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Retirement Rule of Thumb #537: Age-Based Targets at 35, 45, and 55

Here's yet another retirement rule-of-thumb, this time by Fidelity Investments. [...] the average worker may replace 85 percent of his pre-retirement income by saving at least 8 times his ending salary. In order to reach the 8X level by age 67, … [Read the rest]

Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Credit Card Review

The Barclaycard NFL Extra Points Credit Card is currently offering 10,000 bonus points after making $500 in purchases over the first 90 days. That's worth $100 in statement credits which you can use to increase your savings rate, or they have other … [Read the rest]

Motif Investing and Dividend Stocks: Questions and Answers + $150 Bonus

In my initial review of new brokerage firm Motif Investing, I wanted to use this new brokerage structure to create cheap, custom ETFs - specifically, baskets of dividend-oriented stocks that for example match the S&P Dividend Aristocrat or Dividend … [Read the rest]

Schwab vs. Vanguard ETF Expense Ratio Comparison

Schwab recently announced lowered expenses on all of their 15 Schwab-branded ETFs, undercutting everyone else's comparable ETFs in every category, including Vanguard. Quite a bold move! Here is a limited comparison of comparable Vanguard and Schwab … [Read the rest]

COBRA and Retroactive Health Insurance Coverage

Health insurance can be a complicated subject. This article is about the specific situation where you recently ended a job and haven't yet started either a new job with benefits or alternative health coverage. Should you take the COBRA coverage, … [Read the rest]

Price Comparison: Selling My Old iPod Touch Online and In-Store

My parents gave me a very generous present of an iPod Touch for Christmas 2009. It came in very handy while traveling and at the gym, but then I got an iPhone (business expense!) and stopped using the iPod. It felt tacky to sell, so I waited. … [Read the rest]

Citi Forward Card Netflix Promo

The Citi Forward® Card is running a limited-time promotion with Netflix for new cardmembers where they will pay for your Netflix streaming for an entire year if you use the card for payment. At currently prices, that's $7.99 x 12 = $95.88 + taxes. … [Read the rest]

Career History: List of Every Job I’ve Ever Had

I've been thinking about all the various jobs I've held during my life. I remembered that even as a 10-year old child, I dreamed about being financially independent in the way that I worked for money and could live on my own - I wanted to be like … [Read the rest]

Crazy Idea: Double Your Savings Rate With Credit Card Bonuses

Every so often, I receive e-mails very similar to the one below regarding credit card bonuses. It's a valid question, so I wanted to make a thoughtful reply. Do you ever total up the amount that you actually save on your credit cards via bonus … [Read the rest]

Caine’s Arcade: Creative Kid Entrepreneur + Follow-Up

If you haven't seen this film about 9-year-old Caine and how he turned loneliness and boredom into his own cardboard video game arcade and an inspirational phenomenon, you must watch it now: (youtube link) There's also now a follow-up clip … [Read the rest]

AT&T Promotions – $25 AutoPay, $10 Paperless Bonus

If you are an AT&T Wireless, U-verse, Home Phone, or Internet customer, here are some promotions that are currently available. $25 for AutoPay Sign up for automatic payment of your bill via credit card or bank account and get a $25 prepaid Visa … [Read the rest]

Meet America’s Youngest Landlord

Here's a nice feel-good story about a financially-savvy teenager. 14-year-old Willow Tufano may be America's youngest landlord. She bought a house in a short sale in Port Charlotte, Florida for $12,000. The 3-bedroom house is now rented out for … [Read the rest]