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Sprint Smartphone Promotion: $100 American Express Gift Card

Sprint is running a promotion offering a $100 Reward Card from American Express when you buy any smartphone and start a new line of service. $36 activation fee is also waived. This is on top of the current discounted prices for a 2-year agreement, … [Read the rest]

American Express Prepaid Card – $25 x 3 Bonus, No Promo Code Required

Update: In addition to reader reports, I just received my own multiple $25 bonus gift cards as shown below. $25 bonus on loading $200 per card is back for month of August! AMEX now has their own reloadable prepaid card, creatively named the … [Read the rest]

Ken Robinson and Finding Your Passion

Passion can actually be a controversial subject when it comes to the early retirement / financial independence discussion. If you truly love your work, then why ever stop working? Alternatively, what if your passion is racing cars or playing … [Read the rest]

Zillow Map – Percentage of Underwater Homes By Zip Code

Do you owe more on your house than it's worth? How many of your neighbors are underwater? Are things brighter in the next zip code over? Zillow has a very revealing Negative Equity Map that shows the percentage of homes in your area that have … [Read the rest]

Online Investment Portfolio Manager Comparison: My Wish List

An increasingly-crowded space is the online investment portfolio manager, which promises to help you invest better while costing a fraction of what conventional financial advisors would charge. Here is an incomplete list, including several services … [Read the rest]

Half-Off Movie Night: 2-For-1 Tickets with Visa Signature

Every Friday this summer from now until August 17th, you can get 2-for-1 movie tickets from if you have a Visa Signature card and use it to buy the tickets. You can also get $5 off $25 in Fandango Bucks gift cards which can be used any … [Read the rest]

Otixo: Combine and Manage Free Cloud Storage

There are lots of places to backup your files online - Dropbox,, Microsoft SkyDrive, Google Drive, SugarSync, and Picasa all give out free cloud storage on the order of 5 gigabytes (often more with various promos). If you're like me and wish … [Read the rest]

Cozi Back-to-School Coupon Pack, Free Shoprunner

Cozi is an online/mobile organizer specifically made for families to help keep track of appointments, activities, shopping lists, etc. I downloaded the app to check out it; It'll be interesting to see if this beats the huge calendar on the … [Read the rest] Promo Codes – Free Lifetime Premier Membership is a website that tracks your various frequent flyer miles and other loyalty points. Like other aggregation sites, you must trust them with your logins and passwords so that they can monitor things for you. I don't know much about … [Read the rest]

The Future of Online University Education

I just noticed that perhaps my most "Liked" post is one comparing how rising cost of college tuition crushes the housing bubble and even the rising cost of healthcare: The current rate of tuition hikes is clearly unsustainable, and I believe … [Read the rest]

Stretch Your Cell Phone Plan With Vonage Mobile App (Review)

Vonage Mobile is an Android/iPhone app that now allows you to make free outgoing phone calls over WiFi/3G/4G to landline and mobile telephone numbers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico. Limited time offer with no stated end date, up to 3,000 … [Read the rest]

Retirement: Saving More vs. Higher Investment Returns

Vanguard's research department released another study ] comparing ways to increase retirement savings for individuals. Here's one illustrative example; take the following baseline scenario: Investor begins working at 25, but starts saving … [Read the rest]