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Sick Leave

I've been getting my butt kicked by a bout of food poisoning, so posting will be light this week. Fever, chills, sweats, and I haven't been able to keep down any solid food in over 48 hours. Blech. … [Read the rest]

Don’t Squander The Power of Adaptation

Over the weekend I read all 73 posts of Arctic Dream, a blog written by the family who took a DIY sabbatical from their comfortable American life and spent a year living on a small Norwegian island in the Arctic Circle with only 180 residents. … [Read the rest]

Best Sunscreens in 2013 – Consumer Reports

The problem with choosing between sunscreens is that they all claim to do everything. The July 2013 issue of Consumer Reports magazine again tested a variety of sunscreens against their claims. For example, one important thing that CR tested for … [Read the rest]

Stefan Sagmeister: Things I Have Learned

Designer Stefan Sagmeister did another TEDtalk titled Happiness by design where the best part was when he shared the list below of "Things I have learned in my life so far" (which later became a book of typographic artwork). Complaining is … [Read the rest]

Non-Traditional Retirements, or DIY Sabbaticals

NPR Morning Edition featured a story today about non-traditional retirements: Seeing The (Northern) Light: A Temporary Arctic Retirement. Instead of waiting until 65, Winston Chen decided to stop working for an entire year mid-career and moved his … [Read the rest]

Georgia Tech Online Master’s Degree in Computer Science: $7,000

The Georgia Institute of Technology and are partnering together to offer an accredited master of science degree in computer science (press release). What makes it special is that this MSCS will be from a top-tier university, 100% … [Read the rest]

Charlie Munger on Teaching Character Values in Childhood

I just started reading a biography of Charles Munger, Damn Right! Behind the Scenes with Berkshire Hathaway Billionaire Charlie Munger by Janet Lowe, originally published in 2000. Charles Munger is best known as Warren Buffett’s long-time … [Read the rest]

Top 10 Frugal Fruits: Which Fruits Offer the Most Nutritional Value Per Dollar?

(Update: Doh! The original version of this post contained a basic mathematical error. I have corrected the rankings.) When I wrote about What are the Cheapest Vegetables Per Pound?, reader Brady kindly pointed out the Aggregate Nutrient Density … [Read the rest]

Calculating the ROI of a 4-Year College Degree

People tend to assume that getting a college education is a good financial investment. But a new Brookings report Should Everyone go to College? ] finds that the actual value of a 4-year bachelor's degree can vary dramatically depending on … [Read the rest]

Affordable Care Act Summary for Self-Employed, Unemployed, and Early Retirees

Much of the discussion around The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) aka Affordable Care Act aka Obamacare has been about politics. But it's the law, it's constitutional, and a lot of things are happening soon. For most full-time … [Read the rest]

David Foster Wallace “This is Water” Commencement Speech

Graduation season is here again, making it the perfect time for The Glossary to create a short film out of a great commencement speech by the late writer David Foster Wallace. It has great application to life, and thus great application to those … [Read the rest]

Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund Review (VGTSX, VTIAX, VXUS)

(See also: Vanguard Total Stock Index Fund Review) The Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund is available both as a mutual fund (VGTSX, VTIAX) and an ETF (VXUS). Across all shares classes, there is currently around $90 billion dollars … [Read the rest]