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Health Care Flexible Spending Accounts: Last-Minute FSA Eligible Ideas

Here's my annual reminder to get back all the money you put into your Healthcare Flexible Spending Accounts (HC FSA) before the end of the year. The maximum salary deduction limits were $2,650 (2018) and $2,700 (2019). Quick ideas. If you … [Read the rest]

Amazon Coupon Code: $5 off $20+ of Print Books

Amazon has a $5 off $20+ of print book purchases with promo code GIFTBOOK18. Can be one book or multiple. Offer expires at 11:59pm Pacific on December 21, 2018. Must be sold by Here are some newer books that are on my to-read … [Read the rest]

Big List of Kids Ski Free Passport Programs (3rd-6th Grade)

A friend of ours told us about the Colorado Ski Passport that lets 5th and graders from any state ski for free at several Colorado resorts, and I thought that was a great concept to promote this fun outdoor activity. If you can get even a single … [Read the rest]

Expedia Activities: $30 off $40+ Coupon Code

Update: This offer has expired. Expedia has a new coupon code THANKYOU which will get you $30 off $40+ in experiences booked through Expedia Activities. Officially it expires 12/31/18, but it will probably end early, and your activity has to … [Read the rest]

Giving Flowchart: How To Donate Wisely

If you are looking for some direction about donating your time and/or money, here is a nice infographic from the Bloomberg article These 27 Strategies Will Make Philanthropy an Effective Pursuit (click to enlarge): It's from last year, but … [Read the rest]

Dependent Care FSA: Save on Daycare, Preschool, Summer Camps, After-School, and Elder Care

One of the newer work perks that we took advantage of this year was the Dependent Care Flexible Spending Account (DCFSA). This is separate from the Health Care Flexible Spending Account (HCFSA) and the Health Savings Account (HSA). However, they … [Read the rest]

Best Interest Rates on Cash – December 2018

Here's my monthly roundup of the best interest rates on cash for December 2018, roughly sorted from shortest to longest maturities. Check out my Ultimate Rate-Chaser Calculator to get an idea of how much extra interest you'd earn if you are moving … [Read the rest]

Shel Silverstein “The Voice” and Financial Freedom

I remember being both amused and confused by Shel Silverstein's poems as a kid. When I read them again today to my own kids, my reaction is mostly the same, except some of them are even darker than I remember! I ran across a Fatherly roundup … [Read the rest]

Target 10% Off Gift Cards Promo: Sunday, December 2nd, 2018

Back for 2018. Target is offering 10% off Target Gift Cards again on Sunday, December 2rd, 2018. One-day only. Offer available both in-store and online. No coupon or code needed - the discount applies at checkout. Here are more details from … [Read the rest]

Frugal Holiday Greeting Cards: Custom Etsy Design + Costco Printing

If you like to send out holiday greeting cards, I thought I'd throw out a quick tip that Mrs. MMB uses each year to save a bit of money. First, you can buy a custom digital design off of Etsy. Search for some combination of "photo Christmas … [Read the rest]

IHG Rewards Club Instagram / Twitter Promo: 5,000 IHG Points For Sharing

IHG Rewards Club is giving away 5,000 IHG points if you do the following: Tweet or Instagram a picture of yourself at home or at any IHG® property using the hashtags #HomeWithIHG #ad and #Rewardsoffer and including the handle … [Read the rest]

Financial Freedom Is About Resilience to Outside Shocks

I found myself thinking a lot today about General Motors announcing layoffs for over 14,000 employees - 6,000 hourly and 8,000 salaried workers. This affected the factory workers making the cars, engineers designing the cars, managers, and … [Read the rest]

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