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Payroll Tax Cut Extended For 2012: Increase 401k Contributions?

Congress has just passed a bill which the President has promised to sign that includes an extension of the 2% payroll tax cut for the rest of 2012. Specifically, the employee portion of the Social Security tax is reduced to 4.2% in 2012 instead of … [Read the rest]

Prosper Borrower Promotion: 2nd Payment Waived Up To $300

Offer is back! Person-to-person loan site is having a another one-day promotion for borrowers who submit their loan listing on Friday, February 17th where they will actually make your entire 2nd loan payment (principal and interest) for … [Read the rest]

Consumer Reports Discount Brokerage Ratings 2012

I recently started subscribing to Consumer Reports magazine again, and the February 2012 issue included an article about the major financial brokerage companies (subscription required, press release). The first part was an investigation about the big … [Read the rest]

Goals & Priorities: Which Lego Man Character Describes You Best?

When dealing with other people, it's always easier when you know what makes them tick. What motivates them? This led to some introspection. What did I really want out of life? I realized that I was probably much different than others. The … [Read the rest]

Non-Deductible IRA Contribution & Roth IRA Conversion Rules

Mrs. MMB and I both contributed $5,000 each to a non-deductible Traditional IRA again for the 2012 tax year this week, with the intention of converting it into a Roth IRA in the future. Are you eligible to do this as well? Of course, we had to … [Read the rest]

Save Money On Housing: Live Well In Less Space

Speaking of internal frugality, I'd say one of the most basic ways to save on rent or mortgage payments is to... live in a smaller place. No, wait, really. Let's think about it. Even though it's now easy to make fun of 10,000 square feet … [Read the rest]

Best Places To Live? Big Roundup of Major Top 10 Lists

Where are the best places to consider relocating to? I knew that almost every major financial media outlet had their own "best places to live" list, and my plan was to see which cities popped up most amongst them. Well, that was a bust as every … [Read the rest]

Moved For Financial Reasons? Share Your Story.

Have you moved for financial reasons? Where did you move to? Where did you move from? How did you decide? Larger income? Better job for similar income? Lower housing costs? Something else? Share your story in the comments … [Read the rest]

What Cities Are People Moving To For Financial Reasons?

This post has been revised with new info and added to my Expense Reduction Guide: Housing. Although it takes considerable effort, nearly 40 million Americans move every year. Now, the reasons for all these moves are not all financial, but you can … [Read the rest]

TD Ameritrade Online Cash Services $200 Bonus

It looks like TDA is following the trend of combining checking account features with their traditional brokerage accounts. If you have a TD Ameritrade account, this looks like a pretty easy $200 bonus score. Visit this promotion page to sign … [Read the rest]

How To Reduce Housing Expenses – Brainstorming / Request Ideas

One of my overall goals for 2012 is to make this site more of a permanent resource for information. As part of this, I want to create an "Expense Reduction Guide" that will provide an organized way to find ways to maximize personal value and make … [Read the rest]

Poll: Which Tax Software Did You Use In 2011?

January 31st was the deadline for companies to mail out W-2 forms and 1099 forms involving other income and interest. Coming up is February 15th, the deadline for brokerages to send out 1099-B forms listing stock sale proceeds. That means you … [Read the rest]