $200 Purchase at Lowe’s

The following offer is targeted at American Express Business Platinum cardholders, but has been reported to work successfully with all American Express cards. The deal is if you register your card at AmexNetwork.com/LowesPlatinum and make a single … [Read the rest]

Balanced Portfolios Do Equally Well in Economic Recessions and Expansions

Vanguard's research division published a new report ] that found that a portfolio split 50/50 between stocks and bonds had very similar inflation-adjusted returns regardless of whether the U.S. economy was growing or in recession. Here are the … [Read the rest]

Needs vs. Wants, Scaling Your Luxuries, and Conscious Priorities

There was a thought-provoking NYT article about luxuries last week that pointed to a 2006 report by the Pew Research center that surveyed Americans on what they considered "necessities" versus "luxuries". Some things have become more accepted as … [Read the rest]

Two Movie Tickets From Fandango.com for $12

Daily deals site KGBDeals has a national deal of 2 Fandango.com movie tickets for $12. Each ticket has a maximum value of $12 (total $24). Supposedly has 13 days left, but with over 9,000 sold it may sell out. Valid until January 31, 2012 and … [Read the rest]

FedEx $25 “Shop Small” Gift Card For Small Business Saturday

In addition to the $25 statement credit for American Express cardholders, FedEx has a separate promotion where they will be giving out $25 "Shop Small" AmEx gift cards in support of Small Business Saturday through a Facebook promotion. You'll need … [Read the rest]

Citi Forward Card Review & Improved Offer – $100 Gift Card Bonus

Update: Also check out the Citi Forward® Card for College Students. As I was reminded in my best cash back credit cards post, the Citi Forward card is a great rewards card for those who spend a lot on restaurants and at Amazon.com. That's not … [Read the rest]

Savings I Bonds September 2011 Update: 3.06% For Next 6 Months

New inflation numbers are out for September 2011, so it’s time for the usual semi-annual update. New Inflation Rate. March 2011 CPI-U was 223.467. September 2011 CPI-U was 226.889, for a semi-annual increase of 1.53%. (CPI-U increased 3.9% … [Read the rest]

How To Check If You’re Getting the 2% Payroll Tax Cut

As you may know, there is a temporary 2% payroll tax cut in 2011. Instead of the normal 6.2% Social Security tax on gross wages up $106,800 for employees, it is only 4.2%. This is supposed to be reflected automatically in your paycheck, so most … [Read the rest]

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