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Coinstar Promotions and Codes – Bonus $5 in Amazon MP3s

The standard fee to cash in coins at a Coinstar kiosk is 9.8%, which I think is way too high, and you should explore other options for depositing loose coins. However, if you redeem for one of their gift certificates there is no fee, and there are … [Read the rest]

Stock Market Returns Are Never Average

I was updating my portfolio spreadsheet over the weekend and noticed that many of my funds have been a quite a roll recently. The trailing one-year total return of the US stock market is over 21%. I don't know of any market "expert" that called … [Read the rest]

Virgin America Visa Credit Card Review: 20,000 Point Bonus = Free Flights

The Virgin America Visa® Signature Card is currently running a limited-time bonus of 20,000 Elevate points after your first purchase of any amount (ends August 31st). I haven't flown Virgin America before, but they are an airline similar to JetBlue … [Read the rest]

LivingSocial Takeout & Delivery: $1 for $10 Value

Back again for limited time. LivingSocial is spreading into being a central site for ordering takeout and delivery from local restaurants. Right now they are offering $10 worth of food for only $1. Check out their restaurant list first before … [Read the rest]

Financial Freedom and Parenthood

Last week I finally got to meet the most beautiful girl in the entire world: I've only been a parent for a matter of days and am actively suffering from sleep deprivation, but here are some thoughts which I can revisit later and probably laugh … [Read the rest]

Library Elf – Free Alerts To Prevent Overdue Library Books

Library Elf is a third-party website worth checking out that helps you keep track of library books that are due soon, overdue, and ready for pickup. Their free service offers basic e-mail reminders on borrowed items that are either due soon or … [Read the rest]

Life Insurance Advice From a Life Actuary

Life insurance tends to be one of those things that you know may be good for you, but is so easy to put off. For one, it makes you confront something uncomfortable: possibly untimely death. On top of that, some insurance products are so … [Read the rest]

TradeKing and Zecco Merger Details

If you're an account holder at either online broker TradeKing or Zecco Trading, you probably know that the two agreed to merge recently. I think the merger makes sense, as they were pretty similar and there is room for savings in consolidation. I … [Read the rest]

Zeek Rewards: Same Ponzi Scheme, Different Victims

I read on CNN today that a company called "Zeek Rewards" was just shut down by the SEC for being a ponzi scheme. After some research into how ZeekRewards worked, all the same telltale signs were there from the original Ponzi scheme and also another … [Read the rest]

ThredUP Used Kids Clothing: $10 Free Credit

Since I last wrote about them, has recently transitioned from a clothes swapping site to essentially an online consignment store. You send them your "like new" used clothes and they sell them to other people online for you and take a … [Read the rest]

Flightfox – Complicated Flight Booking Without a Travel Agent

Passenger air travel must have one of the most complicated, opaque pricing systems known to man. The price of a ticket depends on date of travel, date of booking, time of arrival, time of departure, one-way or roundtrip, how many seats are left, … [Read the rest]

Free 500 US Airways Miles With Toolbar Download

You can get 500 bonus US Airways miles when you download their web browser toolbar called the Dividend Miles StoreFront Assistant, install it, and make at least one search. Note that some people have reported getting the miles with just a download, … [Read the rest]