FutureAdvisor: Free Online Portfolio Management and Asset Allocation

Another new online portfolio management tool is FutureAdvisor. I want to say they were invite-only for a while, but they appear to be wide open to new accounts now. Their basic account is free "forever", and you can add 24/7 portfolio rebalancing … [Read the rest]

Tingo: New Hotel Booking Website That Allows Price Drops

If you haven't heard, Autoslash was a website that let you book car rentals and then re-booked you whenever they could find a better price via price drops or discount codes. It worked well for me in the past. Then the major car rental companies … [Read the rest]

American Express Extended Payment Option = 5,000 Membership Rewards Bonus

The following promotion is for holders of American Express "charge" cards that have Membership Rewards Points, including the Green, Gold, and Platinum cards. (Basically, it should look like one of the cards above.) This would work perfectly for … [Read the rest]

Compare Your Budget With Americans 50 & 100 Years Ago

Last week I mentioned comparing your budget with other people around the world. This time, how about comparing your budget to someone living 50 or 100 years ago? A new article in The Atlantic dissects the information in a new government BLS … [Read the rest]

This Is What I See When I Look at Shopping Mall Directory Maps

Here's my attempt at humor that came to mind while being dragged shopping again, in the name of baby gear research. (I get really whiny when made to shop...) 500 stores, and nothing to buy. Am I the only one? … [Read the rest]

Barron’s Top Online Broker Rankings 2012

Weekly business newspaper Barron's recently released their 2012 annual broker survey rankings. A change from last year is that now the quality and availability of mobile apps for smartphones and iPads are now part of the criteria, as well as more … [Read the rest]

First Baby New Expenses? One Family’s Experience

The following is a guest post is from Elle at Couple Money. They live on one income, and have fun with the second! When I read MMB's questions about baby expenses, I shared a bit of our own experience with him. We are just a year ahead of him … [Read the rest]

Compare Your Budget With Other US Consumers and the World

The NYT Economix blog and a new BLS report had some nice graphics comparing how the average consumer spends their money in the US, Canada, United Kingdom, and Japan. The data is from 2009. Source: BLS.gov   Compared with the other … [Read the rest]

Warren Buffett Was Nearly Content With Early Retirement At 25

Here is an insightful ForbesLife interview by Warren Buffett in their "When I was 25" series. The article is primarily about how he ended up starting the investing partnership that eventually became Berkshire Hathaway. But what I didn't know was … [Read the rest]

Walgreens Pharmacy $25 For Transferring Prescription

Walgreens Pharmacy has a new promotion where you get a $25 gift card if you transfer a prescription over to them. Looks like you can do it online and have it shipped to you for free if you don't want to pick it up. I remember when it seemed like … [Read the rest]

MarketRiders Portfolio Manager Review: First Look, Asset Allocation

Time to try out another online portfolio manager - MarketRiders.com. While previously-reviewed Betterment is an website/broker/advisor combo that handles all the decisions and trade executions for you, MarketRiders is more like an online portfolio … [Read the rest]

Poll: Do You Use AutoPay To Pay Bills Automatically?

One common recommendation for new parents is to save time wherever you can. So tonight, for the very first time, I have signed up for the AutoPay feature for my most heavily-used American Express card to have it pay the credit card bill in full … [Read the rest]