Zipcar $25 Free Driving Credit Offer

ZipCar is a membership-based car-sharing company that lets you rent cars by the hour (gas + insurance included) in many metro areas and college campuses. It can be good deal for those thinking about having one less car in your household (or who … [Read the rest]

Haggle To Lower Your Cable or Direct TV Satellite Bill

I've written several times about the significant savings you can achieve if you haggle with your media providers like DirecTV, be it broadband internet, telephone, or cable/satellite TV. A simple phone call can save you hundreds of dollars per year. … [Read the rest]

Scottrade Review: Trading Experience & Tips (Updated 2012)

I've had an account with Scottrade for several years now, and here is an updated, in-depth review for 2012 (last one I did was in 2006!). I will focus on all the little things that make brokers different from each other, from completing your taxes to … [Read the rest]

Free Priority Club Points Via Survey (Up to 500)

Here are a few short surveys that offer some free Priority Club hotel rewards points. They may not all work for everyone, but if they do work the points will post instantly to your account. You'll need to provide your Priority Club number and … [Read the rest]

Opt Out of Citibank Balance Transfer Checks By Mail

Maybe it's just me, but Citibank has been sending me more and more snail mail with balance transfer checks inside. I can recognize the envelopes without even opening them. Even though in the past there may have been a good no-fee 0% APR balance … [Read the rest]

Copies of Every Berkshire Hathaway Shareholder Letter (1965-2014)

I was offered a review copy of a book called Gems from Warren Buffett which is basically selected snippets from Warren Buffett's Letter to Shareholders of Berkshire Hathaway. I read it and it was entertaining, but there was no real original … [Read the rest]

500 Free Miles via United Mobile Offers

Link a Visa card with United Mobile Offers and you'll get 500 free United miles. You'll need to receive a few text messages (max of 3 per week ongoing) and the 500 miles posts in 4-6 weeks. I have no idea if these special offers will be any good, … [Read the rest]

Free SmartMoney Magazine Subscription

Rewardsgold is offering a free 2-year subscription to SmartMoney magazine for a limited time. You have to fill out a brief one-page survey as well as "tell" two friends about the offer. Your friends don't actually have to sign up for the offer or … [Read the rest]

Why Asset Allocation Doesn’t Matter Very Much

A helpful reader sent me a WSJ article with the provocative theme that all this investment advice about asset allocation doesn't matter for most people. Why? For the vast majority of savers, improved investment returns won't materially extend … [Read the rest] Review: The End of Paper Bills?

Most people still elect to receive paper bills, even though almost every vendor is pushing paperless. Why? Personally, my e-mail inbox is so much more cluttered with crap compared to my post office mailbox. It's very easy for me to forget about a … [Read the rest]

Don’t Fall For These Common Mortgage Refinance Myths

Mortgage rates are still setting record lows! Qualification is still very difficult to refinance for those with little home equity, but there's still many people out there that are eligible (maximize your appraisal). Don't miss your opportunity … [Read the rest]

MMB Reader Invitation: Citibank Paid Market Research Panel

Citi is trying to learn more about the needs of small business owners and believes that many readers might fit their desired profile. They are looking for primary banking decision-makers of small businesses (titles will include but … [Read the rest]

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