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Calculating Portfolio Yield From Dividend and Interest Income

As I'm about 2/3rds of the way to having theoretically enough money to cover our living expenses, I wanted to take a closer look at the actual mechanics of living off of my investment portfolio. I'm using a 3% withdrawal rate, which means that for … [Read the rest]

Basics of ETF Tax Loss Harvesting

Tax-loss harvesting (TLH) is a technique used to minimize taxes on your taxable investments - without altering them significantly - by "harvesting" capital losses during market declines. There are many lengthy articles about TLH out there, but … [Read the rest]

The Amazing 99 Cent iPhone Case

In an effort to spiff up my now 2-year-old iPhone 4 so that at least it felt slimmer and newer to me, I wanted to switch to a thin and minimalist case. The official Apple-branded black bumper case at an Apple store looked nice but was priced at a … [Read the rest]

Target Debit Card – 5% Off, No Credit Check Required

If you shop regularly at Target, then you've been pitched the Target REDcard that gives you 5% off all your purchases at Target stores and Target.com. However, you may be hesitant to sign up for yet another credit card with limited usefulness. I … [Read the rest]

New Target Holiday Price Match Policy

Target recently announced a new "Holiday Price Match" policy that will let you price-match with select online stores between November 1st and December 16, 2012. Full details are to be released on October 22 at target.com/morereasons, but for now … [Read the rest]

Amazon Mastercard Promotion: 15% Off Subscribe and Save

Amazon.com and Mastercard are currently running a promotion that gets you an additional 10% off the first shipment of select "Subscribe & Save" items with promotional code MSTRCRD1. This is on top of the standard 5% off all Subscribe and Save … [Read the rest]

American Express Serve Opening Bonuses

Updated. American Express has a product called Serve - a combination of their prepaid credit card and a Paypal-like online payment service. No credit checks, no monthly fees, and one free ATM withdrawal per month (the ATM itself may charge a … [Read the rest]

Savings I Bonds September/October 2012 New Rate 1.76%

New inflation numbers were just released for September 2012, so here's the usual semi-annual update. New Inflation Rate March 2012 CPI-U was 229.392. September 2012 CPI-U was 231.407, for a semi-annual increase of 0.88%. (CPI-U increased 2.0% … [Read the rest]

Market Timing Prediction + House Payoff Focus

As you probably know, I'm not an advocate of market timing. Jumping in and out of stocks is usually based on fear - either fear of missing out on hot returns or fear of more losses. However, if you're going to do it, I figure you should announce … [Read the rest]

LevelUp Mobile Pay: $5 Referral Bonus + Free Store Credits

Mobile payments are hot, and start-up LevelUp let's you pay by scanning a QR code from your smartphone that is linked to your existing credit or debit card. You know what that means... venture capital spent on customer acquisition! New users can … [Read the rest]

FreedomPop Review: Unboxing, Download Speeds, Size Comparisons

I ended up ordering a FreedomPop mobile hotspot last week for the 500 mb in free wireless internet each money, and have been playing with it for a couple of days. Here's a review including what came in the box, hotspot size comparison, download … [Read the rest]

What’s Inside the Vanguard Total Bond Index Fund?

The Vanguard Total Bond Market Index Fund is designed to track the entire spectrum of US bonds (well, those that are publicly-traded, taxable, and investment-grade). It is the second-largest bond fund out there, with $160 billion in assets and … [Read the rest]

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